Thursday, February 23, 2017


It rained and then it snowed on Wednesday afternoon…we are stuck in weather that isn’t winter and it isn’t spring…what is it Sprinter or Winting??


I heard that “the cities” and parts of southern Minnesota may have record snowfall in the next few days.  I am glad we are getting missed…I don’t feel left out at all.

We had company yesterday from Davenport North Dakota…old friends.  They brought a picnic lunch and we enjoyed it together.

During our visit Odda came a calling to see Chance.  They hung around outside until Odda’s ride showed up.

Snow Feb 22

It started to snow right after our company left.  I worked on greeting cards for awhile and got sleepy so I settled in on the couch to watch a very interesting documentary on Netflix called Harry & Snowman.  It was excellent and I give it five stars out of five.  I did fall asleep but the beauty of Netflix is that when I woke up I just reversed it to where it was when I got sleepy.  It was about a horse and a man…and yes you need some kleenex toward the end.

My ongoing projects are still ongoing not much progress is being made lately.  I have too many things in the works at one time..a lot going on but nothing FINISHED.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Midway Memories: Recollections

Ever been for a ride on an Zonkey? 

Gene Holter postcard

Far Guy met the Holter’s, they had a daughter named Gail and a son named Bobby.  They played fairs throughout the midwest so they would often end up on the same fairgrounds.  The kids were friends.

Far Guy says:

Gail had a pet kitten, it was a Cheetah.  One time she brought it by the joint when I was working and the kitten jumped from the ground to the top of the diggers and started to lick my face…the tongue of a Cheetah kitten is like 80 grit sandpaper.   Later that day she came over to the trailer when we were closed for supper.  She was sitting on the couch.  Dad told her “We have a wild animal too…locked up in the back bedroom.”  I asked her if he should let it out.  So here is this gal who works with elephants, ostriches, zonkeys and camels…jumping up on the couch when we left our Chihuahua out of the back bedroom.

During the grandstand show they would put a bridle and saddle on the zonkey, they would get a person from the crowd…usually a cowboy…to try to ride it and they would get bucked off.  Then they would call for a volunteer kid from the crowd and the announcer would tell the kid what to whisper in the zonkeys ear.  The kid would get on the zonkey and the zonkey would just stand there and do nothing.  The kid that always came out of the crowd??  That was Gail.  So anyways Gail was telling me that the Zonkey might let me ride him…no saddle …no bridle…I got on and bounced twice the last time I fell off the back end and took a hoof right to the chest.  I was lucky that the damn thing didn’t kill me.  Gail just laughed.”

I rode the elephant one time, the skin on an elephant is really loose and hairy…it has the toughest hair. 

They used to have ostrich races, they took people out of the grandstand and gave them jockey suits…they were supposed to steer the ostriches…a broom was used to turn them…blinding them on one side would make them turn the opposite direction.   The doggone ostriches would turn this way and that, people were falling off left and right…it was a fun show to watch.  It was Bobby’s job to round up the ostriches.

Gene Holter was originally from North Dakota.  The last Far Guy knew Gail had an animal sanctuary in California and Bobby was in auto parts. 

Gene Holter postcard back

The reverse of the postcard.

The blind cowboy, he was genuinely blind, his wife helped him get around.  The horses would gallop past the grandstand turn around and gallop back all the while the blind cowboy stood on their backs.  Far Guy said he never met the guy but watched his show many times.

We have been carting around this over sized postcard for years…and here it sparked a couple of great recollections!

Celebrities he saw:  Gene Autry in West Union Iowa, Johnny Cash in West Union Iowa, The Lone Ranger in Preston Minnesota, Wanda Jackson in Nebraska someplace.   Gene Autry was supposed to sing Back In The Saddle on the Merry Go Round, but something happened and his agent wouldn’t let him.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crazy Weather

It rained just like summertime...  In February.  I think it may have thundered, Chance hid.

When it rains on heavy snowpack it makes fog.

I call it snow fog but that may not be the correct term.

