Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lollygagging = to waste as much time as possible without the appearance of obvious laziness.

If there were a medal for lollygagging I might be stiff competition. However yesterday was the first day I lollygagged in my jammies all day long.  Is being in your jammies one entire day a sign of laziness..or is it just being calm and comfy?  Chance does not care what I long as I throw the ball.  Far Guy never noticed..or if he did he didn’t say a thing. No one came to the door and no one came to visit.

I took my turn cooking yesterday…pork chops and just throw it all in a roasting pan and toss it in the oven..Wala! hour and a half nap later you are ready to serve it.   It makes it seem like you have slaved all afternoon in a hot kitchen..when in fact you waited it out laying on the couch..occasionally waking up because you were snoring loudly.

Did you all catch Gwen from Hebron Ya, You betcha North Dakota on “The Voice” after the Stupor Bowl?   It will be interesting to see how she fares in the competition..since her recent comments were from Nashville..perhaps she is on her way.

No one on Idol is inspiring me so far this year..not a Clay or a Rueben or a Kelly Pickler or a Carrie or a Scotty in the bunch.  Perhaps they have discovered all the Idols.

Survivor starts next week and so will the no answering the phone let the machine handle it policy on Wednesday nights.  I see there are two older than average they and the Little Person are the first to go.  I wish they would go someplace that is a real challenge to Canada in the winter..or maybe even Minnesota. Jeff could wear a blue parka.

What have I been doing in my spare time..besides napping?  Scanning old photos, playing games on my Kindle Fire, reading, working on The Cousins Recipe Book and I began a project that I missed on my January list.


Can you tell what it might be?  :)

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  1. Good AM,
    Looks like your embroidery floss is nicely sorted. That would be a fun project!

  2. I am laughing as I read this. Funny how I thought of you when I watched The Voice and heard Gwen's "Ya, You betcha". I wondered if that was similar to your Minnesota dialect. I love it.
    You are an excellent lollygagger. A day spent in jammies is good for the soul.

  3. Not sure what it is, but it will be colorful!

    Hubby often stays in his jammies, but I usually put some 'house clothes' on. Not jammies, but not go to town clothes, either, haha.

    Didn't watch Stupor Bowl. Don't watch Idol or Survivor. We do watch stuff like Pawn Stars.
    Have a good day!

  4. I watched the Super Bowl but turned the TV on after that... no reality shows for me, it seems. I guess you are either a fan or you're not, I just can't seem to get into them. Your day in jammies sound awfully good to me, though! :-)

  5. Staying in your jammies is a good thing! I often do that on a weekend day just because I can. Doesn't indicate lazy at all!

  6. I like the floss, so nicely organized. I like your lollygagging. I do think you get the trophy! I so rarely stay in my jammies. Maybe the next snow day I should try it.... but I'd have to change 'in' to the jammies in the morning as they are fleece and I get too hot sleeping in them! I think that might defeat the purpose, to some degree!

  7. Congrats on your lollygagging:) I'm not interested in staying in my jammies, well since I'm a nightie girl, I'd have to change into jammies to start with. Changing into 'real' clothes just makes me feel better. I've never been at all interested in having breakfast in bed either:)

  8. Awwwww, I haven't had a jammie day since the shingles had me so torn up they were all I could stand next to my skin. Sounds delightful although I had to laugh when ya said 'Far Guy' didn't notice. Heeehehehe!!!

    Your chop meal sounds marvelous.

    Yep, I heard the "Ya, You betcha" on the Voice.

    Have a blessed and beautiful day lollygagin' around my friend!!! :o)

  9. We all need those kind of days sometimes! I hope your rows of floss indicate a stitchy project! I used to do counted cross stitch -- non-stop!! Now my hand doesn't cooperate, but I still have a gazillion patterns, floss, needles, fabric, etc. Good luck with whatever you make!

