Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Eight babies, a set of Octuplets born in California. I cannot even begin to imagine how scared these parents must be, some of the babies are pretty tiny. How do you prepare yourself to be parents of eight all at once? Has medical science done this couple a disservice? Having eight babies at once is just not normal.

I am wondering if "Jon and Kate plus Eight" with their set of twins and sextuplets feel threatened. Especially since they bought a new house and all. Supposedly they decide together if they will do another year of their show or not, so they just contract one year at a time. Perhaps the book that they wrote will tide them over. Last night Kate spent four hours cleaning the moldy gross refrigerator in their new home. I am thinking, is she stupid..has she not heard of a steamer? She was shown using Q tips and tooth picks. I looked at the large expanse of kitchen and dining room floor and I thought..well Kate lets see you scrub that area three times a day on your hands and knees. I do enjoy their show, I love the interaction between the children. Each one with their own personality. However I could do with a little less of Kate's whining.

I had only one colicky baby, our first born. She cried and fussed and screamed for five months. I did not sleep a whole night until after she was six months old. Far Guy would take his turn, he would put her in her car seat and take her for a ride. She would go to sleep for the entire ride and as soon as he brought her in the house she would wake up and cry. I was tempted to start a taxi cab business. When she finally outgrew the colic, I was sure something was wrong with her because she wasn't screaming. I checked on her many times a night to find her sound asleep. One baby at a time was almost too much for me to handle...eight at once would have done me in :)


  1. I don't think I would do too good with multiples either. Every thing in moderation, right?

  2. I have a niece who is six weeks older than my daughter. I had them both one afternoon when they were infants, which was the end of my thinking it would be fun to have twins. Much less 6 or 8!

  3. I don't have chidren, but had lots of nieces the same age and watching more than one baby at a time was scary! My mom always teased me that my colic lasted until I was 21!!

  4. As long as there were 8 nanny's everything would be fine.

    Actually, since I was a nanny for 3 at one time, it is possible to get away with only 2 nanny's maybe......

    You mentioned a steamer to clean the fridge, what kind?


  5. I have five but one at a time has been barely manageable. I can't fathom eight...all at once.

  6. Gosh - any parent will just go pale at the thought of eight screaming kids all at once! Two is enough for me! We didn't sleep for over a year with number 1 and that just about did me in...

  7. You'd think Kate would have been able to hire someone to help her clean. We had a cleaning lady on one income with no book or television royalties.

    I love the show...but when I watch it, she makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

  8. Me TOO! And I had four kids, but they came years apart (2-3) so I grew as they grew...8 at one time would have finished me off.



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