Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wild Lupines

In some areas of Minnesota Lupine grow wild in the ditches.  We have an area about 40 miles North of us that has a patch of Wild Lupines growing in the ditch.

Lupines near Becida

Lupinus perennis

We caught them at almost peak bloom.  Lupines are native to Minnesota but are usually found over by Lake Superior and the Southern part of the state.

Lupines near becida and Yellow Hawkweed

One bunch had escaped into a clear cut area… the bits of yellow color are Hawkweed. There were some Lupines off to the left that were mainly white. (Seedling variation no doubt.)


It wamed up a bit and got to 70 F…perfect weather!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Quiet Day

Not much was accomplished, it was a quiet cool day.

We went for a ride down to the lake.

Lake View

On the back road we noticed some Elderberry Bushes in bloom.  Soon they will be gone because the birds like them.

Red Elderberry

Red Elderberry  or Sambucus racemosa  The fruit if cooked is edible but the seeds inside the fruit are toxic as are the leaves and stems.  This is NOT the Elderberry that wine is made from those fruits are purple when ripe.

Our high yesterday was 62F or 16C eh! Not exactly summer weather but we might get to 70 F this week!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017


It is a wonderful hobby, and the guys will say that buying supplies …wood, knives, gouges and various bits to fit power carvers is just like women who quilt or sew that never have enough fabric.

Sooner or later everyone finds their niche in carving.  Mine is little bark houses and buildings.  Far Guy carves flowers.  Many of the guys carve ducks and birds.  Sheila who is very talented even carved a old fashioned doll complete with movable joints.

We had an “artist” that joined us three times, he was going to carve one of those drugstore Cigar Indians…life size….he never returned.  We had one weird guy show up and spread out all his carvings on a towel and then just sit there and stare at people, it was as if he was marking his spot.( Like male dogs mark theirs.)  People come and go within the group some are snow birds and some take the summers off.  There are about 8 of us that show up once a week…but that number can swell to 20.

This spring Far Guy designed and carved a Coneflower

Woodcarving Purple coneflower


Purple coneflower carving painted

I painted it for him it is a Purple Coneflower!

coneflower head

The flower head was covered with bits of bark that I was carving one day.  He made good use of my chips.

At the present time I am working on Christmas Ornaments, my goal is to carve and get one ready to paint every day.  Far Guy finished his newest flower that is a beauty and he has asked me to paint it for him.  I took photos and will share them after it is complete.  I would venture to guess that he has about 100 hours in his latest carving. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cool Spell

We struggled to get to 60F yesterday or 15C eh! Today and tomorrow we may not even get that warm.

How cool is it?  Cool enough to feel guilty that some people are suffering in the heat.  Cool enough for comfort food, I hardly ever fix a roast with potatoes and gravy in the summer…baked carrots too.   Cool enough that Far Guy retreated to the woodshop/greenhouse to carve.  I carved outside on the patio…my goal is to carve one Christmas ornament a day...it was chilly but I had a coat on.  The house was toasty warm and smelling good from the roast in the oven when I came back inside.

This is May weather not June.  It hardly seems fair, this should be sit outside in the evening weather and enjoy the long daylight hours…not many bugs yet…

My peony

My Peony finally bloomed.

Heads so heavy

My light pink one is a napping variety.  The heads are so heavy they bend over and bloom. What… never heard of a napping variety…ever been so sleepy it is hard to hold your big old head up?

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Hey Mikey : 4 weeks old

We traveled North to see Mikey one afternoon last week.  He is four weeks old today, according to his sweet Mama he eats, sleeps, poops, pees and keeps her busy.  He weighs about ten pounds now.  He is almost out of newborn clothing and into the 0-3 months size.  Maddies says she thinks his legs are scrunched in the newborn size.

Hey Mikey

Hey Mikey you are 26 days old!

Far Guy and I both held him…he was a little fussy.  I put some socks on him and wrapped him up in a warm fuzzy blanket, he had the last ounce of a bottle, I was rewarded with a huge burp and he fell asleep.  In his sleep he smiled, but of course I didn’t get that on camera.

It has been my experience over the years that a warm baby is a happy sleepy baby.  With Jennifer I warmed her bassinet with a heating pad before I put her down to sleep. I often used those old fashioned kimonos that had flaps on the sleeve so that you could cover up their fingers. Socks were a must.  I know it is summer but babies just have a hard time regulating their body temperature if they are warm they stay warm but if they are cold they stay cold and cranky.

Mikey 26 days old

Looking at his Great Grandpa!

Mikey asleep

Asleep courtesy of Great Grandma.

What fun to snuggle with this tiny baby boy.  Such a precious gift from God.

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