Sunday, August 7, 2016


I finally made it back to he Menahga Memorial Gardens.  The last time I was there the Crabapples were blooming.

Menahga Memorial Gardens August 2016

Of course I was too late for the roses.

Menahga gardens

They have a few large Hydrangeas.  Some walkways are lined with Celosia, Gazania and Ageratum.  Others are lined with Petunias and Profussion Zinnias.

In my opinion the Zinnias are doing great.

Profusuion Zinnias

Not your Mothers old Zinnia that is for sure.

There were a few Daylilies blooming.  This garden is a work in progress and is totally done by volunteers.


I enjoyed my walk around.  I sat for a short time and enjoyed the shade of the gazebo.

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  1. Where in Menahga is this? Looks pretty!

    1. Turn right at the grocery store and go west a block. :)

  2. Sure is pretty. I'm glad you shared these pretty flowers with me. :-)

  3. Some of these places are well worth while going back to and seeing the development during the season.

  4. I am always happy to see the flowers and their official names-which of course I won't remember - but it is fun to see them anyway. You have so much knowledge about plants.

    Shirley H.

  5. The volunteers are doing a fantastic job...and that gazebo does look inviting! ;)

  6. Beautiful flowers. I love a good bed of Zinnias!

  7. I really love the daylily and the zinnias. There is a new botanical garden about 30 min. from us that I would love to visit IF it ever cools off! xoxo

  8. That last Day Lily is very pretty. Mine are finished for this year.

  9. In an area where the climate can be harsh, tending a garden such as this is an exercise in faith. Very pretty.

  10. It looks like a great place to visit. I bet the roses are doing well over at Duluth.

  11. Lots of photo ops for flower fans there! I love day lilies. That one has a beautiful color.


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