Friday, November 21, 2008


Far Guy should really read my blog every day. Sometimes he is left out of my loop. Yesterday after my chain saw comment, he got an email that said "Don't let Mom near the chain saw." I wonder if he was scared for just a moment? Trish says she wants the desk, they just have to round up some really strong people to help move the heavy old weighs half a ton.

Then Far Guy says "Honey you can't use the chain saw in the house." What? I am the only one that dusts. I let him use a chain saw in the house when he and Ron were building the stairway.

Now I can't use one?? It hardly seems fair. Oh well I probably wouldn't have been able to start the darn thing anyway. I could have used the Saws All, it is electric!

I HAD an electric chainsaw once, Andy (Son in law) bought it to cut down one lousy tree in their yard. When he was done with it, I bought it from him, there was something that intrigued me about an electric chainsaw. I think it was that dangling cord, the I will start every time, just plug me in..we can conquer everything together persona of that beautiful little tool that sucked me in. I was only limited by the length of my electric cord, a bunch of cords strung together and I was on the edge of the woods, trimming! I could venture into the woods, and I mentioned this to Far Guy, he said "Go For it" well the electric cords were a pain in the butt in the brush, I kept wrapping cords around trees and unplugging myself. I learned how to make a loopy knot in my cord to prevent this, but I was so limited.

One day I had a marvelous idea, I had a generator, and a three wheeler and a trailer..I could venture out further that way. Far Guy said "NO" That's it.. just "NO". So I fixed him, I just drug really big branches back to the yard and cut them up. When I asked for my own electric start generator, I was told, It was not necessary as when we need the generator there is no electricity. Well I know that! It would just make it easier for me to escape into the woods with the trailer ..shortly after that my chainsaw mysteriously broke, then it mysteriously disappeared. So I have to use one of his Chain Saws now, and they are not electric, and by the time I get the stupid thing started I don't feel like cutting up anything. It is probably just as well...but you have never felt such power..until you have had your own electric chainsaw:)


  1. You are so funny, I am always looking forward to reading your posts.

    We had a electric chainsaw at the nursery, it was to be used to cut the bottom off of the Christmas trees. Unfortunatly it was on the same circuit as the tills, the store lights, the alarm system....
    So whenever we used it, the tills would blow, the lights would go out, and the alarm would beep.
    I never did like that stupid chainsaw, and it was noisy, so eventually I started to use the handsaw. Much quieter, but I can understand your wanting a chainsaw, being able to do your own chores is freeing.


  2. I want to invite you to my house to help me clean up the trees that fell from Hurricane Ike! Give me a few lessons girlfriend!

  3. Whoa girl! You and a chain saw could go far!

  4. I love your stairway! Very cool!
    Chain saws scare me a bit, so my hats off to you! That and air nail guns. Yikes!

  5. That is so funny...chainsaws scare me, but if you can handle them, good for you.
    Love the stairway!

  6. I LOVE that stairway! No chainsaws for me. I hide away in the house whenever they are being used out here. Too nerve wracking!

  7. the only power tool I have ever used is a weed eater (does that even count?) But I had to have my husband start it for me.

  8. I love that staircase! And, where have I been? I love your header.........

  9. I bet you even have a tool belt don't you? I always thought I'd look cool with a tool belt and big power tools, LOL! Love your staircase, it's gorgeous!

  10. Thanks for the comments! NO I do not wear a toolbelt, however sometimes I carry them around in a five gallon bucket!
    Far Guy is a wonderful carpenter! He and one of the "local" guys built the staircase.. I love it! It is one of a kind! :)

  11. Love your stairs!!! How unique and beautiful!


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