Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hanging on

I picked up some sticks in the yard.  Someone wanted to burn them right away in the firepit.  I said just cover them up for another day.  A piece of steel is our cover, it keeps the rain and or snow melt out of the pit.

Hydrangea blooms survived the winter

This old hydrangea bloom held on all winter. 


Eunoymous ‘Chicago Fire’ otherwise known as a Burning Bush held a few berries over the winter.

We have two trees that are just hanging on. They are Oaks that grew funny with weak branches way off the ground, that are now almost on the ground.  One day we will deal with them.  It was a tough winter on many of the trees. I miss my electric chain saw….I cut wood as far as my cord would go…when I talked about loading up the generator in the wagon behind the three wheeler to attack trees farther away…my chain saw mysteriously disappeared.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Carving A Crocus

During the winter many afternoons we sit at the dining room table get out our knives and carve.

Far Guy likes to carve flowers.  He likes the design process and the challenge.

He wanted to carve a Crocus.  He talked about it for a year.  He had no pattern so he designed his own.  What is the worst that can happen?   You end up with firestarter.

Carving a Crocus

In front are petals and two leaves.   A crocus usually has six petals.  The one in back is a special crocus as it has seven petals…we even have one with five!  He scoured the Net and looked at colors of crocus.  He decided that he likes the ones tipped in dark purple the best.



Finished crocus

The rare five petaled crocus.


Crocus in progress.

It was a fun project.  He did all the carving.  I did the final touch up sanding, he painted them with gesso and then turned them over to me for the final painting…as I painted them I started out light and they got darker and darker as he urged me on….darker please!  The stamens are toothpicks rolled in glue and then sawdust and finally painted.  Each petal and leaf attachment are reinforced with pins….toothpicks with glue on them.

It may have been winter outside, but inside we had blooms and a few finished projects to gift to friends!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Flashback to 1957

Far Guy and I had a discussion this week about the neighborhood.  We wondered exactly when the old Linnell School was demolished. We think it must have dissappeared in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.  You could see it from the farm where I grew up …it should show up in photos.  I couldn’t remember any photos.

Then I was looking at an old photo of my baby brother…who will soon be older than me even though he was born second.

con carey about 1957

The school is above my baby brothers head.  We are standing out by the old lightpole and near the cloths line, the pasture is in the background and the school is beyond the pasture. 

con carey about 1957

I think this photo was probably taken in 1957…that is how many years ago…sixty if my math is correct.

Today is the day 63 years ago that I became a big sister.  I think I should get an award or something.

Happy Birthday to my baby brother!

Carey born in 1954 photo  when he was a year old

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Mud Season

The rain made mud.  Mud should have it’s own season.  The only time we have mud is in the Spring…I hope it is a short season.

The front driveway is a mess.  Brown brown everything is brown.

muddy drive March 24

Chance and I walked on the back road…no mud there.

the back road

That is a resting bench in the middle of the road, if someone wants to drive this way they have to get out and move the bench.

See that dark area off to the left?  Three guesses what it is???

old pickup box

I used to plant tall flowers in the old Dodge…Marigolds and Cleome…maybe I should throw some wild flowers seeds inside.  I have some seed around here someplace…hopefully I didn’t put them away so good that I won’t be able to find them.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Not Spring

The calendar may say it is spring but the cold wind that entered this area the past few days will chill you to the bone.

The Bald Eagles are back in great numbers, they know the eating is good from deer that were road killed over the winter.  They can pick a carcass clean in just a day or two.

four eagles in flight

These three older eagles and one younger one I caught flying away.

Yesterday late in the afternoon we had thunder, lightening and small hail/large sleet.  It was in round balls bigger than a bb.


It made the ground white again.  I watched it fall and bounce around.  Went outside to take a few photos before lightening scared me back in …besides that someone had to protect the dog.  (he thought I was nuts to go outside)

It has not been a real productive week for projects.  I am working on Mikey’s blanket. A few more evenings and it should be done.   I am in the process of shredding a bunch of old papers from 2009.  I have been tired this week.  Far Guy too. 

I will blame tiredness on my inability to recall the numbers of our street address one day.  I finally gave up thinking about what it was and guessing numbers and looked on a piece of mail.

Far Guy’s infusion went slower than normal this week. Then he had an “oh crap” moment…he removed the needle before finishing with the saline flushes and heparin…so we had to put in a new needle to finish things up…thank goodness for extra supplies!  He said maybe we are ready for “the home.”

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