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Sunday, February 7, 2016


I am sometimes quiet, but not very often.  Sometimes when I am quiet I am just thinking, and sometimes I am just pissed.  Sometimes I just lose what little bit of tack that I have.

Some quiet things have been happening. Deaths, weddings and health concerns.

I hope when I croak that some people know about it before reading it on Facebook.  Social media is fine but how about an email to relatives first? Guess I better check my status every morning to make sure I am still alive.

Recently I was asked to keep quiet about some important things that concern me.  I have taken it under advisement but it would be totally out of character for me to shut up.

Recently Far Guy was shopping unaccompanied in a store, a lady blocked his path with her cart…he was trapped.  He said “Excuse me” several times…apparently she was deaf to all male voices.  She rammed him with her cart and his body was thrown into one of the shelves.  He was stunned that someone would intentionally try to hurt him…and he was quiet…I told him he should have fallen to the ground and screamed bloody murder.
Mums at the Trial Gardens in Grand Rapids Minnesota September 2014.
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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Our neighbor Jo has a very artistic flair.  She paints, sews and creates all kind of fun stuff.
This was our Christmas gift.
Crock and wood tools
Can you tell she knows me well?  The designs are wood burned into the wood utensils.
Wood Tools
I told her they are too pretty to use.  She said she uses hers all the time. 
This is Odda. OR Odda come to visit.
Odda belongs to Jo but every so often something clicks in this girls brain and she takes off and comes to our house about 3/4 mile away.  It happens most often when Jo is gone, but not all the time…sometimes she is home…there doesn’t seem to be a real rhyme or reason for Odda’s behavior.

She is happy at our house, Chance likes her and they get along quite well.  However…we would rather she stay at home…we are afraid that she might get hit by a car or someone might shoot her thinking she is a bear.  She doesn’t have a mean or vicious bone in her body…but just the pure size of this dog can be intimidating. We have known this dog since she was eight weeks old. (She loves us.)

We have tried paying no attention to her until Jo shows up to fetch her…it doesn’t work.  She is always so happy to see us…we know she is here by the whack, whack, whack sound of her bushy tail hitting the kitchen window.
Tails up May 14, 2009
Hooch, Chance and Odda  May 14, 2009
We wish we knew what we should do or not do…having a dog that runs away from home is not a good thing.  She is about seven years old now…and not likely to change her behavior…so we give her a good amount of loving and answer the phone “Lost and Found.”
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Fragments

It is Friday again…before I retired the days never went as fast as they do now.

Chance is becoming real bossy.  He wants both of us up early in the morning…and knows when I am awakened by his cold nose, I will take him outside and make sure he goes potty.  Far Guy just sends him off by himself to potty all alone.  Often times after we are both awake for the day Chance goes back to sleep…he must think it is one of his new jobs.

I am still waiting for some W 2’s for the Income Taxes.  I did our taxes years ago. Never again.  We have been audited twice and had a few greetings come in the mail…and that is with an accountant doing the computations.  Last summer we were sent an IRS bill.  Of course we contested it…it was obviously an error on their part…but they are never wrong.  Our accountant wrote them a letter on our behalf and about six weeks later we got a letter saying that we owed them zero $.  That was about the time that there was an IRS Scam going on in this area…whoever it was called us three times in one day saying that if we didn’t pay up right now we would be going to jail.  Buggers anyway…kinda scary when someones says you are going to jail…but then I thought hey they have to cook for me and I would have lots of leisure time…

I cleaned out part of the pantry and donated some real smelly laundry soap and a few other items to the local food shelf.  One of our local stores had a coupon for a free can of Hormel Chili with Beans….we like ours without beans so it is a really good item to send to the food shelf…and it didn’t cost anything.

The funny this week:  We were in Wallyworld shopping, Far Guy had his list and I had mine.  On his travels…he likes to walk up and down all the aisles getting his steps in when he saw an old woman he knew, she warned him to keep his distance as she had a bad cold.  She also said “Don’t talk to my husband either, he has a bad cold also.”  Well low and behold..a few aisles later Far Guy saw him taking stuff off the shelf, looking at it and then putting it back.   I said “Maybe there should be a rule, if you touch something you should buy it.”  Far Guy said “We would have a lot of shampoo then.”

Guilty, I am guilty of reading labels on shampoo bottles, if fragrance is one of the first three items listed in the ingredients it is returned to the shelf.  Good grief…I am also guilty of standing in the shampoo aisle smelling shampoo to see if we can live with it or not.  Prell gives me an instant sore throat and sinus problems…it has been years since I have used it….but it always looks so pretty in the container.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shell Lake

One day we took off to see what was happening over at Shell Lake.  Shell Lake is one of my favorite places.
Sled dogs trails along the lake
Looking north, you can see the sled dog trails along the edge of the lake.  See the hill on the far right, that is where the sled dogs live…my Uncle Hugo and Aunt Mia used to live there.
Shell River
Shell River winding its way toward the hills.  You can see the bald part on that big hill…years ago that was called Pine Point.  If you walk to the top you can see for miles.
Shell River (2)
The CCC built this structure…years ago when I was little there was a concrete walkway that went across those posts.  It is good to see the water is flowing.

From what we could see there were only two fish houses on this part of the lake. 

We were way north of that big winter storm “Kayla” but we did get about a hundred flakes.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wistful Wednesday : The Five 2003

These are photos of the Grands in the spring of 2003.
They were all together in Nebraska.  Far Guy and I could never both leave the greenhouse at the same time…so we were absent from many spring and early summer activities.

I ran onto these photos recently and they made me smile.
Grands 2003
What a bunch of cute kids…and look at Adam… his little legs don’t touch the floor.

Madison, Paige, Adam, Noah and Savannah…almost 13 years ago.
Grands making faces 2003
Here they are making their best funny faces.

I think Jen took these photos, one of the photos had a pin hole at the top, I probably had it tacked up to the bulletin board near the cash register in the greenhouse to show off to the customers…especially those that would ask…how many grandchildren do you have now?

Five…the best five ever!
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