Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wistful Wednesday: 1957

March 1957, My Mother, me, I was six years old, and my brother, he was three. My Mother obviously gave us some kind of treat, and we were delighted! She used to sew our clothing, I remember that checked shirt I was wearing, it was one of my favorites. It had a fancy trim on the front, and buttoned down the back. I recognize some things in the photograph, the enamel dish washing pans, the hot water bottle, the dish rack thingy. There is an old covered aluminum cake plate on the counter, and a tin of Mixo. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on the Mixo, was it a shortening?
Do we look like troublemakers? I was the leader, my brother was the follower. I had a VERY hard time following the old saying "Children should be seen and not heard." It was one of those things I just did not agree with, and still don't:)


  1. After reading your blog for a little while, I can see that you would not be a great fan of "children should be seen, not heard" LOL. Good on you, for being yourself.

    But I do sometimes think [ giggle ] that it would be nice not to have to listen to the kids yelling in Walmart all the time.

    I would like to post a wistful Wednesday post next week. But it is probably only from the 60's, do you think that it would work?

  2. Oh - you two look like troublemakers all right!

    I have two kids that definitely want to be seen and HEARD!! Goodness me, we have to get out the earplugs sometimes... But usually it's in a good way: they sing and shout in joy and happiness.

  3. You sure do look like you're up to something!

  4. That cheeky grin alone would give you away..
    Hugs Julia

  5. What a precious photo. I agree, your expression gives you away!!!

  6. Once again, I really look forward to Wednesday and see what you have come up with. Love all the little things in the background.

  7. It looks like Mixo is an off-brand of Crisco. Looks like your mom is enjoying your treat as well as you are.

    I should grab some old photos, too. Have to dig them out of a box.

    Keep showing yours!


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