Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wistful Wednesday :1917

1917, Minnesota, Becker County, The Old Home Place of Far Guys Grandparents. Far Guys Dad is on the right, he was born in August of 1914, and he looks older than two in this photograph so we have decided it must be 1917. The child on the left could be a cousin. The old car probably belonged to the cousins family too.
What I found interesting about this photograph. The house, the kitchen must have been in the front part. It was a pretty large home. The woodpile and the wood cart, the water pump located conveniently outside the front door. The old car, we tried to zoom in on the license plate for a luck with that. And of course the children sitting barefoot with a much loved and very patient dog:)


  1. A very wistful photo! And I love the log house - and the dog, of course!

  2. That does look a lot like my Dad growing up in the wilds of Alberta. Someday...when I get Turf Toter to dig though her closets I am going to find those old photo albums. It will be fun to post some wistful Wednesdays.

  3. Lovely old photo , Connie.
    There's just something about these old black and white prints, it's amazing to see how they lived in those days...

  4. That's really neat! I love old photos like that :-)

  5. what an awesome picture to have to family!

  6. It seems that the sleeping quarters in the older places were always the tacked on spots of the house. Later on, in the 40's the tacked on area became a porch.

    That IS a really big house, and the kids seem happy and well adjusted. To have a photo, to have a CAMERA, is a big deal back then, to have that photo today is an even BIGGER deal.



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