Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Midway Memories : Limey

Some carnivals are different from others.  Some may have people who go by an alias/fake name and get by with it. 

In my time with Merriam’s Midway Shows I only know of one. How much of an alias it was I am not certain….it was at best or worst a half truth.

One summer one of the Concessionaires had a new worker.  He was from England and had quite an accent.  Not sure what his real name was but everyone called him Limey.  Limey made extra cash by helping set up and tear down the Tilt.  He worked one of the joints for George Belben….a dart game with balloons maybe. 

I talked with Limey, he was stocky, not too tall maybe 5 feet 7 inches, lots of freckles on his face and longish brown hair with a little red in it.  He wore sun glasses a lot, and mostly white shirts with rolled up sleeves with a pack of cigarettes tucked into the sleeve, the shirt was tucked into jeans.  The accent was fun to listen to.

In Seward Nebraska Limey, T J and Nick got into a bit of trouble in a Motel Room…they stole a bath rug.  The cops came and arrested them.  When they ran the checks…it turned out Limey was not a he but a she.

The word got out…and traveled like wildfire. “Limey is a Chick”  “What??” “You  know a chick with boobs.”  Some of them said “Oh good Lord I peed in front of her.” “No shit.”
She returned to the show wearing a wig and makeup and told me that she was going to write a book about her experiences during the summer.

The guys were all wondering how she/he pulled it off and pulled the wool over their eyes.  After it was all said and done she moved on…but the guys will never forget.
Wall of plush at a Duck Pond.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ornament Winners

We are having a winter storm today.  It began snowing yesterday.  The wind is supposed to blow and visibility is supposed to be very low.  We will be staying home.

The other day when it wasn’t snowing we saw a sundog.

Sundog on the prairie

The sun is off to the far right just at the edge of the photo.  Sundogs are usually seen on really cold days…sometimes there is one, sometimes two on each side of the sun and sometimes they are connected by a circular thin band of pink.

I will get the ornaments mailed off to the winners as soon as the weather clears.

Red and Kansas Kay!  Congratulations! 

Please contact me by email captainconnie2001atyahoodotcom with your address.

Thank you everyone for sharing your favorite Christmas Memories!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

The 2016 Ornament

Far Guy designed this ornament.  I was not convinced that we could get it to look like the inspiration. But we came real close.
Christmas Carvings
Here they are in progress.  All six pieces are carved from Basswood.  The pieces are pinned and glued together. Far Guy does the pinning and gluing.  I  put a layer of gesso on them and then paint them.
Tray of carvings
Lady Slipper Ornament
Each one looks a bit different.
Yellow Lady Slippers
The inspiration.
The result is the artist interpretation of what the Lady’s Slipper would look like if it were made from wood.  Each ornament takes between three and four hours to make.  I have a limited number of them for sale. Check out Far Sides Attic and Woodshed Carvings For Sale under the blog header.  We made 78 to send to friends and family and I have them ready to mail and or deliver.

If you would like to be entered in a drawing that will end at 9 PM tonight.  Then leave a comment on this blog post and tell me about your favorite Christmas.  Stay tuned for the winners tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Paige: Winter Formal 2016

We went up North to take photos of Paige, she is a Senior this year and this is her last Winter Formal.  She asked a boy who is just a friend to go with her.  The girls ask the boys to Winter Formal.

Paige was tired.  She had two Hockey Games last week. When we got to the house she was asleep, but quickly got up and dressed for photos.

Paige Winter Formal


Her two piece gown was covered in sequins.

Paiges two piece dress

After home photos we went where her group was gathering.

Paiges Friends

Paige and her friends.

Girls and garters

Girls and garters

Group photo

Group photo

Paige and her date

Paige and her date


I hope she had a good time. After the dance they will go back to a friends home for a safe chaperoned remainder of the night.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


We left our driveway and saw something running.  It looked strange.  I am always on the lookout for stray dogs.  (A couple of weeks ago we returned Daisy to her owners…with a reminder to all the small children that their dog needed more attention! Daisy was walking down the center of the highway and was more than happy to go for a ride with us. ) Anyways this “something” looked like a dog…it ran like a dog.

My camera was in the case, and I had to change lenses and I had my gloves on and I knew my battery was low…how low was it?  I started snapping photos through the windshield.

Chance is watching.  Earlier in the morning when I walked him for his morning duty he pranced around like a pup and was very interested in something on the back road.  I thought it was strange… we came back to the house and got in the car and left.

Wolf in the field

As you can see it was NOT a dog.


He almost posed for a photo.  He meandered along.

Eagle and Wolf

The Timber Wolf gave the Bald Eagle a wide berth and took off toward the woods.  The Bald Eagle had been feasting on a road killed deer, he got up and flew away but landed close enough for a photo.  

So that was our adventure on Friday. As you can see we still have some snow, a few days ago this field was bare….it has rained/snowed since then.

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