Friday, November 28, 2014

Guess What Ornament?

Time for a bit of fun.  Thanksgiving is over.  I will have a Thanksgiving report soon…maybe tomorrow. 

If you would like to be entered into the 2014 Ornament Giveaway then take a guess at what we carved.

Here are the hints.

The ornament has six pieces.  They are carved from Yellow Popple…my new favorite carving wood and a popsicle stick. The six pieces are glued and pinned together to form the ornament.

Part of the ornament

Ornament bits and pieces

One part is green.

Guess away…that is all the hints for now. 

If you want to be included in the giveaway then leave me a comment with your guess or for those of you who are shy shoot me an email. My email address can be found in my profile.

I have two ornaments all set to be mailed out.  I will draw two lucky winners on Wednesday December 3rd  at 9PM so you have till then to comment with your best guess!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

A student was asked,”What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?”  He replied “I am thankful I am not a turkey.”

Happy Turkey Day

Just think…if Benjamin Franklin had spoken his thoughts out loud about the Turkey being a better bird for our National Symbol we could be roasting Bald Eagles.  That should be food for thought for the rest of the day.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpas

Growing up I cannot remember having a Thanksgiving Dinner anyplace else but my maternal Grandparents.  There was no choice…no invitations ever went out it was just expected that you would be there.  It was the same with Christmas Dinner. 

I don’t have any memories of a holiday dinner in my own home.  Confirmation dinners or Baptism dinners and maybe an Easter dinner or two but not Thanksgiving or Christmas.

No one could make stuffing (or dressing if you choose to call it that) like my grandmother, it had giblets and apples and raisins.  It was my favorite…that and some dark turkey meat and a mound of mashed potatoes along with some dill pickles!  If you helped to set the serving table you could snitch some pickles…taste testing of course. 

The serving table was the large yellow metal table with about three leaves in the heart of the kitchen. 

Grandma had a large farm kitchen. As you came in the doorway the huge fridge sat alone.  There was a spot for someone to sit in between the fridge and the massive red countertop that held the sink.  The table sat in front of the plants…off to the right of the plants was a huge pantry off to the left was a storage area and a private bathroom. On the other wall was the stove, I remember when it was just a stove…it eventually became a stove, countertop and cupboards. Chairs would be lined up in the area behind the table along the plant tables on the wall covered with windows that faced south.  Grandma always had something blooming.   The Aunts would line up on those chairs and watch the goings on in the kitchen. Mostly they gossiped.

I was a dish washer.  It seemed like I washed dishes all afternoon long.  I was the oldest grandchild. This was before automatic dishwashers…not that my Grandparents would have had one anyways.  There would be about 40 people give or take a few babies.  That was a lot of dishes.  The men would set up card tables in the living room and the dining room right after dinner and play Whist.  The women just occupied the kitchen…they fed little ones and occasionally hauled someone off to Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom to change someone’s diapers.

I always wanted to be home before dark, but there was the inevitable “supper” after the big dinner and pie and coffee.  I would put my coat on and sit in the living room right in front of the television to watch The Wizard of Oz.  Of course I never got to see it all. It was always interrupted by the ride home…25 - 30 minutes that is about how long it took to get home.  I remember sitting in the back seat peaking over the front seat wondering why we couldn’t go faster. 

Elsie, Connie , Hatwig (2)

Summer of 1952, I was almost 1 year old.  That is my Grandmother Elsie and her Mother In Law my Great Grandmother Hatwig. I was their first…the first Grandchild and the first Great Grandchild.

Today as I ready a few things for Thanksgiving, I wonder how my Grandmother did it.  She must have been exhausted.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Contest Results Are In

Last August I entered some photographs in the local Electrical Cooperative’s Calendar Contest. I asked for input over on my photo blog…thank you to those of you who responded!

When I sent in the photos I asked for a reply and a nice gal replied “Yes we have your photos…thank you.”  Then I didn’t hear a thing.  Months went by and I didn’t hear a thing…

I was certain that none of my photos were good enough…oh well…one night in the middle of the night I thought well after the first of the year I am going over to the office and see which photographs made the cut.  The only rules were that it be a horizontal photo with no people and be in the Electric Coop’s Service Area.

Lo and behold…Far Guy and Chance brought me a packet from the mail box yesterday.  There was a letter inside.  It congratulated me…and they chose four of my photos for the 2015 Calendar!!! 

I immediately thought which four?  Are you curious?

As I slipped the calendar out of the envelope I certainly must have squealed!

Rainbows Front Cover

A photo I took just two miles down the road made the FRONT COVER!!

bird feeder in the snow January

The snow on the bird feeders in our yard. I included this photo at the last moment…glad I did.  It wasn’t even a possibility earlier.

Five Deer in the field June

The photo of the deer at sunset in Steve and Jo’s field made it at the bottom of the June page.

August Sunflowers

My favorite sunflowers made the August page!

I am just thrilled.  I told Far Guy he is getting one for Christmas!  I think they are giving them away at the open house they are having in December!

The competition was stiff.

Some of the other photos

I am still smiling! I applaud all the photographers.  I don’t know any of them.

I won twenty dollars a photo and it will be taken off of December’s electricity bill.  I can live with that!

It ain’t over till it is over…or just when you think all is lost isn’t! Life is funny like that sometimes.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Warm Spell

We had a warm spell!  It got up to 37F or 2C eh on Sunday!! Much of our snow melted!

I took advantage of the warm weather to clean my car one last time.  Chance’s quilt that he has in the backseat needed to be washed.  He was real worried when I brought it into the house…I think he equates that quilt with rides.

I finally changed out the Halloween Decorations for Thanksgiving ones.  Blew some leaves off the patio and carried away two plastic chairs that were left out. And gave the outside windows where Chance looks inside a quick wash!

Smoky Hills snow melting

Saturday the snow was melting in the fields.

I have to make a grocery list and do some baking…I guess the grands want some pumpkin bread.  Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin bread.

Smoky Hills November22

Paige liked the bracelet I made for her.  Eventually I will show it to you along with the dress it is supposed to match!  The girls are getting excited for the Winter Formal…they asked us to go out to dinner with them that night…how nice is that!

The warm spell was short lived we are headed back to the cold temperatures again and some below zero temperatures too.

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