Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Thaw

We are thawing out.

the walkway

The walk is clearing up bit by icy bit.  The rain followed by heavy snow twice since Christmas did a real number on the walkway.Snowcurls

The snow slid down Far Guys garage yesterday…it was a slow slide and it continued all day.  It may be gone overnight.  We hope Chance is not outside when it comes down.

We are expecting it to stay above feezing most days for the next ten days!!

The snow stick has shrunk by 6 1/2 inches.  Yesterday it was holding at 10 inches.

10 inches of snow

The great sort continues, this time to old files….it is a paper nightmare. One more day and then I have to switch gears…I promised to help someone with a project and it will require my attention for a few days. Then it will be back to the great sort…or maybe the Shiny Brite tree…it is still up and pretty.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yesterday I watched Jody my other baby brother’s  crew cut down a huge Norway Pine at my baby brother’s (Carey) lake place.   The crew was like a well oiled machine, they work well together.  They are used to removing large trees safely.

She had to be removed for the new addition to the house.Norway pine to be cut down

See how close it is to the house?  AND she is leaning too.

Tree four

Here it is falling.  Timber…not sure if anyone said that.  Many of her smaller branches and twigs exploded when she reached the earth filling the air with the scent of fresh pine. “She who sees Robins first” and I were glad it was over…so they do this all the time…but we don’t watch all the time. (The person down there is Frank and yes he was supposed to be there…he was half way in between the chain saw operator Josh and Jody on the Dozer.)

Tree is down


Straps, cables and chains were tied off to the Dozer.  It all went off without a hitch…no one was hurt.

Tree going up the hill

Four thirteen foot sections are off to the mill to be made into lumber of some kind to be used in the house.

Norway Pine

When the tornado went through this area in about 1978 many of the tall Norways were taken out…this was a survivor…there are many more huge Norway Pines on this piece of property so they will still be able to hear the long bundles of Norway Pine needles rub together and make a swishing sound as the wind blows.

This 200 year old giant will come back to this property… just differently.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Chance: Roof Roof

Hiya it is me the most handsome Border Collie in all of Minnesota.  (Humble too.)

Did ya know that when it gets warm outside the snow sliding off the steel roof sounds like a freight train is coming through the house?  WELL it does. Scared me and Far Guy too and we were inside…Far Side just said “OH shit.”  Sometimes she swears…betcha didn’t know that did ya?

Far Side has been working her fingers to the bone and recycled paper flies out of the house on a regular interval.  That means we get to go for a ride!  Didja know that she has been saving Christmas cards, letters and photos since 1997…wowza…

Chance and his blue ball

Well back to that scary sound that the roof makes…it now requires that I am accompanied by BOTH of them when I go outside to do my duties.  If I have to go…so do they!

Do ya know about the bike to nowhere?  When Far Side rides it I bring her the ball…she can throw left handed…she is particular she wants it dropped into her hand…none of the bounce once you can play ball too stuff…if I drop it she will not get off the bike to nowhere to get it for me.  SO then I talk to her and she talks back…she has no idea what I am saying but she answers me anyways.  If I whine she whines, if I bark she barks, Far Guy just laughs…old people are easily entertained.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

1982 Again and The Big Sort

Here is our family photo taken the same day as the larger group family photo I shared the other day.
Family 1982
Yes the dog is in this one.  The cranky old photographer said “Yes that dog can be in the photo but I don’t fuss with animals.” So Snuffer just looks like a pile of fur facing the wrong direction.  I liked that photographer until that day.

The sort continues… progress is slow. ( I should not READ everything.) I did a big sort of family genealogy papers…Far Guy has a good bunch of Family History all in one place now (was that even on my original list?) I have asked a cousin on his Mother’s side of the family to share the Canadian/English History. 

I managed to get a couple of obits typed up…ran into a name problem…Almeada Clara was really Clara Almeada according to her obituary and funeral pamphlet…so I made that edit at Find A Grave.  I wonder what her birth certificate says….census records say Clara A.  Finding that info lead me down two different rabbit holes….and still no birth record…but I found one for her husband in Canada.  All this time I thought he was born in Wellington County Eramosa Twp …wrong it is West Luther Twp…I saw the record of birth online…it also said he was born on Jan 27…family history/find a grave/obituary says Jan 26.  See now I have more questions that I bargained for.  That is what happens some days.

Our weather is lovely …sunny and in the 30’s F…we sat outside ysterday…and it felt good.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Midway Memories: Bruce

Bruce was from Ogden Iowa, he came out on the road after he graduated from High School.  Fresh faced hardly a whisker to be found, longish curly brown hair, he was lean and spry…and was always smiling.  He also had a bit of a sparkle in his eyes.   It was his dream to go out on the road…The Boss told him when he was old enough he could.

In 1970 we (Far Guy, Paul and I) took him under our wing.  He wasn’t old enough to drink although I think he may have enjoyed a beer or two.  None of us were habitual drinkers…we would occasionally have something.  No drugs.  So we were probably a good influence on Bruce.  He started out as the second man on the Scrambler.  He worked hard…we all did.

He watched and learned everything he could about every ride there was.  He sometimes strung wire for Kenny (the show electrician). He lived and breathed the Carnival Business.

The Carnival was his life, it seemed for a long time that he was married to it.  In later years he met Kathy and got married and they had two children, born and raised out on the road during the summer.  Kathy had a couple of joints…a Shoot the Star Out, Cork Guns and Speed Ball.   Bruce was the Ride Superintendent he was busy in Winter Quarters in the early spring, worked all Summer and Fall and come home a few months in the Winter.
Bruce Kathy Michaela Gene and Savannah
Kathy, Bruce with Makayla, Far Guy with Savannah  1997 in Barnesville Minnesota.
Front and center is the brand new Carousel, a million dollar ride made by the Chance Ride Company.  Barnesville Minnesota 1997.

Far Guy says:  Pocahontas Iowa tearing down the Scrambler, and a cop came by and told me to call my Mother In Law.  I found out that my good friend Danny Hawks had died in a car accident.  I was upset, started grabbing the pig iron by myself and tossing it into the truck… Bruce and Paul were having a hard time keeping up with me.  We got the Scrambler tore down in record time that night.  Bruce told Paul “I don’t think I am going to like that guy.”
1970 Route
Bruce worked for Merriam’s Midway Shows until a couple of years ago.  He and his wife are now with a different show.   So we have not seen them in two years.
Gene and Bruce 2006 Owatonna
Far Guy and Bruce in August 2006 Owatonna Minnesota.
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