Sunday, July 3, 2011


Summer came this week was 99.9 degrees with about 95 % humidity on Wednesday.  So the subsequent days where it has only been in the eighty’s seemed cool. There is as much air conditioning as there is heat in the museum..and that would be zero. I am very thankful for the air conditioning at home!
Miney and Little Elvis visited for part of the week.
All of their masters wanted to stay in a fancy smancy hotel/resort where no animals were allowed.  Miney and Little Elvis love staying with us..well they love staying with Far Guy and Chance.
Much ball was played… Chance was hiding behind a tree sneaking a peek for an airborne ball. Chance loves having visitors.
They were happy content (tired) dogs at the end of the day. Chance never gets tired or cranky with his company..he shares everything..his food and water dish and he takes turns playing ball with Miney. Little Elvis just runs along side them both..and occasionally he will grab a tail and hang on..he is a stinker.  Chance would have shared his pool with them too..but neither of them are real fond of water.  When he jumps in his pool and splashes water the other dogs look at him like he is nuts:)
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  1. So good of you to have Chance's friends over. He will teach the joys of water play is given enough time.

  2. Nice pictures of Chance with his friends. He could teach a few humans how to be generous and unselfish.

  3. Oh, the differences between a water dog and those who can't see the joy in water. These pictures are wonderful, especially the one of Chance peeking out.

  4. Awesome photos !
    They are having a great time ! Miggy loves other dogs as well , she is friendly with everyone thank goodness! She loves the water we take her to a dog beach that we have here cause we live so close to lake Erie and she is in her glory ! Have a great weekend and Happy July 4th !

  5. They look like they are having a fun time together even in the heat. Pretty dogs you have there. Stay cool.

  6. All three of them are beautiful dogs. I am sure it makes you all smile to see them happy together. It makes us smile to see them on the blog!
    Bless your heart with the lack of A/C. I don't like sweating! The one good thing I can say about it is it is supposed to be good for our body - - - - cuz it helps cleanse it of toxins.

  7. Love your new header. Aren't your puppies sweet. I saw that the mid region of the country was getting hot hot hot lately.

    How does that work at the museum?

  8. So nice that Chance shares...and doesn't bit the dog who bites his tail. ;)

    I hope the weather cools off for you so you aren't dying of the heat at work.

  9. I really love that picture of Chance peeking out from behind the tree. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Family, friends and HOT DOGS!!! Yay!

    Emma Rose

  10. HOT. it has been HOT. boscoe doesn't care for it. he wanders around and pants and pants. of course, he does that when it's cool out, too.

  11. You have been so busy and still you have time to keep us updated on life here and at the musuem. I'm having a hard time getting around and visiting all my blog friends. But I'm making it. I just bought a new lap top for myself so I can TAKE it WITH me. Having the computer close enough to blog with is nice.

    You museum is a delight. You are doing a great job and thanks for sharing with us.

    Oh, Boomer says he would come play, Fuzzy keeps all the balls here.


  12. That is so great that Chance has all his relatives come to visit. My two dogs hadn't seen my brother in law for almost a year. He just hadn't been to the house. I opened the door and the two of them just gang busted out to see him, no one ran away but stayed with him. He was glad to see the boys.


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