Far Side's Attic and Woodshed Carvings for sale

I have some woodcarvings for sale.

All carvings are one of a kind.  No two are ever alike.

You may send me a check after you have received the carving, I will include an invoice.

Please tell me in a comment which carvings you would like.  First come first served!  If you have a question I can be reached at this email captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom
Thank you!
Bark Houses price includes shipping

I think if you click on the photos they will enlarge!   Thanks!

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Gemma's person said...

Connie, I want to buy one of the lady slipper ornaments. I think it would be best to ship it after Christmas rush. By that time you will have recieved my check and can cash it then send the ornament after the first of the year. If that works for you.
I think the USPS is bogged down so badly right now I wouldn't trust it to get here.
My email address is woodsmanswife@gmail.com
Send me your name and address and I will get the check out this week. Thanks . Beth