Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

The only color left in the yard is the Euonymus I think the variety is ‘Chicago Fire.’


If you look closely you will see the winged branch and the berries.  You should not eat the berries…eventually birds will eat them.

Euonymus putting on a show 

Chance had a good birthday, he had company in the morning…Odda came to visit.  I ordered him a gift but it isn’t here yet.  It is a treat/dog food dispensing ball, it will keep him busy in the evenings.  Now that it gets dark so early we have to go for rides before supper. 

Our weather is dark and dreary, it was rainy off and on yesterday.

I stayed busy the past few days working on a carving project and the train Christmas cards and odd jobs around the house.   I cleaned out a few nooks and cranies that I had been ignoring for several weeks and washed my Fall coat and my favorite Fall gloves.

We have been getting lots of political propaganda in the mail.  I am keeping track and those who wasted the most paper will not get my vote. Democrat or Republican I don’t care who it is I refuse to vote for a paper waster…same goes for phone calls, you call me fine…you lost my vote. 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wistful Wednesday : 50 years ago

This is a photo my Mom took at the farm right by the picture tree in the Fall of 1966.

Connie Jody and Carey 1966

Connie 15, Carey 12, Jody 6th birthday.

Our sister Julie was born in the summer and was only a few months old so she was not in the photo.  From all the leaves on the trees it was probably a photo taken before October 26, plus the boys have almost new looking jeans.

I am holding my other baby brothers hand, we were buds, he spent a lot of time with me. He was a talkative kid (he is still talkative) and inquisitive…Why?  Why this? Why that?  I always tried to answer his questions the best I could.

Happy Birthday Jody!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chance :12 years old

It is my turn again today!!!

Today I enter my 12th year.  I was born in a barn near Aldrich Minnesota, I had lots of brothers and a sister and a great place to play and little kids to play with.  I grew and grew.  Then Far Side and Far Guy came to visit all the puppies…I walked up to Far Guy, he picked me up and didn’t put me back down.

I had to pose for the traditional birthday photo. She got lots of photos with my eyes closed…I am not an easy model.

Chance is twelve

This year she decided that I needed to lay in front of the Euonymus bush…it might be the prettiest spot in the yard to show me off…at least that is what she said.

Chance looking good

IMG_7308 (2)

And here I am at my black and white best.

12 years old is the average life span of a Border Collie…I made it!  I have some back leg and hip problems…sometimes my old legs just don’t want to go up or down the stairs.  I take a medication and an aspirin.  I have a vest with a handle that I can wear and someone will help me up and down the stairs.

I still play ball some days…some days not so much.  I have a nice bed to sleep on, sometimes I sleep there and sometimes not.  Most days I get to go for a ride!

Rides and treats are my favorite things…Happy Birthday to Me!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Chance : Herding

Hiya it is me Chance!  Yesterday I got some herding practice.

Pointing at the mouse

Far Side and I were in the old parking lot.  I am pointing to the critter about to be herded.

herding one

I have my eye on it.

Herding two

I tried to turn it around.

Following it into the woods


It made it to the leaves, I herded it around in the leaves for awhile, it was airborn several times and then it played dead…so I brought it out for Far Side.  She was thrilled and said “Good Boy Good Boy!”


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Projects

The kitchen and bathroom have been put back together after being torn apart for the computer wires.

Far Guy mowed the wildgardens down while I cleaned out my car, the windows are washed and the inside is spotless and free of dog hair. 

I have my own shop vac in my garage. Didya know that mice can crawl up the shop vac hose and then die inside the canister?  They can, then your hero comes by and says “Sweetie I think there is a mouse in your shop vac it smells horrible.  I will dispose of it for you.”

Late in the afternoon I watched Quiz Show on Netflix…had a long nap woke up when it was over and then began watching Once Upon A Time.  Once Upon A Time was better than I anticipated.  Far Guy cooked supper...spaghetti.

Flowers in the wildgardens  Flowers in the wildgardens last August.

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