Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freedom Is Not Free

Today is Veterans Day, to all the Veterans reading this I would like to say THANK YOU!

I would like to tell you all something about "The Forgotten War" the Korean Conflict...it only became The Korean War by an Act of Congress in 1998. Forty- five years after it ended. 33,741 US Soldiers died there.

My Father served in Korea from February 1951 until the spring of 1952. I was born while he was in Korea. I did not meet him until I was six months old. He served with The Eighth Army, The 24th Division, The 5th Infantry Regiment.

My Father does not like to talk about the war, it carries too many horrible memories for him. However from time to time he has shared with me:

How cold it was in Korea during the Winter, but that he fared better than some of the southern boys. He was able to keep his toes from freezing at night by wiggling his feet all night long.
His boots had holes in the soles, he tried to repair them by stuffing cardboard from the C rations into his boots.
How it feels to sleep in a foxhole when it is 30 degrees below zero.
He has told me about running up and down the hills of Korea, being wounded by shrapnel, being afraid for his life.
Watching other soldiers dying.
His stories usually end with "War is hell and no one should ever have to go through it."

Earlier this evening when I called him to make sure I had his proper Division and Regiment, he said "You know I don't like to talk about it." I said I know that Dad but I found a web site where there are many Korean Vets that have shared their stories." He replied, "No one would ever write about those horrors."

To the best of my knowledge these survivors of the forgotten war have written their experiences as they recall them. Those who have fought have scars, some physical some emotional. The stories I read are very similar to what my Father has related to me over the years. They also thought who could ever comprehend and understand their stories, the horror of war. You can read about them at The Korean War Educator Freedom is not free:(
In the photo: My Nephew, My Brother, My Father and Far Guy..all my Veterans who deserve an extra special THANKS!!!


  1. Sadly, freedom is NOT free. Tell your father THANK YOU for me! My grandfathers on both side, my uncles on both sides all fought, from WWI to Korea. I get chills when I see the Flag carried in a parade by one of our Veterans! They are why we are who we are as a country, today.


  2. As someone, can't remember who once said: War is not about who is right; it's about who is left.

  3. I did not know that the Korean Conflict was finally given the title "War"
    My father served during this time but he served in Germany. He, like your dad, did not like to talk about it. He is gone now so I can't ask questions. I'm glad you posted that link...I went to it first....and I'm going back. I appreciate that.

  4. I would like to Thank all the veterans also.
    Our neighbor was a POW in the Korean War.
    He also tells about the terrible cold there.
    There are so many wonderful heroes. We should thank them more.
    Have a great day.


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