Two car lengths

You could see about two car lengths. 

Fog in Osage

I wouldn’t want to be walking.

Foggy Driveway

The driveway is slushy.

Summer time rain in Feb

The yard is a lake. When it freezes our yard will be a skating rink.   Late in the afternoon it rained really hard.  The path to the sauna is free of snow!

I heard that Detroit Lakes had snow thunder and hail.  It was 49 F or 9 C  eh!

We have April weather in February. 


There is still snow at the snowstick…but who knows for how much longer.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Adam: Braces and Nationals

Adam got rid of his braces.  He now wears a retainer, he said his teeth were sore for a few days but they are getting better now.  I told him that when his Mother had a retainer, she would take it out during meal time and wrap it in a napkin and then throw it away.  We would have to dig through the garbage for it…she did that at one time at school too where there is no going back to find it.

School is “fine”…he is a young man of many words. 


His Vex Robotic’s Team was at a Competition that if they placed well they would have advanced to the World Championship…they are going to National Championships instead.  I asked him what he learned, he said “Alot”  I asked him if he had a good time “Yes.”  He is looking forawrd to going to Nationals in April.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend for everyday of the week…he said “NO.”


There look at that perfect smile!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Car History

I like red.  I especially like red cars.  Red is a cheerful color.  Have you noticed how many different colors of red there are…Fire Truck Red, Orange Red, Deep Red, Raspberry Red…

The Cruze was not red because the red one sold really fast so I settled for black…years ago I had a red Dodge Charger…oh how I loved that car.  It was an 1982 I think.  Brand new.

A week ago Far Guy test drove a different car…and he was sold on the vehicle almost immediately, but it was a charcoal color.  The red car came into the dealership last Thursday.  On Friday I took it for a drive and three hours later we left the black Cruze and brought the new red car home.


Chance was not real sure about this whole new car thing.


We put his car blanket in the back seat and he took his first ride.

New Ride

Winterberry Red is the color.

It is the new Sunday car.  It doesn’t get as good of gas mileage (only 28 - 32mpg) as the Cruze that almost always got better than 38 mpg, we only filled with gas every two months for the Cruze now I suppose we will have to buy gas once a month.  We are not exactly big travelers.

All Wheel Drive should get us through the snow.  The heated steering wheel and seats will be appreciated on really cold Minnesota winter days.

Back up camera

How cool is a back up camera? Yes the yard is a lake…it was 50F here yesterday.

Maddie asked “Why did you choose red?”  Jennifer answered “ Duh…your Grandma loves red cars.”

Andrew asked How many brand new vehicles have you had over the years?

1973 Gremlin (White)

1978 Plymouth Horizon a special order with a special paint job (Black with yellow, orange and red trim on the bottom.)

1982 Dodge Charger (Red)

1986 Dodge Caravan (Silvery Light Blue)

1990 Geo Metro (Red)

1995 Nissan Pickup (Torquoise Green)

2017 Buick (Red)

The 2012 Cruze (Black) was not new it was either a rental or a program car.  It had 18,000 miles on it when we bought it and had 52,000 miles on it when we traded it in.

The 2005 Chevy Tracker (Red) was also a program car, it had some miles on it when we bought it, it is a 4 X 4 and is it our everday vehicle that now has 152,000 miles. It has some rust…Minnesota roads are very salty.

Other vehicles that were not new.  1959 Desoto Station Wagon (Willow Green), 1966 Mercury or Dodge Caliente (White with a black vinyl top), 1968 GMC Pickup (Baby Blue), A 1963 Ford Cortina (We called it our English Ford and it was light green), 1974 Gremlin (Torquoise Blue), 1973 Ford Pickup (Black), 1984 Nissan Stanza (Tan), 1984 Ford Bronco II (Blue and White)…I drove the Bronco for 20 plus years…I still miss that vehicle.

So much for Car History.  Far Guy says the best vehicle he ever had was the Nissan Stanza…he called it his office because he spent four hours a day in it commuting to and from work in Fargo.

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