Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wistful Wednesday: 1953

This photo was taken in 1953. The girls are eight years old. The girl on the left is Far Guys sister, the girl on the right is his cousin Rosalie. I am not sure if these little girls had been fishing with their Fathers or not, someone got some nice sized Northern Pike. The cat under the vehicle seems interested in the fish! Far Guy and I were a little confused about the funny looking areas on the windshield of the vehicle and then we realized that it was frost. The vehicle must have belonged to Uncle Ron. What a novel way to show off your catch:)
New Information from Far-er Side Cousin: The Car is a 1946 Ford. The bottom fish weighed 26 pounds, and was taken from Shell Lake by Bert G. It was cooked for a Sunday Dinner. The other fish weighed 22 pounds, it came out of Straight Lake right in front of Pine Springs Resort. Uncle Ron carried the fish around showing it off for more than a week. It was mounted by Andrew Oxtra and was hung above the fireplace at Pine Springs Resort. There was a fish mount that hung in the Recreation room for years, when we owned the Resort I used to dust that old fish off several times a year and wondered about the story behind the fish.


  1. Hmmm....if Texans put long horns on the hoods of their vehicles and Minnesotans put fish on the front of theirs....then what should Hoosiers be sporting around?

    I'm just being silly....BTW, thanks for the nice comment on my blog this morning.

    Nice picture!

  2. That is a huge fish! I love the details, like the cat under the car.

  3. What a very interesting picture. Nalley got a kick out of this one, especially the cat!

  4. Those are some nice size fish! But it boggles my southern mind how those young girls can stand out in that big snow. lol....
    And the cat too.
    Love the picture. I'll have to show the picture to my husband. He'll love the fish and the vehicle.
    Have a great day.

  5. You always make me want to dig through my old photos.

  6. MY THAT FISH IS HUGE! Brrrr. How are you feeling? Has this huge winter storm effected you.


  7. I am feeling pretty good. Still tired. One day at a time! We got a dusting of snow yesterday and it has warmed up to above zero!! :)


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