Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chance: Watching

Hi ya!  It is me Chance.  We were watching Miney and Little Elvis and the grand boys whilst their parents were off playing with some robots.  We did some shopping, lots of ball playing and some watching.  I went along shopping because I get separation anxiety and serenade the entire neighborhood while they are gone.  Sometimes Far Guy will drive all around a parking lot so I can be parked next to another dog and we can entertain each other.


I watched Far Guy watching Hockey, while a wild game of Bay Blades was happening in the dining room.  Far Side has already been wounded..she said they could be weapons. Bay Blades are some kind of a spinner that spins a top like toy. Later they confessed it is usually played in an arena and not in a dining room. Boys play really loudly sometimes.


They kept their grandmother entertained. While I kept one eye on them all from the safety of the living room.Elvis Chance and Miney

Later we had a howling good time when the boys played their recorders. I love to visit..but is it always good to go back home:)


  1. Glad you had such a good time, Chance! Always good to hear from you. :)

  2. I'm keeping this blog so I will have it to refer to when I blog about reading Winnie, the Pooh to my children when they were preschoolers.

    1. Our Miggy is the same she also howls down the neighbour hood ! She to sufers from separation anxiaty ! We do take her with us places but we also put her in a large cage in the front hall some times as well if we cant take her , if we let her roam the house part of the anxiaty is to chew our things up she gets angry that Mama & Papa have left her ! Nice post Chance ! Have a dog gone good day !

  3. Watching is an important job. Glad you had fun.

  4. I can imagine your singing to accompany the boys and their recorders was wonderful.

  5. Overall it sounds like a pretty great day. I agree with you that boys can get really loud when they play. When my grandboys get excited and loud Riley joins in and barks then it becomes wild chaos. It is fun to watch though. I see Little Elvis has really grown into a handsome guy - looks like he takes after his Uncle Chance.

  6. Well, Chance, it's always good to hear from you and find out what you've been doing lately. I know you are such a talented guy but I didn't know you were also a singer! :-)

  7. Hi Chance! Glad you had fun watching but home is the best place to be!

  8. I like to howl! I would love to come howl with you! You would like to howl with me too!



  9. Hey Chance. What fun to play with those kids. I get to play with the neighbor kids but the ones the bosses always talk about live too far away. Someplace called Arizona wherever the heck that is... :)

  10. Tucker here, your post made me realize that I miss my boy. He visits once in a while from that place called College. When he comes I get so excited. My mom laughed at your having a howling good time. I don't get it!
    Yeah, I like it when my mom parks next to a car with a dog. But, I like it better when she goes to a store where I am invited inside! Some of the stores give lots of treats if you behave well!

  11. That was a lot of adventure and excitement. Those Bay Blades look dangerous. You were wise to watch from a distance. Good to be home again. Absolutely!! :)

  12. The boys were under great care of your watchful eye Chance.

    Too bad Far Side got injured in the process.

    Have a great day filled with crunch kibbles and wonderful doggie treats!


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