Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Thoughts

Mail Man 1, Far Side 1 Yup I got him, as I ran with breakneck speed toward the phone yesterday morning..and hollered "DELIVER IT" then this over paid package toting government worker said "Will you be home at mail time?" Well DUH? No I am going to be hiding from you..perhaps I will just sit out in front of the house in a snowbank until you decide to get your sorry butt over here with my package. Of course I will be was 15 below zero. I don't even get dressed til noon, and if you don't like me coming to the door with my nightgown on.. too bad. I am nocturnal...I stay up at night..I am retired.. I make my own schedule. Just because everyone else is up at the crack of dawn, I do not have to ever join that pathetic part of society ever again.

I like making my own rules..of course they are subject to change at a moments notice. I rarely answer the phone, I will answer it if Far Guy is away from the house..just in case it is him summoning me. If Far Guy needs me..I am always here for him. The rest of the are second on the list and you might possibly get the machine. You can hang up and call right back, that just makes me angrier..your message is still not getting through. You can leave a pleading message like this " Far Side I need to talk to you because I think it is the end of the world and I must hear your beautiful voice one last time." I MIGHT return your call.

So how do you think Bahama is doing? that is not a miss spelling..I think I like calling him Bahama..rather than Obama. Bahama sounds so sunny and warm. His half brother made the news this morning..gosh darn embarrassing relatives anyway. A pot smoking one too boot..for shame..for will this relative be swept under the carpet? Personally I think that Pot should be legalized ..what with the state of our economy and would put a few people back to work, spur on our economy and free up Law Enforcement to catch some real crooks (like politicians) and we would all be a bit more joyful. Mrs. Bahama seems to have a problem with her little dolls..being dolls. What is next comic books..cartoons..their own line of designer clothing...their own TV show. Who knows where it will end. Bahama is not wearing a tie..oh my, and I hear there might be Cocktail Parties at the White House. Scandalous. Perhaps those were the big changes he was talking about during his campaign. I can hardly wait to see what comes next. For those of you that may take offense at my Bahama other option is Pres take your pick..

I am feeling MUCH better. I might even be back to almost normal! :)


  1. I have to listen to my husband complaining about Obama but I am used to tuning him out anyway. I am just sitting back and watching and hoping for a better economy.

  2. AMEN to all of what you ranted about! I hear ya honey!
    Bahama, love it!
    I keep calling him Osama, gotta quit that soon...........

  3. Well at least you know who you have for the next few years. Ours seems to be up in the air, again.

    I love your rants, keep em coming, glad to hear that you are feeling better. I love the giggles your posts give me.


  4. Hi Connie
    Thank you so much for your sense of humor. My
    name is Prex Chimpee. Sorry have a weird sense
    of humor and just can´t wait to see what happens next. Hope all the people that voted for him remember Billy Carter (Beer Belly Billy) Thanks again for the laughs Also retired and nocturnal. Mary

  5. I'm snickering here. You sound as thought you're feeling a bit better. I knew my kids were better as soon as they got a bit cranky. hee hee

  6. Oh yes - it sounds as if you are back on top form!

  7. Strange, it didn't even strike me as odd that you called him Bahama...I knew exactly who you were talking about!


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