Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fourth Snow

Well I guess this is it. The snow that will stay. It is the fourth snow of the season, other days it snowed here are October 26, November 9, 13, and today the 15th. I have kept track of snow for years..I love the "honeymoon" stages that come in the form of Indian Summers between the snows. I hope we get a few more warm days, before the deep freeze settles in. It is almost colder now, once it snows it will seem warmer somehow. This morning it is a balmy 23 degrees. Uffda..Far Guy and I are off on an adventure today! Chance too! Have a great day:)


  1. SNOW.. I'm so jealous! It's grey and very wet here - ugh! I love it when the snow comes!

  2. I am so into the photo stuff that it looks like I keep forgetting to check this side of the "far side"! Just catching up...

  3. Have a wonderful adventure! We've had flurries but nothing has stuck to the ground but this week we are in for major snowfall.
    Although it is beautiful, I'm just never ready for it.


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