Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hocus Pocus

I think I might have met a witch, how do you tell for sure? She had no pointy hat, no warts on her nose, she looked normal. Well as normal as me anyway, blonde, and glasses..she wore a shirt with a peace sign on it. Should that have raised a red flag?

She talked about, bad energy and good energy. With pain being bad energy. She was the speaker at the Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group meeting last Tuesday night. She recommended one of her "mixtures" as a miracle cure. I asked her what was in her mixture..she could not tell me. I have a list of hundreds of medications and supplements that Far Guy cannot take. If I call her, she can tell me exactly whats in it..yet she could not name even one ingredient. Well I am not a great one to ask for a recipe either..but I do know the basics for most recipes I concoct. Sugar, cocoa and milk equals hot cocoa! A hotdish would have meat, pasta, potatoes, or rice and a vegetable with some kind of sauce. A few recipes does not make me a Chef..only a cook.

She recommended that we come in for the Ionic Foot Baths, to rid our bodies of heavy metals. When all the metals were gone, she would give us a special potion to give us back the metals we need. She recommended that everyone go to a special Dentist and have all the fillings removed from our teeth.

She recommended touch point acupuncture, she demonstrated this on a likely victim. She had a shiny silver tool, that kind of looked like a tire gauge, she rubbed it along the lady's finger and went into a trance. By "trance " I mean..special words that obviously must accompany the procedure for it to work. She finally found what she was looking for in the lady's finger, a spot of extreme pain and tapped it with a sharp point at the other end of her fancy tool. Then she took out a little band-aid type thing with a metal point on it and put it precisely on that spot. She kept asking the lady where else she hurt besides her head, well if you ask an elderly woman enough times where else she hurts ..eventually she will come up with another complaint. Well wouldn't you know..that one was addressed also. She said our bodies are all out of whack. That our bodies should be a perfect PH of 7. That we are most likely too acidic. We would benefit from full body massages also, well here is my take on that sort of pampering.

Well about this time, I am thinking..someone is way out of whack..and it ain't me. I do not know what other types of services are available at her place of business..I do not know if she is part of the new age movement. or if she is a witch. What do you think? I have met many weirdos in my life, but never one like this before:)


  1. I love being pampered! But I think she sound way over the top New Age.. as in space age, maybe?

  2. No, not a witch! Definitely not a witch! Someone who is "new age," perhaps, but sounds like she has picked something that is "over the top" like LadyFi said. She is not telling you the ingredients, because you could make the same lotions and potions if you knew what was in it. A little bit of acupuncture and a whole lot of baloney. A witch would not use those techniques and would not be in public, healing! Glad you didn't buy into her stuff. Never know what is in those potions - sounds like one of the medicine men that ran around in the 1800s selling stuff out of his wagon.

  3. Too bad she didn't show up at Halloween, that would have been a perfect post for the season.

    I am a rightful sceptic, can't you see me making funny faces! My poor Uncle and Aunt fell for a faith healer in Thailand, the one that numerous news agencies ended up doing expose`s on. They did pay a small fortune to have him remove what ended up being chicken livers from their bodies.

    Hey want to buy a potion? Can't tell you whats in it, it is super secret, but it can do anything that you want it to do.......


  4. I love weirdos!! They make life SO interesting- and give us GREAT blog material!

  5. Probably not a witch. Just an over the top New Age type. There is good research that shows acupuncture and acupressure do work, but the mumbo jumbo? Nope.

  6. Definitely a weirdo! Great blog material though! I really enjoyed this. Too funny!

  7. I know it takes all kinds, but some kinds are just not for me, know what I mean!!

  8. Did she twitch her nose?

    Recently I talked to the dentist about the fillings -- but the problems with the fillings are ones before my time -- or done in Eastern Europe before the wall fell.

    I have fibromyalgia and I wondered if there was a connection with my old fillings and the pain -- as suggested to me by someone whose orbit isn't wasn't quite as high as your hocus pocus gal.

  9. Nope no crystals, no twitching of the nose. One of my readers on my blog that appears locally thinks that we encountered a Reiki Master. WAY to far out for me.
    Here is their web site for those of you who might be curious
    I guess it is good to be informed about some of the weirdo out there.

  10. I believe there is something to mercury fillings. I had a new filling a few years ago and I'm not kidding the next three months I was extremely ill. I finally had to fast just to detox. I don't know about all that other stuff but I'd like for someone to explain to me why I had a toxic reaction to a tooth filling.
    I would be careful of anyone selling you a cure without being able to give you answers.

  11. Great blog post. Love witches.

    I found your post via a google search on Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). My friend Ben, and I started a patient support group for TN at there are no witches there that I know of, but it's a place where patients and their family members can share their experiences. Hope you can check it out.



  12. REally?? She thought you should have all fillings removed from your teeth??
    I think I know a Reiki daughters MIL! I'm not sure about all she proclaims...I do worry that her persuasive views could make daughter a believer..I don't know, maybe I shouldn't worry??
    But it's over the top stuff in my book.


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