Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tree, Barn and Birds

Our downstairs tree is finally complete!  It looks pretty much the same as it does every year. 

Downstairs tree

The sun was finally out, so we went for a ride.

neighbors barn

The neighbors barn is sporting a wreath. You can see we don’t have much snow…about 2 inches give or take.


I sat outside soaking up some sun, the birds kept me company.  This guy is a male Downy Woodpecker.  He is looking longingly at the suet feeder.


We have three kinds of woodpeckers; Red Bellied, Downy and Hairy.  Our usual Chickadees,  Nuthatches, a few Juncos and a couple of Blue Jays.

Far guy is putting corn out on the edge of the woods for the squirrels and rabbits.  The Blue Jays visit there every morning…it keeps them from harassing the smaller birds.

Seven days and counting.  Today I hope to finish decorating the Shiny Brite tree.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Christmas 1975

In December of 1975 our daughters Trica (3 years 8 months old) and Jennifer (3 months old) at our home in Moorhead MN.  Thirty nine years ago.

December 1975 Trica and jennifer Moorhead Mn

We had a live tree…looks kinda like a Charlie Brown Tree.  I still have some of those ornaments!

We should get a photo of the baby alone.

December 1975  jennifer Moorhead Mn

Not such a good idea. Poor thing…cried and kicked so hard she blew a slipper….but her sister is still smiling.

December 1975 Trica Jennifer and Julie Moorhead Mn

Trica, Julie (my sister) and Jennifer.  Trica must be practicing her smile.

December 1975 jennifer and her Aunt jan PR

Far Guy’s sister Janice and Jennifer at Far Guy’s parents in Park Rapids Minnesota.

December 1975 jennifer her Dad PR

Far Guy and Jennifer

December 1975 jennifer her Grandma h PR

Far Guy’s Mom holding Jennifer.  In the background we have Baby Snuffer, my other baby brother Jody, Trica near Jody and brother in law Ron in the red pants.

Jan and Ron must have come up from Indiana for Christmas.  The tree was on the end table that year.  On the coffee table I see amongst other things a terrarium.  Far Guys Mom fussed and fretted with that terrarium…everything had to be just perfect…the layers of sand..the stuff inside…I don’t remember much of what was inside….but they were all the rage in 1975.  We still have that granny square afghan that is on the couch, it is upstairs and hangs on the quilt rack.

Far Guy’s Mom had that streak of grey/silver in her hair on purpose…the rest she colored but that front part was natural.  Not sure must have been all the rage back then.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15 Precipitation

Rain, sleet and snow.  Most everything is icy now.

Crappy snow anyway

The roads into town were slick.


Traffic was moving slowly and snow plows and sand/salt trucks even slower.


December 15 2 inches of snow

We went from NO snow to 2 inches at the snow stick just like that.  Someone flipped the winter switch again.

The fog that has been hanging around for days lifted enough to snow.  We have to turn lights on in the house in the daytime.  Sunset if you could see it happens around 4:30.  We have eight hours and 34 minutes of daylight IF you can call it that.  I am certain if and when the sun returns I will be blinded.

Far Guy says “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

I still have many loose ends to finish up before company arrives.  No doubt they want a bed without ornaments and possibly they will be hungry.

I still have time…nine days and counting.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Basketball: Adam

We took some time away from Christmas “stuff” to go to a Basketball Game, a tournament actually.  We got to see Adam play more than once.

This is his first year of playing basketball.

Adam and the ball

Adam is Number 24.  I am certain if he stretched out his arm he could reach the bottom of that basketball net.

Arms and legs and a long stride

He needs to grow into those long arms and legs and that stride…oh my.  AND his hair…his hair looks great even after playing basketball all day long.

The tall and short of it

Adam is the tallest boy on his team.  This is a photo of Adam and his friend and teammate. I call this photo “the tall and short of it.”

Adam’s team played well, they showed awesome teamwork and sportsmanship.


He was tired and hungry after the games.  I think he was off to bed before 8 PM.  It takes lots of energy to grow so big and tall so fast.

The weather has been perfect!  Spring like temperatures!  It was 42 F or 5 C eh on the day when we travelled to the games in East Grand Forks Minnesota.  It was a bit foggy…actually a lot foggy when we travelled home.  We have not seen the sun in weeks.  Yesterday it rained like in the summertime and our snow is all gone.

Adam loves the snow, he thrives in snow and cold weather…Alaska may be a perfect place for him someday.  He was quite bummed out that the weather is so warm.  He is headed on a School Ski Trip this week, he doesn’t know how to downhill ski.  I asked him what else he could do on this trip besides learning to ski…he replied “Eat” I asked if he was packing a backpack full of food…he said “No there is a concession stand.”

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Save your fork

A long time ago my Mother’s best friend Ann would toil away in the kitchen in the days before Christmas.  Inevitably a tray of cookies would show up at our home. 

There was one “cookie” that I looked forward to every year.  It was an Apricot Ball something.  Recently I called my Mom to ask her for the recipe. 

Empty cookie wrappers

I would have called Ann but she is in heaven…she died a number of years ago…breast cancer and then cancer took over her lungs and the rest of her body.

I can still see her in that coffin…a pleasant look on her face.  A fork grasped in both of her hands…most people have their hands clasped together in prayer or holding rosary beads…but a fork?

Well here in Minnesota after a meal, the hostess usually clears the plates and says “Save your fork…dessert is coming up.”

For Ann being a Christian woman…she was all set for the dessert!

Apricot Balls


Ann’s  Holiday Apricot Balls

One package (8 ounces) Dried Apricots ground fine or finely cut

2 1/2 Cups Flaked Coconut

3/4 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk

One Cup Chopped Nuts

Blend together, shape into small balls, roll in chopped nuts. Makes about 5 dozen.

** I found that if I chilled the mixture it was easier to work with.


I made made a batch of Apricot Balls and I also made a batch of Craisin ones that were infused with Pomegranate Juice. Both are quite tasty and as good as I remember.

Have you ever asked your guests to save their fork? 

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