Saturday, March 14, 2015

Snow and Bird Report

Our snow is almost gone.  There are just a few drifts left.  It is dry at the snow stick.  We will have a snow stick contest IF we ever get a bunch more snow.   I have some new woodcarvings in the works for some winners or maybe it will just be a drawing.

Spent birdseed has been removed shovel by shovel.  A few a day….wouldn’t want to rush anything.  The stacking plastic chairs made it to the patio.  More doggy dew was dispatched to the woods.  A coyote was on the east side of the house…he left a hair filled deposit.  Might explain why the Border Collie was nervous a few days.

More birds were photographed.  The Redpoll numbers have decreased…some must have went North.


Redpoll just hanging around.

Nuthatch and a Pine Siskin

A White Breasted Nuthatch and a Pine Siskin sharing while a Redpoll waits her turn!

The Pine Siskins arrived with the warm temperatures.  We also had an immature Red Bellied Woodpecker…and his belly did have a few feather areas that were red.  We were just sitting outside for a bit that day so I didn’t get a photo.

Red bellied Woodpecker

This is an older Red Bellied Woodpecker…he never did cooperate with me to see if he had a red belly or not.   He has some beautiful tail feathers.

Our resident birds stay all year round the Nuthatches, Chickadees and Woodpeckers.  The others come and go as the weather changes.

My other baby brother called me one day he and she who sees Robins first saw a Robin.  They didn’t get a photo so it doesn’t count besides that they were in Missouri.

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  1. Nice bird pictures. Hasn't it been a weird season? We didn't have a winter to speak of, and everything is blooming way early. And they haven't started yet over on the east coast, where they are still buried under lots of snow. At least that's what I think is happening there from some of my blogging friends' pictures.

  2. It is early for your snow to be gone, isn't it? How funny that we got more snow this winter. Guess Mother Nature decided you all needed a break. That is the cutest little Nuthatch.

  3. The robins are back here.
    I hang my birdfeeders in the maple trees alongside our gravel driveway; I rake the spent seed out onto the gravel driveway to be pulverized by tires. Helps keep the mud down in the spring. We mulch the leaves in the fall with the lawn mower and blow them onto the driveway too. Works good.

  4. Far Side - you have the best eye for a good picture. I especially like your header today with Chance with a ball in his mouth. Our male Boston Terrier is never so happy as when he has a ball in his mouth. He is a fiend for catch, retrieve, and tug of war. Wears us out.

    Shirley H.

  5. I think the robins migrate to Missouri. I mention the One Who Sees the First Robin to my wife the other day. I posted my first robin on facebook and people all over town said they had seen them a week before. I still have a few nuthatches and chickadees coming to the feeder but they don't seem so desperate anymore. I like that seed ball. I have never seen them before.

  6. I went to feed the birds this morning and the ground "squished" as I walked. We're definitely saturated here and overnight the weeds, I mean grass, greened up. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 70's so I will be spreading those 6 bags of rocks I got at Walmart.
    I've heard of a yellow bellied sapsucker but only a red headed woodpecker....didn't even know there was a red bellied one. I'll have to pay more attention. I thought I heard the robins but wasn't sure if it was them but if not they must be in a hurry to get North as I haven't seen any here yet.
    You're not only the plant whisperer but the bird whisperer too!

  7. No signs of robins here, but the doves have returned and are cooing and cooing and cooing.

  8. You seem to be getting an early spring. Return of birds in the spring make for excitement.

  9. Glad your snow is gone! Love these beautiful bird photos.

  10. The beginning of spring is always an exciting time. Love your bird photos.

  11. Hope you don't get any more snow. It just needs to be spring now!
    Even if it is not unusual to get snow even in April
    Like the ball feeder.

  12. Afternoon Connie, love the birds feeding, always enjoy your pictures.Blessings Francine.

  13. Great bird photos! I must admit to surprise at seeing the nuthatch right-side-up. When I used to have a feeder, I only ever saw them feeding upside-down. Glorious day here today! Gram

  14. When I saw my robin the other day, I kept thinking of that phase...She Who Sees Robins First. :) Sounds like this year you might be the first!

    Linda ★★

  15. Ha ! I have photos and did a post of our Robins that returned on Monday hehe ! my mum and I always had that competition of who saw the Robins first I miss doing that now . Our snow is almost gone lots of grass showing now and it is greening up yes I have been out stooping and scooping as the snow melts and raking old bird seed up to . Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. The birds here have also increased dramatically. Love seeing your variety as well. No red bellies here but my hairy and downy woodpeckers have been here all year. The crossbills, bluebirds and yes, I saw meadowlarks on Friday are all arriving.


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