Friday, April 28, 2017

A Square Basket

I was not sure what kind of a basket I would make this year for May Day. I had paper at home, but would it be right for the project…how many glittery sticks did I have tucked away upstairs?  One day I had some time in between appointments so I went for the basic supplies…heavy card stock paper, some glittery fuzzy sticks and some washi tape.  I hemmed and hawed at the paper choices, I chose a pack of paper that had many spring like colors!

Oh and candy…candy or flowers are the most important element of a May Basket. I always do candy!

I have never made a square box before…but I like to work with paper and I like puzzles…and parts of this project is like a puzzle.
May Basket 1
May Basket two
May Basket 3
Step #9 is the hardest.  Practice make perfect! 

I use a bone folder to make my creases.  I lost misplaced my good one, but found an old one that works just fine. I did end up with some paper damage on the edges from the bone folder…different paper may have worked better.  But hey it is a box!

I made a paper handle and decorated it with the glittery fuzzy sticks and stapled them in place…and covered the staples with washi tape.  What?  Never heard of washi tape?  It is just pretty scotch tape…it comes in a roll with many designs and colors. Mine looks like confetti…very spring like!
I added tissue paper and candy!

You can use paper smaller than 12x12 but it must be square.  10x10 or 8x8 might work but your box would be smaller.

I am folding and folding, I have 14 plus baskets to do. I have 7 done.  I have time, May Day is Monday…and you have time to make a basket too…it doesn’t have to be fancy smancy.

I will deliver a couple of baskets before May Day, but the rest will be delivered on Monday.
The tradition as I know it:  You decorate baskets fill them with candy and you take them to neighbors and friends.  You go up to a door and hang the basket on the door knob, knock and then run, because someone will chase you and try to kiss you.  I am old, I will settle for a hug…because I am not running away.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

For the birds

Many things are for the birds right now.  SNOW being in the middle of that list.

We had some different visitors.

Fat bird in the snow

This is a fat bird…might be an Oregon Junco passing through…maybe not.  I am not a bird expert. Maybe he isn’t fat…perhaps he is all puffed up because it is so cold.

Fighting birds

One of the resident Woodpeckers had a fight with these visitors.


Waiting out the snow storm

This little fellow found a place to hide from the snow and eat at the same time.   A short time later…a very large bird flew in and all the little birds scattered.

a hawk (2)

Some kind of Hawk….a Immature Coopers Hawk is my best guess.

Far Guy saw a White Throated Sparrow…just one. No photo.  Different birds are migrating through the area.

It snowed.  We got about 1 1/2 inches, if we get 3 inches or more at the snow stick my good friend Iggy will win a wood carving because he guessed April 15.  From the sound of the weather forecast it is a possibility.

Guess what next Monday is??   More about May Baskets tomorrow….you should think about buying some candy or flowers to make a May Basket!!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Watery Wednesday : April 13, 1997

These are emails I sent to family and friends in 1997 during the flood.  Emails went to: Jennifer, Carey, Jan and Ron, Katie, Laura, Ardith, Arlene, Cathie, Lorri and Kelly, Hans and  Debbie.

Subject: Still Pumping

Hello everyone!  Thank you for ALL your encouraging messages and prayers!

Today we are down to three pumps pumping. Finally shut off the big gas pump that hurts your ears.  We are maintaining with two electrics in the water, and of course our faithful sump pump in the basement.

Yesterday the water went down an inch, today an inch and a half.  Water is still on the dikes so we have to be watchful, it is encouraging to see the level go down, but we know we are still not out of the woods, but the situation is improving.  We can have water rising again because of ice jams, back flow from the Red River, dikes breaking etc. and the Sheyenne still has not crested. 

We are weary, its been a long struggle.  Mom and Dad will be back tomorrow maybe with the dogs, we will see.

The weather report is for good weather no rain and a slow decrease of water.

Gene says he hurts everywhere, he just woke up from a nap.  WE are officially disaster victims now, we registered with FEMA and you can call us water rats, mice is more accurate as they run over your boots quite often or boat people.  Even tho I have not been in it yet, tomorrow maybe I will row around!

Today Gene moved the boat up to the deck enough of the ice has melted so we can go across the lake.  You are all invited (Kelly especially) to help dump sand bags!!!! We have approximately 1800 of them to dump, each weighing between 40-60 IBS.

I have decided not to go to summer session at NDSU, I will take 30 days off, then re evaluate the second session.  I will have at least two weeks of classes to catch up with, luckily one of my instructors lives one mile west of us, so he has great sympathy and the others will be okay too.
April 13 Harwood Flood
The deck and the sand bags
April 13 Harwood Flood two
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood three
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood four
Taken from the garage the cul de sac is filling with water.
April 13 1997 Harwood Flood five
Neither of us can remember who took over for us when we went to register with FEMA.  I believe that Harvey our next door neighbor came over to watch our pumps.  Someone must have picked us up in a big boat to take us across the water to the landing where our vehicle was.  I recall we headed for Downtown Fargo and went into some building with very high ceilings to register and I am quite certain we went together.

The boat I am referring to was a Duck Boat that my parents brought over for us to use.
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Watery Wednesday : April 9, 1997
Watery Wednesday: April 8, 1997
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have become impatient.  I want Spring and warmth and pretty flowers to look at and photograph.  I don’t want snow or rain…just warmth.


Creeping Phlox that will bloom in a few more weeks... maybe… if it ever warms up again.

Good News:  It didn’t snow yesterday!   Bad News : It was cold enough to snow.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

April Snow

Minnesota weather can change just like that. 

We had a very nice but windy day on Saturday.

snowy day (2)

Sunday morning Winter reared it’s ugly head.  Perhaps it didn’t get the memo from Spring.


I am certain it is all my fault.  Note my trusty red snow shovel is propped up against Far Guy’s garage.

Later in the day most of the snow melted.

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