Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art or Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I am not sure about all the Artsy Fartsy “stuff” at the Art Museum upstairs. 


This is the main gallery with all “The Masters.”  I was coveting her TWO air conditioners.  I am not sure what the pew is for..perhaps just a resting space for weary art appreciators.

I liked this painting the best.


I bet you can guess why? 



I guess these are ok..I can take them or leave them.

Sometimes I hear the piano music..


This is all in the main gallery which used to be the main courtroom in the Courthouse. 

There are offices off to the side..that is where the Woodcarving exhibit is going on..there is an Open House this Saturday for the general public to meet the Woodcarvers.  They will have to meet me downstairs, before or after they view the exhibit.  Many of the Woodcarvers that we carve with have exhibited their works.  Tomorrow I will show you some of their work:)

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Intense Guy said...

Yes, I can guess why!!!

LOL! Nice doggy!

That art museum might be artsy fartsy but it is amazingly clean and tidy looking.

Gail said...

Can only be the dog...

DJan said...

Reminds me of a certain blogging dog I know. The air conditioners must be to keep the paintings cool, huh?

Country Gal said...

Yes the dog lol
Nice looking place though !
Need AC today it is to feel like 116 WOW ! way too hot !
Have a good day and stay cool !

L. D. said...

It really is old work. I suppose families have donated them as they didn't want them in their homes. Art museums still display these oldies but you can move through the area very quickly and move on to more interesting things.

Unknown said...

I tried to leave a comment on your other blog on "Photo 600" but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me. My comment is, "do you think she's wearing tap shoes?" IDK, but that looks like a tap dancing costume to me.

Barbara said...

Very nice, and love your thoughts

Lanny said...

Sometimes I wonder if we like things because we're told we're supposed to, they're classics you know. I feel that way about a lot of literature that I have read over the years. The writing, the structure of it, may be wonderful but the story, the content, often left me void. Same with art. For me any way.

Linda said...

I think you should just make that room your office!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I enjoyed the Art Museum tour. I agree they look like old "in the family" pieces. I can spend hours in museums. I think the bench is for contemplation. Of what, I'm not sure. I'm not that moved. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes - I can see why you like that painting.

I love the look of that art museum.. and what a lovely bench for resting on.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Your blog title reminded me of an incident when I was a kid. Coming upon a towering sculpture in the Natural History Museum composed of scrap metal (including old car parts) welded together, my dear father (who was an auto mechanic) took one look and said "what a pile of junk" and not in a quiet voice, either. I can still lol about that now, even though I rather like piles of things welded together.

Karen said...

The bench or pew makes sense, but what are the tables and chairs for?

That Janie Girl said...

I like that art museum.

That dog reminds me of someone! ;)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Karen, They are for people to sit and and talk about art:)

Liz in PA said...

.......hummmmm....wonder if anyone
"Upstairs" would miss one AC ?
::::::Just sayin'....LOL

I think the bench is for people to sit, relax and enjoy the

.......Chance needs his likeness in a painting.....makes sense to me!

Lynda said...

Interesting neighbors. You have more interesting stuff in your department!