Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Dash August 13 1914 -1994

Today would have been my father in laws birthday, he would have been 102.  We were talking the other day, he was a Democrat…would he still be today?  We don’t think so.

Marvin was the firstborn of James X and Theresa who lived on a small farm just on the outskirts of Park Rapids Minnesota in 1914.  He was raised on a farm near Osage just two miles cross country from where we live now.   He survived the Great Depression, Civilian Conservation Corps., Prohibition (he bought some moonshine from my grandfather), marriage, World War II where his contribution was doing modifications on the B 26 Bomber, the death of his first two children, life after the war and starting his own business, and the birth of two more children.  He would have joints out on three diffrent Carnivals for over 40 years.  At one time he was a Wrestling Promoter for the likes of Dirty Gertie and others. ( Dirty Gertie was talking to Marvin once and Far Guy was verbally impatient…Dirty Gertie pushed him and knocked him down and said “Don’t talk to your father that way!”) He owned a tree farm along with Ben Knapp, Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas trees were grown and harvested for a number of years.

Blue Spruce

He was a booking agent for Merriam’s Midway Shows.

Marvins Business card

He was very tall…about 6’1”.

Marvin as a young man

Marvin in the early Carnival years.

Gene 5 months Jan and Marvin 1950

Marvin with Far Guy and Far Guy’s sister in the summer of 1950.

G, M, J Aug 13 1994 (3)

August 13 1994.  Far Guy, Marvin and Jennifer (our youngest daughter). This was his 80th birthday.

Sadly 15 days later he died from complications after surgery to remove fluid from the plura around his lungs.  One by one his kidneys, liver and lungs failed him.  We know now that he carried the Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Gene.

He was loved and admired by many, he was a kind and generous man.  He loved his three granddaughters very much, and of course his wife of 54 years and his children.  He also loved cars, Cross pens, Tiperillos, fried potatoes, playing solitaire with a deck where he marked all the aces, a good liverwurst sandwich, the newspaper, the newest Road Atlas, hunting, guns, fishing, watches, coffee so thick it rolled out of a cup and hearty discussions.

So that is a bit about my father in law’s dash…1914-1994.

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  1. I agree with Marvin about a good liverwurst sandwich! Sweet photo of Marvin with his two little kiddos. I noticed the way FG has both of his little hands touching his dad's hand. Very sweet. Good memories to share on his birthday.

  2. He lived a full life with lots of adventure and love. That's a good dash!

  3. I hope my dash is filled with as much adventure as Marvin's. My eightieth birthday ain't that far away any more! :-)

  4. That's a pretty darn good dash! :)

  5. What a nice tribute!

  6. Good dash!!! I would have liked to have known him. Hugs, LJ

  7. A nice little tribute for his birthday!

  8. He was a awesome guy to face so many challenges and succeed. I'm sure he's be pleased with this tribute to him.

  9. He sounds like he was a very hard worker who enjoyed a lot of interests. It appears he lived life to the fullest. Good memories of him it appears.

  10. Very interesting life; I enjoyed this post and the photos. I often wonder what folks will remember that I liked....candy bars for one! lol
    He sure was tall!

  11. I am really enjoying these posts. That Far Guy's dad was involved and made a living with the carnival is so interesting to hear. It shows how everyone in that era found things to do to make a living when it was a really tough time for all Americans at that time.

  12. Marvin sure had an interesting life. I think it's funny that he marked the Aces in his pack of cards,

  13. Sounds like a wonderful and ambitious man who drew admiration from all who knew him. I thought that was you in the picture. Your daughter looks just like you!


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