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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Water Tower

Some water towers are prettier than others, but they all become part of the skyline.

This water tower has been vacant since 1978.  At one time a developer thought he would put a relvolving resturaunt on top…that never panned out…the City Council has asked for demolition bids…so soon it may be gone…forever.

Park Rapids

We were in town last night doing an errand and after that we decided to get some water tower shots.

Water Tower from the alley

The view from Far Guys alley, behind the house he grew up in.

The water tower was just a block away from his house.  It was a place for neighbor kids to play…or whatever else kids do.  I know as teens some talked about kisses exchanged at the water tower. Water tower from the jail

The view from the New Law Enforcement Center…or in the olden days the site of The Ringer Building.

Water Tower

Water Tower Park Rapids Minnesota June 27 2016

The water tower was constructed in 1930, it contains 2 million pounds of concrete, it took a crew of 15 to complete the tower.  The tower cost $16,600. One worked fell to his death and three others were seriously injured in accidents during the building of the tower.   The water tower is 135 feet tall.

The projected cost for demolition is around $100,000.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

June Yard Report

The last week in June.

Already?  I so like the daylight in the evenings…. and now we lose some evening light every day.

I mowed the lawn…dressed like a monk so I didn’t sun burn my sunburn… it is better today.  But when people look at you and wince you know they are thinking “What a stupid broad.”


The dragonflies will give way to a more patriotic theme.  I have two free days this week…just for me to get caught up..or relax…or read the day away….or change the wreath next to the door and the flags.


My little garden out front,  I have since moved the red glass flower as the squirrels were using it for a jumping platform.  The small Marigolds are blooming.  One of the Salvia has a bloom but so far it is too small to see.  The squirrels took out two plants with their leaping.

I mow the yard about every five days, and I mow it quite short, between Far Guy and I we get all the trimming done before it is time to start over again.

I try to scrub the bird baths every week or so…no need having a mosquito hatchery in the yard.

I need to do some trimming while on the lawn mower, some branches are just in the way, no amount of ducking keeps them away from my head.

I also need to attack some more Poison Ivy…

See already the jobs are piling up for my free days.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Too Much Sun

Remember when you were little and you spent too much time in the sun and the water?

Remember how your skin hurt when it was touched?

Well I wasn’t in the water, but I got too much sun.   I had an umbrella too, I would have been fried without it.

I recall we used to put Noxema on our sunburn…it helped.  I lotioned up with something else.

Can your eyeballs get sunburned?  Just a thought.


Has anyone ever croaked from a sunburn?   Not likely is it? 

I watched the weather report, partly cloudy and 79 degrees was the forecast…it hovered near 90 where I was and was mostly sunny…could have fried an egg on the concrete or my face.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Quiet Day

Friday was a quiet day spent at home, working on projects and going for a drive in the evening.

I saw a Mayfly on the window screen. 


Such a dainty bug.

On our drive we saw Showy Lady’s Slippers that are coming to an end.

Ladys Slippers coming to an end

Not nearly as pretty as they are in bud.

The small farmers are haying.

Slow Traffic

Makes for some slow traffic in our neighborhood.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Busy Week

Three Doctor’s appointments, errands and suppers with friends and playing cards has kept us busy this week.  Our friend Barry is here from Oklahoma.  Steve and Jo hosted supper one night; pork burgers, potato salad and corn.  We brought brownies to enjoy after a couple of games of Golf (a card game.)

Rainbow June 22 2016

I took this photo on Wednesday evening after it rained.

Just like that another week is behind us.  It has been a fun week, with lots of laughter and remember whens.  We hosted supper last night, coleslaw, pizza and cheesy bread were on the menu.  Jo brought over a dessert in a cast iron skillet, a pie of sorts, with a crust and peaches, topped with raspberries…it was really yummy.

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