Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Freeze

Oh my it is cold this morning! Some really bad Siberian, Alaskan, and Canadian air snuck across the border. I guess most weather persons are calling it a Siberian Express this time. Call it what you want it is freaking cold. Some of you may ask, 'Why in the world do you live in a place that is so cold?" Sometimes I ask myself the same question, I guess you learn to adapt. I am sure it was much colder in way Northern Minnesota this morning. Somehow knowing that someone was colder than us, makes me feel better.

Today outdoor activity will be limited, it isn't supposed to get above minus 10 degrees F today. Chance will go out a few times, Far Guy will go out to fix the fire in the wood-stove. We probably won't venture to the mail box at all today. All ball playing herding activity will take place indoors today. We will stay indoors.

If someone is stranded on the road today, someone will stop for you. You may have to wait awhile but someone eventually will stop.

When I was little, we always took the short cut known as "The Road Through The Woods" it shaved off six miles of travel, this gravel road was very narrow. We were returning from my Grandparents one evening in the dead of winter, and came across a stranded car and a bonfire, the stranded had been there awhile. They had small children not dressed for Minnesota weather, the kids and the adults all piled into the back seat very grateful to be out of the weather. My brother and I were always dressed for cold weather, with warm coats, snow pants, hats, mittens and boots. We each had our very own brightly colored "Indian Blanket" to wrap around us to stay snuggly warm in the backseat of the car. That night we shared our blankets with children with big brown eyes and black hair who were very cold. My Father drove them to their home.

I have lectured my daughters on their winter attire. If you don't wear your snow boots make sure they are in your car. Do you have blankets? Do you have a coffee can with a candle inside, this one small item can keep you from freezing to death. I am sure they are sick of me and my cold weather lectures. Survival Skills all learned from growing up in Minnesota:)


  1. MY HEAVENS! YOU HAVE US BEAT! And I whine at 7 above! Okay, that is going to stop for me...and I'll bet you have lots of humidity so it is EVEN COLDER!

    I think people now days are spoiled, go from warm house, to warm car (idling in driveway) to warm work/shop/mall, back to warm car then to warm house....why wear a coat?


  2. It's warmer here today. I think we only got down to about -15 last night - maybe -20? But it's warmed up to -11 and there is very little wind.

    Stay warm!!

  3. I'm wth flydragon brrrrrrrrrr - that's just too cold!

  4. Speaking as a representative of that cold Canadian air....you are right....it's darn cold!!! When Border Collies want to come inside, you know it's REALLY darn cold! :)

  5. And I am complaining about the fog?

  6. flydragon took my comment :-( O.K., I've got a good word...FRIGID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG - that is just too cold! Really unbearable! Hope you have a good day inside in front of the fire.

  8. I heard they set a record for low temperature in Fargo today -- right around what your thermometer is showing.

    Suddenly our 16 degrees seems balmy....

  9. I give the "Do you have your winter bag" lecture too. We have a bag with all the necessities in it that can be grabbed and stashed in whatever or who evers vehicle we might be taking.

  10. I had heard what the low was this morning in International Falls, but sounds like you are being slammed as well. Wow, that is horrendous. At least we know it doesn't last more than a day or two. Hope so right?
    Keep cozy by the fire.

  11. Oh yeaaaaah. THAT'S why I left MN.
    I don't miss having my nose hairs freeze together. In. The. Least.

  12. My survival kit is tucked safely behind my house doors! I kid you not...I go NO WHERE in crazy weather! I haven't even gone to a grocery store since Dec.16th!


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