Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chance : Company

Hey! It is I Chance, the wonder blogging Border Collie. Finally it is my turn again!! I finished the dreadful pills that were almost disguised by the yummy peanut butter. Far Side says "You should be good to go! " Far Guy bought himself another little black comb, he keeps it in his back pocket and runs it through my hair many times a day looking for ticks. I sit patiently..since these combing episodes are usually after we have played ball for a long time.
We had company, Miney and Little Elvis came to visit. Miney has her paws full with that pup. What he lacks in stature ( He isn't ever going to be a BIG dog like me or Miney) he makes up for in attitude.

Little Elvis follows Miney around like she is his Mother.. he is a pain in the tail. Honestly he really is. While playing ball, he grabs onto her tail, and she growls while the ball is in her mouth..sometimes he hangs onto her tail and skids on four paws. Sometimes he has long strands of hair coming out of his mouth. He tried it with me a few times, I carry my tail higher and keep it moving like a huge old flag..so it is harder for him to catch. Far Side said "It is only a matter of time."
We went for a boat ride, I was a little scared and shook like a leaf. It has been about three years since I have been on a boat. I discovered that I used to like it..and I guess I will like it again.
Miney loved the boat..she was allowed up on the seats and everything..Little Elvis hardly even noticed that we were on a boat.
Little Elvis has a little appointment at the Vet this week. Far Side said "Who is going to tend him after his "little" surgery?" It seems that Miney will get a rest this week..while he recuperates from the Neuter..that is just a polite way of saying, they are going to rip your balls off Little Elvis! I wonder if it will be as awful as when I had my surgery, I did not walk for three days..Far Side was like my handmaiden, bringing me food and water and carrying me outside where I would just lay pathetically in the grass. Far Guy laid next to me out in the grass and scratched my ears. I didn't understand all the words then..women..every chance they get  ..better..soon...we can get even. I recovered and I am sure Little Elvis will too. Poor little dude:)


  1. Love it Chance! I didn't know it hurt so much to have that "little" surgery...my cats don't ever seem to have minded it. Very nice and humorous post!

  2. So very sorry that little Elvis is a pain in the tail! He sure is growin', gettin' his balls ripped out will slow him down for awhile. Your boat-ride looked fun. It reminds me...we have boats...we need to use 'em.

    Have a grand day playin' ball and diggin' in the earth. Maybe if your real good Connie will give you a treat or two.

    Enjoy your day sweet Connie!

  3. Oh Chance, I am happy you finished all your meds. Little Elvis sounds a lot like our youngest cat, Magic. I guess you and Miney will have to teach LE some manners! You look "cool" on the boat - the girls love dudes with boats!!!!!

  4. Stop the whining - Elvis will be fine. Can't believe you were shaking so hard on the boat - it'll be OK though. Keep letting Far Guy comb that hair we don't want ya going back on some meds cause of ticks.

  5. So glad you are all better now. You are so nice to blog us and let us know how things really are at home with far side and far guy.

  6. Chance, you truly ARE a wonder dog. And you write a mean post, too. Thanks for letting me go along on the boat, you'll find your sea legs again. You are the smartest dog in the world, after all!

  7. I was five years old when I got the nuter thing. About killed me. Heck I was with a cool man who understood things. Then I was tossed out like a rag and Mom got me. Mom said, those things had to go, boy did I not understand that! I was sick for a week. Hurt like **** but that is when I figured out Mom was there for me all the way, and I came to know that I wanted to be with Mom. But that is another story in itself. Just be glad you weren't somewhere between 5-7 when you got the nuter.


  8. P.S. Chance: Harriet is packing her bikini and heading to MN!!!

  9. Geez Chance, give poor little Elvis some sympathy. Here he is about to go under the knife and get de-balled and you sound like you kinda enjoy the thought of him suffering. You have to admit he is awfully cute, even if he is a pain in the butt at times. No matter what you will always be top dog though. You are the smartest, most handsome dog around.

  10. You look so handsome on the boat, Chance, and I'm glad you realized that you enjoy boat rides. What fun! I hope Little Elvis gets through his "little" surgery ok and is back to being his tail-biting self in no time flat. LOL

  11. Little Elvis looks just plain old cheeky!

  12. So funny
    hope everyone recovers nicely
    and gets to go for another ride soon
    that looks like lots of fun

  13. Hi Chance! I bet that Little Elvis is like Mr Higgins - a TOTAL pest. However, I do feel sorry for him having to get "fixed". When that happened to Higgins, the Duchess had to stay home from work for a week to take care of him. He's not a very good patient. Oh well.

    Your boat ride looked like so much fun! I think I would really like a boat ride.

    Stay away from the ticks!

    Emma Rose

  14. GREAT post, Chance!!!! We love hearing from you. You write even better than most humans I know. Funny thing about that surgery is it makes all dogs easy-going pets. But with cats - - the females are still mean!

  15. Bet it won't be long and Chance will be lovin the rides on the pontoon! Looks like you had a nice cool ride.

  16. LOL - fun post, Chance! So great to hear that you are now all better. You three are a handsome bunch of dogs, but you are the MOST handsome...

    My dad calls that little op, 'getting dressed' as in: Is the dog 'dressed'? Don't ask me why as it's more about taking things away than putting them on! ;-)

    Oscar is not dressed, so it's hard for him when all the females are on heat.

  17. sweet chance! we love border collies.
    as i recall, boscoe's The Neuter surgery didnt' slow him down a bit. and he's not a stoic dog. here's hoping things go well for Elvis.


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