Friday, October 24, 2014

Chance: To the groomer

We had to get up early and go for a ride.  Somebody had a pointment…turned out to be me!

Deana was ready for us.


It is nice to be met at the door with a smile!

Chance and Deana

Someone didn’t take a very straight photograph.  I am not as sad as I look.  Deana held onto my leash until Georgia came and got me for the “works” and a little more off the legs and hiney….hypoallergenic and no perfume!

Are you ready for the after?

Chance Groomed

Here I am!  Handsome as all get out! 

All is well here, Far Side was washing windows and Far Guy was working on some woodcarvings outside at the patio table…it was 70 F …that is 21C eh!   We haven’t had a stretch of warm weather like this in years.

Late in the afternoon Odda came a visiting all by herself…so we took her home…after she rested and had a drink of water… it was a warm day for a black dog to be running. I like her visits…but everyone else worries about her being mistaken for a bear.

Tomorrow is a special day for me…see ya then!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yard report

I am done raking, blowing and mulching…D.O.N.E. 

The yard October 21

The mower was cleaned up and put away for the winter.

The weather has been beautiful, perfect for the last few jobs in the yard.

We washed another window…three more left to do.

Purple leaf Sandcherry

The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry is putting on its fall show.  Most of this shrub was a goner last spring, I cut it back and it made an okay showing after that.

I put some bleach and water on the patio pavers last week, now it is raining…I hope they get all cleaned off.  If not I have another plan…that involves Oxiclean  a scrub brush and a bucket.

Only a few things left on my October list!

Pumpkin Bells

I got out the pumpkin bells and a few other fall decorations.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: October 2014 and July 1965

Recently Far Guy’s class had a get together.  He arranged it…I call him the class babysitter, he notifies everyone who has an email address when someone dies and he has a Facebook page for his class.

He was a little bummed out that more people didn’t show up. I am not sure how many kids were in his class..he says 157 and 19 are deceased..that is a 10% showing.  I told him to be thankful for those that showed up! 

There were thirteen total.  I am their official photographer.

Class of 1968 in 2014

Most are local..and live in the area OR have property in Park Rapids like Gravy.  Tom came from Denver Colorado. Two of the classmates (Jerry and Mary) are married and have been married a long time. We visit with three of the classmates on a regular basis (Sheila, Jackie and Gravy)

I am not much for reunions…I think they are a pain in the butt…however one of the gals that Far Guy used to date had a few old photos.

Photos from 49 years ago.

Gene and Joan  Linda Snelling and unknown

Joan, Gene, Linda and an unknown guy.

In July of 1965 they would have been about 15 years old. Linda died young..I think she was about 24 years old when she died from a brain tumor.  I have no idea who is taking the picture…this photo may have been taken in May of 1965….but it could have been taken early in July of 1965.

Someone who is in the photograph cannot remember a thing.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flu Shot and 32 Deer

I finally got my flu shot yesterday.  Far Guy got his shot on Saturday…they ran out of serum so I waited until yesterday.  My arm is sore, Far Guy seems fine…he says his arm itches.

One more thing to cross off my list!

We went for a ride right after supper.

First of 32 Deer Oct 20

This was the first of thirty-two deer we saw in a one square mile area. Deer season starts November 8 in our area.

The two deer across from our driveway ignored Chance..apparently they are “our” deer and have heard him bark before because they kept right on grazing…buggers.

Deer October 20

It was getting too dark for great photos.  Thirty-two is the most we have counted in years.  I recall one time a number of years ago when forty deer were counted in one field.  The most we have seen in one field this year was eight.

I hope the deer hunters have a great hunt.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Train Show

The Train show is slowly becoming a tractor show.  We walked around and found a few goodies….I bought a Year 2000 Lionel Hallmark Christmas Ornament.  Far Guy bought some O Scale people and a transformer and some decals.   It was a fun outing on a very nice day…it was about 70 F…great weather for October!



I had fun looking at the old toys but there were fewer of them than last year.



Then there is retro.


We have gone to this show for the past three years…many vendors stay the same…and their “wares” stay the same too.   I saw one item that I was interested in only because I have never seen it before….and I don’t need to start collecting train cars…so I left it there.

After the Train Show we headed to Petco…Chance loves going in there…he was a gentleman and got a new collar…red and reflective and a few treats.  I had to walk down some aisles looking only at the floor. (I wish they didn’t have snakes.)

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