Monday, February 27, 2012

Chance: Snowy Day

It snowed yesterday.  I made tracks in the new fallen snow.

snow Feb 26

My black was almost white.

Chance in the snow

The snowflakes were huge.

Sprinkled with snow

Just another fine day in Minnesota.

In the afternoon I had to stay home whilst they went out to lunch and to play cards..I know where they went without me too.  I could smell Odda all over them when they got back home.


I heard all about her embracing the snow..well duh..she is a snow dog.  Yesterday was her kinda weather.

I overheard that we are headed for some supplies, bread and milk and more sunflower hearts for the birds.  It could be a stormy week:)


  1. Oh Chance all that snow and you didn't even shiver....

  2. Finally getting some now up your way, Chance. You look like you're in your element! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Miggy just loves the snow as well . We have a little snow left the temps are warming up now and its windy but at least the wind has warmed up as well so theres hope ! It is to get better as the week goes on ! Sorry about last comment blogger went wonky on me here lol. Stay warm and have a good day !

  4. Chance, you look so handsome out in the snow. If I didn't know better I would say you were enjoying playing in the snow.

  5. The snow missed us and Peanut was happy. Unlike you, oh! mighty snow dog, she hates the snow and we have to shovel a path before she will go outside at all. Enjoy the snow, but look out! I think there is more coming this week and it might end up to be too much for even you.

  6. Tucker here, don't you just love running and leaping through fresh snow? It's my favorite thing to do!
    I wish I could come up and play with you!

  7. Poor baby, having to stay home while they go out and frolic. Well at least you don't take action by scratching the brand new rug in the office...

    And I bet your people were much happier then mine when they came home.

    Bootsie, @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Looks like Chance's kind of weather too. Hope that incoming storm doesn't hit you too hard. Good idea to stock up just in case.

  9. Hope you enjoyed yourself, Chance! Stay warm this week. ♥

  10. Oh, we might get a snow stick contest after all!
    All I can say is that snow makes for much cleaner dogs than mud.

  11. Chance: I hope the Far's have gas for their generator, and plenty of treats for you, and lots of provisions for themselves.

  12. It will be gone soon, enjoy it..:-))

  13. It looks like spring here in Arkansas(but) it could change with the drop of a ball.

  14. Good thing ya got a nice warm coat to keep ya warm in all that snow. It kinda looks like your a 'snow' dog too!!1

    Keep an eye your your humans and tell 'em to stay warm an cozy.

    Have a fun day rompin' and playin Chance!!!

  15. Barney was so glad to get our new snow. He takes a snow bath every time he goes out side. When I let him out for the last time at night he just lays down in the cold snow and refuses to come in. Thus his dad has to put shoes on, a coat and a hat, and go get him. We are going to get more ice and snow tomorrow morning. It looks like you are patrolling your paths like Barney does.

  16. Chance, you look like you are having the most fun ever in that snow. I love all your pictures. You are so precious. Enjoy!

  17. If Chance didn't have some black hair you might not find him. He seems to like the snow.

    Chance you're looking good with the snow on your black coat. Looks cold to me. Ya'll stay warm.

  18. Oh Chance, you look like a snow dog, too. ;)
    More is on the way!

  19. It's storming here...I'm sick of it.


  20. LOVE the picture of Chance looking into the snow!!!

  21. Yay for snow! For big fat flakes! Sorry that your nose sometimes tells you too much, and you find out you were left behind.


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