Friday, July 15, 2011

Chance : Museum Dog

Hi ya!  It is I Chance the wonder blogging Border Collie. 

Far Guy and I are on our own this summer, most mornings Far Side gets up and does her hair and gets dressed right away and heads out the door as soon as she has shared some toast with me. No lounging around in her jammies out on the patio unless I wake her up really early.

Some days we visit her in know Far Guys drives and I co pilot.  He always seems to find the parking lot she parks in..from there I can track her just fine.  She always goes to the same place.  She must be a creature of habit.

Chance at the museum

I cannot open the door so I have to wait for someone to open it for me..hurry up Far Guy!

Once I am in the building I race to find her before Far Guy.  She is always happy to see me.  Sometimes she even shares her lunch.  Sometimes I have to sit quietly in her office. Sometimes I lounge on the steps waiting for small children to come in the door or waiting for Far Guy to come and get day it was too warm to go with him so I stayed at the museum while he ran an errand.  I was very well behaved.

Chance lounging on the museum steps

I could be the newest volunteer..

I could volunteer

This is where all the volunteers sit..there is a bell and a candy dish up on that table and I can reach both of them.  Far Guy and I dump the water out of the de humidifiers in the basement when we go into town. Usually five of those five gallon buckets are full everyday.  Far Side carries and empties them left handed..they are really heavy.  So we help her out!

I am a good museum dog and I would make a great volunteer:)


Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Nice that the museum does not have apoplexy at the idea of an animal walking through the door. Great post. So does he eat the candy in the bowl? Some friends came over with their Great Pyrenees. Make sure there is nothing on your counter you want to keep, he says. For good reason. The dog was so tall it could "counter-surf" without really stretching its neck.

DJan said...

Chance, you are pretty darn good at everything you do! Having such a well behaved museum dog must make Far Side very happy. Your post made me smile! :-)

Intense Guy said...

Chance, you are so cool! :) I want to be a dog just like you!

That dehumidifier water is really clean, maybe you could drink it all up and help that way?

Oh, since you are so smart, what do YOU think that roller pin thingy from(?) Leningrad is? I bet you probably know! Raise one paw if you do, two paws if you don't... if you do, I'll send the Dog Whisperer around to "talk" to you.

Enjoy your museum days Chance! Its obvious your special person enjoys your visits!

Country Gal said...

Nice that they let dogs in, I wish more places would. Miggy just loves people and is a good dog in public.
So you share your lunch and breakfast with Chance lol I do with Miggy lol
Chance is soo cute and would make a wonderful greeter for the museum. Miggy says hi to you and Chance
Hope you have a great day !

Lynda said...

If they won't let you volunteer, they could at least name you the official mascot! The museum thought they were hiring one person when in actuality, they got 3! What a great bonus!
Question - - Far Side and/or Far Guy probably brush your fur everyday, don't they? Your coat has a beautiful shine!

Linda said...

Of course you'd be a good volunteer......have you signed up yet though?

Karen said...

I think Chance should be the volunteer greeter:)
He's looking a little more svelte that in the header photo, so I'm guessing you are having success with his weight loss:) Yay!

Anonymous said...

Ah- you are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Chance, The museum would be very lucky to have you as the greeter. Hope you all have a very good weekend.

LindaG said...

Always love hearing about your day, Chance. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

West Side of Straight said...

Great job Chance - why don't you start writing for the museum newletter? You're the best!

Terra said...

Chance you are so handsome, and it looks like you just got out of a bath, with your white fur being so bright.

L. D. said...

Chance, our flower shop up town has two shelties that guard the shop daily while the owner arranges flowers. When younger, one would escape out the front door, but now they both stay put. Maybe you can get a salary of dog biscuits and spend the day at work too.

Lanny said...

Ooh Chance you would be my bane, I would come to learn stuff and then see you and it would be over for the learnin'. I would just sit and pet you till it was time to go.

Terry and Linda said...

Hey, Chance! Great post! Boomer and I agree...You should be a greater. I can't think of a soul who wouldn't want to pet a dog before they do anything else.


Pamela said...


I want a clone of you Chance.