Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday February 6, 2012

The sun came out for a little while on made for some great frosty photos with blue skies.  I left the house in such a hurry I still had my jammies one in the cemetery cared..and neither did Chance.


I loved the sunshine..but it was short lived.


Heavy clouds were on the horizon.

Soon the sun was gone. As I began the finishing touches on a fundraising project for the museum it receded even further.

I had the project under control.  It was to be mailed out shorty after my staycation and lollygagging around February 15.  I have worked long and hard on this project getting volunteers to represent the museum at township annual meetings in March.  It could be an excellent way to gain financial support at the local level.


Two Board Members decided that they wanted to micro manage me and create more work for me. They want the project mailed out ASAP and they want me to include double the paperwork with each request.  After all they are the bosses..I have seven of them you know..and one has a husband that wants to boss me around too…eight bosses.   None of them understand the ins and outs of the project I am working on..I have read the Statutes and contacted the Minnesota Association of Townships to verify that I am headed in the correct direction.  I got a nasty email.. I ignored it and the person who sent it to me. I can understand why no one keeps the directors position for more than a year or two. It is very discouraging.   

Far Guy helped me to make mega copies and all the letters are ready to be mailed this morning. Everyone should be happy..papers and forms that are not needed were mailed with each request..and they were mailed out two weeks before they needed to be.

I am probably in a foul mood because my staycation was interrupted. Ackk!  Perhaps I need to hibernate a few days…unplug the phone and don’t answer the door:)

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to 'beat the clock' to get them. even if you were in your jammies. Boy, those who don't have to do the work, always seem to have 'a better idea'. Or when they say 'we should' and look directly at you!! Stay strong, they don't know what they will be missing if they lose you!!

  2. Hang in there. It is obvious you love the museum and are good at the job. I'm a fine one to talk about hanging on. The only jobs I've worked at for a long time were at the county parks and at Community Services. In both cases I had a great bosses AND I only worked part-time. I'm still working for Community Services. I don't like being involved in power struggles, expecially with people who aren't doing the hands on work.

  3. I just love your pictures, Connie. They are outstanding. That cool fence in the last one made me go back and look again. It's lovely. Now you are beginning, as you said, to find out why nobody stays in the job for long. I agree with Muffy; they don't know what they are risking. Sheesh! I would be in a foul mood, too.

  4. Wonderful pictures, I can almost feel the brrrrr. Boy your job is thankless. Hope that things smooth out.

  5. Gah! That's frustrating. In my last volunteer position, I had someone who wasn't always nice and was always "correcting" us even though she had voluntarily stepped down from the committee (she still had a paid position there). After one incident, I decided that I just didn't need this stress in a non-paying position and I told the others I was stepping back for a little while. That was two years ago and I never went back...
    I guess it would be harder to leave if it were a real job, but I would be totally aggravated to be hassled in my down time.

  6. Great pictures, Connie! I admire you for hanging in there. Glad Far Guy was able to help you get the work done.

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    1. Aesome photos ! Its windy , sunny and chilly here today we have no snow just green and brown ! Oh my to many bosses I would blow my stack with all of them !Glad you were able to get it all done though . I would of sent a memo with it all saying "NOW LEAVE ME ALONE" !! I am glad I am not the only one that runs out in my jammies to take photos lol ! Have a great day !

  8. Shame about your staycation being interrupted!

    Love the blue skies and huge ice crystals - winter at its best!

  9. I think you need to claim a power outage, no phone, no internet etc.
    I hope those directors read your blog. They'd better be careful....
    'you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone'
    Lovely hoar frost photos:)

  10. It is like slave labor by those who never owned slaves themselves. I get into it when the head tech guy isn't getting things done fast enough they harass me to get him into shape. They too are wanting things done that really could wait to be done later. I hope they can leave you alone for awhile and you can get back to taking a break.

  11. Glad you were able to get out in the beautiful sunshine...perhaps it helped make the day easier...We had frost, but nothing like the beautiful stuff you had...

  12. I love the frost pics!!
    Don't you just hate the bosses who don't really know what is going on but have to throw their weight around, anyways? And you have entirely too many of them!!! *sigh*

  13. Probably in a bad mood because you know a bunch of idiots that think they know better than you.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with us!

  14. YES! Lock the door, turn off all phones and ignore emails until the day after Valentines Day!!!


  15. Ugh! Sounds like those bosses need a swift kick in the behind. I hate people like that. No matter how much you do or how well you do it, they never seem to appreciate it and always want more. I know you are doing a great job because that is just the type of person you are. You give 100% to everything. It will be a great loss if they drive you off like the others. Hang tough. Hope it gets better.

  16. Love the pictures. Our townships gives every year to Becker Co. Hope you the best in your fun raiser. So glad my boss is in St Cloud. All my work orders are over the internet. So it seem like I'm almost my own boss as long as I follow the company rules. Ann

  17. Golly gee, it's just like a bunch of bureaucrats to put a damper on a gals staycation. Booger bite!!!

    Hopefully ya can pick up where ya left off. Ya know back to the jammies, frost and the cemetery and all. Those pictures are beautiful Miss Connie.

    God bless and have a wonderful week!!!

  18. I'm sorry that they had to micro-manage you. There is nothing worse than having to be at the beck-and-call of someone's else's agenda.

  19. Even with all the extra work and your lollygagging time interrupted, you found time to take those gorgeous photos. What fantastic beauty and what a great blogger you are to get out in that weather for us!

  20. Wonderful pictures.... wonder what mother nature will throw at us next....

  21. At my age, and with my disposition, I CANNOT be micromanaged! Sorry for all the aggravation from the board.

    Love your pretty photos. I know you and Chance had a good time getting out early and enjoying the peace and quiet and beauty.

  22. Groovy pictures! You're lack of snow is noticeable, I do believe for a brief moment we had more snow than you - bizarre! I am sorry to hear of the micromanaging, and nasty emails, that is most unfortunate.


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