  10. I find I do more and more lollygagging like now reading blogs and doing comments in my jammie's.

    1. Way to go Girl ! Who cares if its Jammies or a track suit as long as it is comfy thats what I say . Here I wear Jammie pants we call them sleep pants here and a big old sweatshirt and Papa has always said as long as your comfy who cares ! I agree ! Your porkchops & rice supper sounds good do you have a recipe on how to prepare it ? Lots of lovely colours and nice and neat is it for embroidery , my mum used to do embroidery on table cloths, towels you name it ! Have a relaxing day you deserve it ! Besides your retired arent ya? Time to enjoy life simply !

  11. Wow. Can I send my thread over to your house? Don't think mine will ever look like that. Will we see some pictures of finish projects?
    I've been known to lay around in my jammies all day then change before I run out to bible study at night. The Ladies told me I didn't need to change. That would be OK in the spring,summer or fall. But not winter. Ann

  12. I didn't know I was a lollygagger too, I guess! I get stuff done but more like a slug. Here I sit in my "jammies" and that's what I call them too and it's 11:00 a.m. and I'm getting ready to hop in the tub! LOL! I love retirement, not because I have great big plans or projects but because I don't....but I could if I wanted to! Heaven!
    BTW...where's the recipe for the chops, the station where I can listen to that Gwen person and a picture of the needlework project? LOL! Enjoy the "staycation"!

  13. You are/in the process of/ winding your embroidery floss on those cardboard "spools".

  14. Wow! I need me some of those embroidery spools!
    I don't usually bother to watch Idol until they are down to about a dozen people and then I check to see if there's anyone worth rooting for. Don't watch The Voice, but now you have me wanting to hear a familiar accent--LOL!
    I always watch Survivor. Sometimes I am not sure why, but I still do. That and Big Brother. Feels like a confession--hehe! When they're not very interesting I may be doing crafty things and half watching, but it is on. *she writes while still in her nightgown* ;)

  15. Oh, wonderful shot of the spools!

    I do love lazing around in pajamas, but it happens so seldom as I'm always out with the dog on long walks...

  16. Sometimes the lazing around actually causes great creative ideas. Then when you rested you can do those things instead of what you have to do.

  17. I gave up on Idol years ago. I did see the Kelly Pickler season though and just love that girl. Now I have discovered that I really like The Voice. I didn't think I would even though my youngest daughter kept telling me I would. She was right! I'm having a lazy period too. I did a lot of painting before Christmas and can't get my mojo back. I think it's laying around here somewhere.

  18. Sounds like a dream life to me...I shall have to check out Kindle

  19. I don't understand the "wear jammies all day thing" as I don't wear jammies at night!!!There that's over with!
    I get a kick out of the term "Wala" that you use. Of course it comes from the french "Voila." pronounced vwala.
    Anyway it sounds like you had a fun day.

  20. Wait, I could have sworn you said you don't sew, that for me would include hand stitching and that would include embroidery, so clearly you are organizing your sister-in-laws thread for her, how nice of you!
    Sometimes it seems like I clean the house best in jammies, because I've tried to fool myself into thinking I'm not really cleaning, just picking up a few things? I love that Red has reminded us of the origin of wala. It is always nice to know that something I'm associated with came from high falutin' origins! (I use wala too, 'cept I drag it out to waalaa. You know the PNW drawl)
    I love food that cooks itself. I love to cook, unfortunately for the members of this household there is a caveat that goes with that statement, when I want to, I love to. So the crock pot and I try to stay intimate friends lest Dirt has to drive down the road to get him some Teriyaki, when I grow so much and can cook it fairly well, not sure but I'm thinkin' that might be a sin and God will have a long chat with me when I get to heaven about the abuse of the country Teriyaki stand. Sorry 'bout the run-on sentence.

  21. We must be everything you mentioned.

  22. I have finally learned that it is ok to sit in my jammies for at least the morning, haven't actually done it for a whole day. Always worried someone might come to the door, which is silly!!!
    I like The Voice as well, Idol doesn't seem to have anyone outstanding so far.
    I love throwing everything into the oven for dinner as well.


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