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Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Baskets In Progress

The May Baskets are mostly done. I am waiting for some of the  decoupage to dry. My desk is full!  I believe the final count is twenty.  I ran out of sherbert containers and had to use two red plastic glasses.

Desk is a mess

We recycled this year.  Sherbert containers.  I cut the tops off and made a decorative edge.  Then Far Guy took them to the woodshop/greenhouse and spray painted them with left over spray paint.  One is yellow, but yellow took three days to dry so the rest are red and orange.  I punched holes for the fancy pipe cleaner.  I used the Sizzix to cut out letters for the names. They are decoupaged onto the container. Then I added a bit of white tissue paper and filled with candy, I also made paper flowers to hold a Tootsie Pop.

Finished baskets

I think they are real cute.

Once a year I get to play with paper and make something out of nothing and make some little kids smile.

May Baskets

We will deliver them later today.  I will try to get some photos!

Happy May Day!!

I have celebrated this day since I was about 2 years old.  Baskets were made and delivered almost every May 1st for as long as I can remember.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chance: Rabies Clinic

Hiya it is me Chance.  This is how it went down.  Far Side says we are leaving at 1PM to go to the Rabies Clinic. I don’t have rabies but I had to go anyways.

Rabies Clinic

I didn’t need a Rabies shot but I needed a Lymes shot…you know so I don’t get Lymes from the ticks. As we were coming Odda and Putz were going…they were all done….we should have gotten there earlier.

We waited in line a long time…and hour and ten minutes.  Far Side said “They don’t have their shit stuff together.” They didn’t… there was a real line up at the desk where you pay.  Some dogs had never been there before.  When it was my turn Patty said “Hiya Chance” and got my record and agreed with Far Side that I just needed a Lymes shot.

Here was my view most of the time.

Standing in line

There was cowering, there was barking, there was peeing and there was even pooping. One dog  peed so much it ran down the sidewalk.  I was told to leave it..I did.  Several other dogs were so scared they pooped…and it was really stinky and their masters didn’t have doggie bags either…what were they thinking?

Anyways I am good for another year.  Far Side says “Cross something off the list!”Blog Signature

Friday, April 29, 2016

Slipping Cows

In early spring the first of the wildflowers to bloom are the Caltha palustris.  Also known as Marsh Marigolds or Cow Slips.  Picture the flowers growing out of hummocks in a swampy pasture and you guessed it…slipping cows.

Cowslips April 28 2016

Far Guy saw these first.  Just to prove he was not seeing things we turned around and went back to have another “look see.”

Cowslips two

There they were amongst the brown…blooming. A REAL sign of spring for us here in Minnesota!!

The color yellow always cheers me up, and I must admit it is my favorite color for flowers…but you probably knew that already.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grands Photo Project

We have a wall here in the house that holds photos and “Stuff” which stir up good memories.  As we unpacked we just hung up “stuff” willy nilly and kept adding to it.

I knew I would eventually want Graduation photos of all the Grands on that wall.  Savannah was already there.  I knew I would want them all in matching frames.  So I purchased five new frames.
Photo Project before
After I brought them home I took pieces of paper and thumb tacked them to the wall approximately where they would go.

Far Guy got out his tape measure, he measured everything…the walls…the frames…how far it was from the floor…he wrote everything down and did a bunch of figuring…and made a map.  Highly technical for me who just would have “eyeballed it and stuck a nail in the wall.” 

He very patiently measured and measured again, I held the pencil and made marks for the nails.
Photo Project
Those five frames are the only thing on that wall that match.  Lets just call it an eclectic collection.

In the next few weeks I will have 8 x 10’s of all the grands and when it is time for them to graduate their photo will become permanent.  While I was at it everything got cleaned in that corner of the house!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wistful Wednesday: Find a Grave Lost and Found

I have been struggling with corrections to Find a Grave.  Some people are very nice…others not so much.  One local gal is all messed up.  I finally asked that the grave be transfered to me and I will straighten it all out.  Whether or not she transfers it to me remains to be seen.

I flit here and there adding obituaries.  I suppose I should have some rhyme or reason to my madness but I don’t.

One of Far Guy’s Maternal Great Uncles was missing from the local cemetery.  He was either missed or entered under another name.  I finally gave up searching and added him myself along with a photo of his gravestone.  This is a photo of him with his siblings.

Bernard Frank Ernest Ethel Amy and Meade Lemon Brothers and sisters

That is Bernard or “Bundt” on the far left, Frank and Ernest or “Ern”.

Ethel, Amy and Meade (Far Guy’s Maternal Grandmother)

This photo was taken in October of 1967 in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Their brother Loren died in 1949 and Robert “Dave” in 1955.

This family still has one person missing. Ethel, I think she is buried in town at the Catholic Cemetery, I am 98 % possitive it is her…but I will make a trip to the Library to see if I can find an obit…or maybe I have one in my stacks of obits upstairs.

I urge you to check on your deceased relatives, to make sure the info is correct and complete if they are listed at Find a Grave.

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