Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Snow

Yesterday it snowed most of the afternoon.  It melted almost as soon as it hit the ground.  I believe our last snow  event was back in February.
 It is just as well, most of the snowbirds are back, that is what we call people who go elsewhere for the winter.  They shouldn't have to be spared completely.  Pansy asses anyway.
It was a wild weather week, with bouts of sunshine, then the clouds would move in, it would rain buckets, then the sun would be out again.  Sometimes the wind would blow really hard, one day we wondered if we should seek shelter, Chance was hiding on the floor of the car.  If the weather had been warmer I am sure it would have been even rougher.   We thought we might see some cold weather tornadoes one evening, they usually don't touch down they just bounce around in the clouds.
I managed one rainbow photo..not a very good one, by the time I saw it and Far Guy found a safe place to pull over the clouds were moving in..use your imagination..can you see it?   A Rainbow is on my photo bucket list..I will keep trying.

Far Guy saw his Neurologist this week, we are tweaking the medications again..Far Guy took away one too many he is supposed to be adding it back whether he is or not..that remains to be seen.  He drives me nuts, he would like to take as little medication as possible to control his pain.  There is a fine line between the excruciating pain and pain he can tolerate...there is a new drug being tested in Australia, which may be a total cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia, our Neurologist says that it will never be approved by the FDA, and if it is Insurance Companies won't cover it.  He also said that the insurance companies are way to big for their britches..they are into numbers and have forgotten the patients.  Perhaps this new medication when it is out in a year will be available in Canada. You know what..we don't live very far from the border either.

Thanks for all your kind comments concerning our oldest daughter Trica, she is still feeling very tired..

The Loons are now caring for two eggs, in 27 or 28 days they should hatch:)


  1. Pretty header photo Connie - Happy Mother's Day. What a weather week you had and your pictures are awesome. I do see the rainbow! Chance looks a little worried about the snowflakes! For this southern girl, the snow in May is just unimaginable. Serves the snow birds right! My prayers continue for Far Guy and Tricia. Love to you special friend.

  2. I have seen snow in Easter but never in May. I would be one of those pansy asses.

  3. Pansy asses.....that comment cracked me up! So true!
    Glad your daughter is feeling better but I feel your frustration through all of this. Very scary. You want to help, step in but somehow you can't.
    You lucked out on the snow and not getting what we did. Good ole Great Lakes I guess! At least I am not up by Marquette...they are under a blizzard warning. It is still snowing here, almost 2 p.m....snow is sticking some but see the green grass poking through.
    I always appreciate you stopping by and checking in on me! I love the layout of your new blog too by the way.
    Take care of yourself!

  4. Header picture is beautiful! Agree - snowbirds need some weather!

  5. Hi Connie!
    I am so glad to be back here. Your new header is gorgeous. We have had a wild ride in our weather too. 85 degrees yesterday and 45 degrees today. The winds have been so gusty that our yard is full of broken limbs and twigs and my poor container garden is looking dismal and wind-whipped.
    I was sorry to hear that Tricia has been ill. Glad to know she is feeling better. Looks like I've got a lot of reading and catching up to do.

  6. I've been watching the Loon Cam day and night, and it makes me feel even colder than I am already! Not to mention I get a little motion-sickness if I watch too closely! So glad you posted about it!

  7. Ah, your header sings spring....snow and all! I'll sure keep Far Guy in my prayers. My roses are startin' to bloom and we have a freeze warnin' in the frost holler tonight. I love the rainbow pic! :o)

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Mother's Day!!!

  8. The rain and the sunshine is always a constant up there but the cold and the wind added makes it frustrating. We are having it down here too, but we won't get as cold. Chance sure is irritated with the snow.

  9. The weather is really unsettled at this time of year, everywhere I guess. I could ALMOST see that rainbow. Happy Mother's Day to you, and I hope you have a great sunshiny day.

  10. Poor Chance! He looks miserable. Like he can't believe it's really snowing again! We hope you have a really wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.

    That medicine sounds intriguing. Keep us posted about that. I'd be heading for Canada too for a cure to Far Guy's pain. Why won't they be selling it in the USA? Very frustrating.

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  11. I, too, love the header. About the pansy "a"s - - - how did that term ever come to mean someone wimpy because Pansies are such a hearty flower even though they look delicate? They will survive our winters and below freezing temperatures and still keep on blooming. It is heat they hate - - and the snowbirds hate the cold - - - hmmmmm - - sounds like an opposite term.

    Chance does look like he sees something not good coming around the corner - - animals sense bad weather more that we do, don't they?

    - - - and I am sorry about your husband and daughter. It would be nice if our bodies were like cars - - - - they can have parts completely fixed or replaced and keep running as good as new - - or close to it.

  12. I just went on the Mayo Clinic website and read about your husband's disease. It is a horrible thing to cope with. It said even talking can sometimes cause the pain. Does his pain stay in one area or move around? I will remember to pray for him.

  13. Happy Mother's Day --- hope all is well & getting better! Ugh to the snow - insurance companies.... Hello Canada!

  14. Miss Lynda, His pain is on the right side of his face and head. It does move around in that area..sometimes the pain is in his teeth, sometimes in his eye, sometimes it shoots pains upwards into his skull.
    Duchess, The Doctor feels it will never be FDA approved for use in the USA. Just his opinion..we will have to wait and see.
    Thanks everyone for your comments:)

  15. Snow in May.. poor you, but it does give some lovely photos.

    Your header is just stunning!

    Have a wonderful day.

  16. great cloud pictures. you'll get your rainbow.

    poor far guy--chronic pain is so debilitating. i hope he finds the right combo of medication (and then takes it!).

  17. Loved that second shot!! Could have been used for my April photo contest!!

  18. Our weather has certainly been "interesting". I'm so glad I didn't go ahead and fill my outside pots yet. That garden stuff is way too expensive to have freeze to death.

  19. OH! JOY!!!! A rainbow!!! A delightful FIRST!!!!

    For me. We have been have too much wind for one to appear, but you got one!



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