Saturday, February 28, 2015

Filthy snow

The snow out in the open is filthy.  Top soil is in the ditch. It is good for the wildflowers!  Thank you corporate farmers for plowing and disking your farm land so it can blow into the ditch where the wildflowers grow!

Black snow

Not exactly a winter wonderland…although many are wondering where the snow is…especially those snowmobilers.

Irrigator and black snow

This is a field kitty-corner catty-corner diagonally across from us. 


This field is right across the road.  It was a small grain field and it was not plowed.  The turkeys are helping out by eating leftover grain and fertilizing…both activities turkeys do best.  We didn’t count this time because no one got the memo that I was out taking photographs and everyone else should stay off the my road. There must have been 50-60 turkeys maybe more.

We saw a herd of five deer but they were too far off to get a good photo.  Chance and I really enjoyed our afternoon drive.

We went to town, the accountant had our taxes done and they have been sent off electronically…cross something off the list!

Good-bye February…I won’t miss your icy wind chills or your sub zero temperatures for days on end.  Your gloomy grey days weren’t very much fun either.  The snow and dirt in the air (snirt) was a real blast.

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Friday, February 27, 2015


Shopping is not an activity I like but sometimes you do what you have to do during the long Minnesota winters.

First stop Craft Supplies!  Some of my paints had either gotten all chunky or partially dried up.  I also need a bead crimper and some beads to crimp for another project that is still in the design phase real deep down in my brain.   My brain is a cluttered place…so many projects.  Many started…non finished.

Second stop Guns!  I am looking for a small handgun….I wanted to see what they had and how well they fit my hand.  I found one that may work for me, it has a pretty red trigger.

I have an antique five shot revolver…my other baby brother looked at it and declared it unsafe.  I shot it about 30 years ago….seemed safe enough to me back then, I pulled the trigger and could hit the target and didn’t blow off any important body parts like thumbs, fingers, hands or feet.   Between my other baby brother and my husband they have convinced me that I need a new hand gun.  So I am shopping.   I need something with a clip, to quote my brother “Sis you better be real good at loading those shells in a revolver because if you aren’t real fast someone will take that gun away from you and shoot you.  You need a gun with a clip.”  Alrighty then.

One step at a time.  I am also shopping for a light weight shotgun that I can use for Skeet Shooting.   I am not any good at it but it is sure fun to try.

 Windmill and Marge Grass


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

sNOw report

We don’t have much snow.  The snowstick shows four inches. A pitiful amount for us.

4 inches  at the snow syick

I took this photo late in the day yesterday February 25, 2015.

It is brutally cold.  The wind chills are between –25 F and –45 F recently.  No fun. We might not have much snow but what we have in cold makes up for it.   Many people have frozen waterlines and sewers.  Thankfully we have been spared…so far.


We have been staying home only going out with Chance and to feed the birds.

The deer have been coming in to eat the corn that we keep spread out for the rabbits and squirrels.

I am crocheting and doing some beadwork….working on another new bead design I thought up in the middle of the night.  Since finishing up winter cleaning the kitchen I haven’t started any other huge cleaning projects. 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: Recipes

I stopped a few minutes when cleaning out that cupboard that holds my recipe boxes.  Tucked into the back of the oldest box were two very special recipes.

Tricas recipe

I am almost positive that Trica wrote out this recipe in grade school. She loved anything chocolate.

Jens recipe (2)

The second recipe must have been Jennifers from Home Economics when she was in Junior High.

Jens recipe (2)

She had it all down step by step.

Put books on desk                                    Leveling spatula

Put Apron on                                            1 measuring cup

Wash hands                                                Paper towel

Find ingredients                                         Baking sheet

Sifter                                                          2 Coffee Cups

Bowl Two

Liquid measuring cup

Rolling pin

The list continues on the back.

Jens recipe back

Baking Powder     1 tsp and half of a tsp

Vooden spoon

Both the recipes took me back in time and made me smile as I tucked them back into the old recipe tin.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The donkey arrived!

It is a miracle.  The Medicare Card finally arrived.   Far Guy about fell over.

connie blog headers-p0051

He made me look at it twice to make sure it was the real thing.  Seventeen days to get from Baltimore Maryland to Osage Minnesota.  Maybe we should go from donkeys back to Pony Express it was faster.

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