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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mustard and Monarchs

Yesterday my other baby brother said I should take a photo of the Mustard field with the Smoky Hills in the background…good suggestion…yesterday was cloudy and the light wasn’t too bad…the other alternative would have me getting up at some hour way too early for me.

Mustard and the Smoky Hills

You can see the Aspens (Piss Popple) are turning golden in the Smoky Hills. 

We noticed a number of butterflies in the Mustard Field.

Wings spread Monarch

They seemed to be having a good time feeding.

Monarch in the Mustard

We watched the butterflies for quite some time.  There were some mucky mucks having a meeting out in the field…rumors abound about this field…good, bad and ugly.

I hope the mustard doesn’t show up in all the other fields…or our lawns for the next how many years.  Time will tell. 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: October 7 1950

Sixty-five years ago my parents were married.  Mom was 20 years old she was just shy of 21, Dad was 23 and a few days shy of 24.  They celebrate everything in October, their wedding anniversary and both of their birthdays.  They met in May of 1950…as I recall my Mother telling it…they were both someplace Toad Lake maybe and Dad offered to buy her a hamburger and she said no. 

Mom and Dads formal wedding photo 1950

October 7 1950

They were married in the evening and a wedding supper was held at my Grandparents home.

My cousin Chuckie was ten years old …he not only got to stay up late but he got to honk the horn all the way from the Toad Lake Church to our Grandparents farm (about six miles).  He told me the other day “I remember that day so well!”

My parents went on a honeymoon to Duluth Minnesota a few days after their wedding.madeline 1950 scenic photo


Jake Yliniemi scenic photo

I am not sure where these photos were taken someplace in the Duluth area.  Of course this was before selfies…so they had to take turns with the camera.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad Monday Oct 13 2014

This photo was taken one year ago when they were married 64 years.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Neighbor

Got a new neighbor over on the Carsonville Property.  The flags went up to mark the spot and a small vase was left.  Not sure who it is…or what their dash was like.


I am just guessing that their dash was very short.


A perfect square cut out of the sod surrounds the little angel vase.  The earth has hardly been disturbed.

No chance we will meet this new neighbor this side of heaven.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Any leaf

Is a good leaf as long as I don’t have to mulch, rake or blow it into the woods.

Yesterday I did the second mulching ( I have mulching blades on my lawn mower that rips/shreds the leaves to smithereens.)  I even have a new set of mulching blades waiting in the wings if I need them….I am so worth those expensive blades.  Our lawn such that it is never needs fertilizer…between Chance and the mulched leaves we are set to go.

I have guesstimated that there will be ten mulches in total…unless it snows.

I can get it all done in about 90 minutes.  Yesterday we used the blower to scoot all the leaves out of the rocks next to the house…that will have to be done at least three times before it is over.

Hanna Ore Road Oct 3

A Maple tree on the Hanna Ore Road October 3 2015

I also had time to get the leaves out of the flower bed, my Marigolds are still looking pretty good.  Good enough that I watered them probably for the last time.


Some have been nipped by the frost but the glass flower hovering over these must have saved them.  I have been pleased with the sunny yellow color of these Marigolds and the Red Salvia was a hit with the Hummingbirds…plus the Salvia has reseeded itself!

I worked on the wood carved Christmas ornaments.  I have completed 67…another 6 to go and then a few extras…because I will always need a few extra.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Color at Guyles Lake

It is not a great year for Fall Color.  The drought we had last spring must have carried through showing up in so so fall color.

Guyles Lake Oct 3

Guyles Lake has very little water.

Guyles Lake Oct 3 (2)

Fall color at Guyles Lake.

We went for a short ride, Chance had not been for a ride in a couple of days.

I worked on Christmas Ornaments outside until the wind and chilly 57 F or 13.8 C eh got to me.  I may have to move to the greenhouse/woodshop to finish up.

I gave up at 5:50 PM and turned the furnace on…I was just cold…and even my sweater and slippers didn’t warm me up.  I guess furnace season is here.

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