Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hey Mikey! : One year old

Today is our Great Grandson’s first birthday.  Hard to believe he is already a year old.

Mikey about to escape

He visited us on Mother’s Day and played first in the light garden and then further in the yard.  He is not walking yet.

A mission

He was on a mission.

His grandma is poking him making him gioggle

His Granny Trica was poking him making him giggle.  She was saying something like “I am gonna get you.”  He would squeal and crawl faster!


Finally his destination was reached.


He was intrigued with the flower spinner.


Hey Mikey Happy Birthday!

We found a red white and blue spinner for him…I bet he will like it!

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Adam and his Cello

Adam gave us a private concert the other day.

Attacking the cello

Here he is attacking the music.  Such determination!

Adam May 2018

More relaxed…he plays quite well and we enjoyed the music.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chokecherry Blooms

It was warm yesterday. 75F or 23 C eh! The Chokecherries came into bloom.

chokecherries May 23

As you can see the flowers are cylindrical flower clusters. They are mildly fragrant.  I have made Chokecherry jelly…you cook up the berries and put them in a old dish towel to drain off the juice. I used to hang the towel up on a hanger and suspend it over a pan so it could drip, there is probably some fancy smancy way to get the juice but not the seeds or the pulp. I measure out so many cups of juice and add sugar and pectin and you get a runny jelly…or syrup once it is cooked up…it tastes great on toast!


Chance was following me around the yard looking for blooms.  We had to leave him home alone yesterday( Doctors appts) for the afternoon and he was very demanding after we got back.  He didn’t want to eat his supper, he just wanted his treats.  SPOILED.  It was just too warm to take him along.

I did some watering of some patches where we have grass seed planted and since Far Guy was at a meeting I hosed down everything on the patio…the pollen is horrid…everything was yellow…including Chance’s feet.  I cleaned out all the bird baths too.  We need rain to settle the pollen.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wistful Wednesday: Noah

Not a little boy anymore.  Our fourth grand and first grandson.

Noahs birthday

Here he is at Susan’s Daycare…he is in the center in a blue t shirt.  Look how blonde he was!

We went out for lunch for his birthday.  It was good to see him and give him a birthday hug.

Noah May 22 2018

I told him that I wanted to keep him little forever but his Mom couldn’t stop him from growing.  He said “I did stop just at 6 feet 2 inches.”

Noah on his birthday

This is the last of his teen years….seems like only yesterday that Far Guy and I walked into the hospital very early in the morning to the sound of a baby crying…yes it was Noah…his Dad was giving him his first bath and he was letting everyone know he didn’t like it.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Some shrub with white flowers

I can never recall what this shrub is called. I always have to look it up. (getting older)  It is Red-berried Elder or Sambucus racemosa.  It always blooms after the Pin Cherries but before the Chokecherries. 

The flowers are upright pyramid shaped.  Red berried Elder’s berries are bright red.


We have one along our driveway.  My baby brother has many of these in bloom at his lake place.


If it gets berries they are poisonous…but birds can eat them. 

Reminder to my baby brother who has eight grands five years old and under…all berries except wild raspberries are off limits to small children.  These will likely get frozen and not produce berries but just in case.  Good thing these are tall shrubs…but you never can tell what kids will do.

It should not be confused with the Common Elderberry or Sambucus canadensis which has flat topped flowers and blooms later and has purple berries…from which some homemade wine is made.

If you live near the woods do you research all the plants that bloom that may produce berries? 

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