Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cutting The Cord

Today was supposed to be the day that the people that bought the big greenhouse were supposed to dismantle it and move it on out. Well actually last Tuesday was to be the day, then they postponed until today. The wind is up today, they are taking down the end wall, and it is pretty cold (12 degrees) and windy out there. I can tell that this is going to take days. I would just like it to be over. For me it is like having a child and the doctor is ready to cut the cord and then he gets a long phone call....

This guy, has a dream, all well and good. I can support him in his dream, growing plants is a rewarding experience. Not everyone can do it. In an effort to help this guy out, I have been upstairs in my office going through my file cabinets. I sort into piles, recycle, the I have a dream guy, Judy and Marty. I am not sure if Judy or Marty want what I have saved for them, if not I will recycle those piles too. I have four file cabinets full of business related "stuff" to go through. Stacks of books and magazines, old issues of Horticulture Magazines. I am going to get the chain saw up there to saw apart the huge oak desk. It was one of those executive corner units in a fancy bank, I no longer need it. Far Guy needs a spot to set up his model trains.

It seems like closing down this business is taking FOREVER. I felt really good after I reclaimed the retail space for my garage, and I am totally loving having my own garage, with a remote garage door opener! I felt pretty good after the small greenhouse was out of here. I am hoping that the weather holds so that this greenhouse can make it's way down the road too. I am really, really, ready to cut the cord:)


  1. When it is time to move on, it is time to move on, isn't it? I know that feeling.

    Maybe the cold wind will speed them up a little bit. Wish them luck, and rev up the chainsaw, FarWoman is moving on.


  2. 12 degrees? Holy cow, please don't send that over here to MI. It has snowed all week. Feels like January already!
    It is always good to take a chainsaw to stuff if it makes you feel better. I laughed at your post!

  3. greenhouses?

  4. I know how you feel, it's quite freeing really when the decision is made and you can just get on with things.

  5. Wait!--Don't take out the recycling pile yet. Can I please have a few old horticulture magazines?

  6. Lattice, I can, and I will start a pile with your name on it. Better come and get them soon! Bring children and Squirt too! LOL
    Tami, No not glass greenhouses, Gothic Arch covered in two layers of Warps Flex o Glass (Poly).
    Muddy Boots, Already had a email saying better keep her away from the chain saw cause they want the desk!
    DVM Wife, The wind chill must be waaaay below zero ..sorry I have to send it east. We got a west wind here, better grab your parka!
    Linda, Yup! FREE at last!
    Thanks for the comments gals! :)

  7. ugh... cold and wind here too... tho not 12 degrees... we have a greenhouse here !...

    where one door closes... a window opens.. chainsaw on!
    gp in montana

  8. Hope you get that cord cut!

    Don't know what it is in Fahrenheit, but it is minus 7 Centigrade here with a lovely sprinkling of crunchy snow!


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