Saturday, January 10, 2009

Far Guys Christmas Gift

The phone rang at 7:30 yesterday morning. You can bet at that time of the morning it is the Mail Man in a package predicament. We have a huge mailbox, most packages will fit. Even though I had instructed Far Guy to say "Deliver it" ..he replied "I will pick it up."
Mailman 1: Far Side 0

Finally it is the gift that I wanted Far Guy to want. A deluxe DVD collection of The Red Green Show! In fact it is supposedly 311 episodes on 52 DVD's ..through my research I discovered that they only made 300 episodes..but there are ten specials that were also made. That still leaves one episode or special unaccounted for. Anyway it it at least 150 hours of Red Green.

Steve Smith stars as Red Green, he plays a handyman from Canada. The show ran on CBC in Canada and on PBS in the USA from 1991 to 2006. It is set up north at Possum Lodge, it is a sitcom/sketch comedy. Red Greens secret weapon is "Duct Tape" and his favorite saying is "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! "Far Guy needed a little more humor in his life, something to perk up these cold snowy days in the winter. What is really scary..we know some people stuck back here in the boonies that could actually be relatives of Red Greens.

What did Far Guy say? He knew I ordered some kind of DVD's for him...the confirmation email from a DVD store was a dead give away..he could not figure it out..he had no idea what set of DVD's he could possibly want..but as it turned out he does want them! He said "Great idea, my slim, beautiful young wife with no grey hair." Well maybe not exactly but close:)


  1. My step father would have loved those!

  2. Oh goodness - my kids and I found this to be hilarious! Mower coffee... I'd never heard of this but now realize that it's the Christmas present I didn't know I wanted!

  3. Oh he is soooo going to laugh himself silly over this. We used to watch Red/Green all the time, until they moved it to a different time slot. It truly is a favorite, and a wonderfully written comedy.

    Gar can be heard chuckling into the next room when the duck tape skits come on.

    Let us know how he likes it.

    Gotta laugh about Mailman 1 Far Guy 0


  4. never heard of this show.
    I think I'd have an anxiety attack watching it. (:

  5. Bill loves Red Green (especially the parts where he re-purposes stuff) and he drinks 2 pots of coffee a day. (He's the most mellow guy I've ever met. I swear that without the coffee he'd be in a coma.) I don't think he's ever seen this episode -- I'll have to show it to him!

  6. OMG! That is our FAVORITE show! Rarely is on our PBS...but always looking for it! In was on late, but we never missed it!!!
    Far Guy is so going to enjoy this!

  7. Canada's answer to comedy. We watched him all the time.

  8. I had never seen any of these shows. That clip was very funny. I'll have to look for individual dvd's.

  9. We get Red Green, still, here on PBS. In fact, I think the PBS station in Bemidji gets it, too, as we can get that station. We love him!!!! Don't know if 300 episodes would be wise, though. I think both of us would be in a coma from watching. He's like potato chips - one episode a night would not be enough.

    Lucky man, that man you have!

  10. How fun! I used to love the red green show! Duct tape fixes everything! :)


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