Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Jennifer 1978

Our youngest daughter celebrated her third birthday in 1978.

Jen Birthday 3 years old

What a great smile!  She had a circus train on her cake that year.  We celebrated at my parents home on the lake.  Far Guy was gone on deployment.

Jen Birthday 3 years old two

Far Guy’s Dad with the great lookin plaid pants is taking movies.

Jen Birthday 3 years old  four 1978

Marvin (Far Guy’s Dad), Trica (our oldest daughter), Jennifer and me

Jen Birthday 3 years old  three

Here is the scene in the kitchen a few minutes later.

Evelyn (Far Guy’s Mom) Jennifer, Madeline (My Mother), Trica and the gal with the dark hair must be my sister Julie.

When the girls had birthdays we always tried to have a dinner, cake and ice cream and  invite their grandparents to attend. Dinner was the birthday persons favorite food and the cake their favorite flavor. They usually had a neighborhood/friend party one day after school, until they entered those teen years then they usually had a slumber party with a friend or two. 

The years go by so fast…it seems like only yesterday that she was just a little girl.  Now she is all grown up and a Mother herself..of teenagers!

Happy Birthday Jen!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wistful Wednesday : Roots Part Nine

It would be nice to know how my Father’s parents ( My Grandparents ) met.  That information was never passed down.  They didn’t meet at Church because they went to different churches.  They must have met at some neighborhood function…they lived about a mile or two apart. They were married in 1911.

I unearthed a few old photos.

Far Left Sam Y , Hilda, Ike in the Dark suit the rest are unknown visitors

My Grandfather Sam, Grandmother Hilda, Great Uncle Ike and the rest of the people are unknowns. Visitors posed in front of the car they came in.

IM_A0173 (2)

My Aunt Anna, Grandma Hilda and Grandpa Sam.  Anna was their youngest child she was born in the Fall of 1935…Grandma would have been 46 years old and Grandpa was 45 years old.  All together they had fourteen children; twelve sons and two daughters. My Aunt looks maybe about 12 years that would date this photo to 1947 or so.

My grandmother wore a scarf or a huivi ( who VEE).  I can almost smell the mothballs on my grandfathers wool clothing.  Inside those pockets are where he kept the mints…large pink or white mints about the size of a quarter but thicker.  After you greeted him in Finn Paivaa Paivaa ( PIE- Vah) and shook his hand you would get a mint…but just one.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The tiny building to the south of the house is a sauna.  Some of you had questions about the sauna…here it is!


We use it quite often in the winter time.

We inherited the sauna, it belonged to Jen and Andy (Our youngest daughter) they were selling their home and the Realtor suggested they sell the sauna or move it.   Andy and Jen built the sauna. So they moved it to our place.  Lucky us!  It has been in the yard since July of 2009.

Dressing room

The dressing room  or pukuhuone. I am standing out by the wind chimes taking photos.

Sauna inside door

That is the door to the warm part.  The sign says Saunass ollaan kuin kirkosa or Sauna be like a church…Jen made all the signs….she is creative that way.

Benches water sppon and brick

The benches inside.  The ladle or kippo hangs on the wall…you use the ladle to throw water on the rocks. The brick is attached to a rope on a pulley and the brick holds the door shut.  You wouldn’t ever want to be stuck in a sauna.


There is a special sauna light and a thermometer…150 or 160 is a great temperature.  Loylyhuone means the hot room or steam room.

Sauna stove

The sauna furnace…the rocks get hot and you throw water on the rocks for more heat.

Chance usually waits outside the door.

Sauna outside winchimes

If it is stormy then Chance likes to come into the dressing room and wait.  The overhang is a delightful place to sit and watch it rain too!

Far Guy made the buckboard bench.  We usually sit there neckid and cool off before going to the house. ( Remember we live in the boonies, if someone were to drive into our yard we have plenty of time to grab our going to the sauna clothing…Far Guy has a hooded floor length robe and I have an old nightgown.) In the winter when it is below zero it is a wonderfully short cool down time.  Steam just rolls off of your body.  The sauna has no running water so we carry water in buckets…just like in the olden days.  I have been going to sauna forever…it used to be our Saturday night bath when I was a kid.

I used to collect wind chimes and the sauna is a perfect spot for some of them.

The wood inside the sauna is Aspen on the walls and the benches are Cedar.Blog Signature

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hobbies: Beads

A number of years ago Nellie, one of my very best friends in the whole world sent me a  bunch of bead supplies…she was done with it…kaput.  The Grand girls and I would sit around the desk at night and they would create bracelets and necklaces and beads would be dropped on the floor for Far Guy to vacuum up.

Needless to say, I added to the bead collection.  One day I admired one of Nellie’s bracelets.  She sighed and said “Cause I love ya like a sister I will make you one.”

bracelet closure

The bracelet has a beautiful closure. I love that I can wear it with anything…and I love how the beads (Japanese Delicas) feel next to your skin.


Nellie always said “I am going to teach you how to make that bracelet.”  WELL  she is coming up for a day later in the month. I must be on her bucket list!

I decided that since I am a slow learner I should try to figure out the Even Count Peyote Stitch.

After several tries…one with seed beads… I gave up.  Then I was walking down a street in Little Falls Minnesota and saw a Bead Shop and walked in.  I chose an assortment of blue/purple Japanese Delicas…the proper beads! 

I watched some videos…made some mistakes..and tried again.

Finally I think I have mastered the stitch.

peyote project

The big bead is a stopper bead.

beading stuff

As you can see the beads are itsy bitsy.  I am at the point where I need to add on another thread.  This project will probably be a should have been wider….this one is done with 12 beads.

As most of you know I do not like to sew.  This is sewing of a different kind.  Now at least I have some idea of the stitch involved to make the color block bracelet. Nellie is bringing all the supplies.  I can also get some help finishing off my project and adding the closure.  AND I won’t look like a total idiot!  Not that Nellie would care…I have known her since 1969, we used to live next door to each she already accepts me faults and all.

No I didn’t need another hobby…but I am enjoying this one.  

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Projects

I worked on Far Guys vehicle yesterday…vacuumed it out and washed Chance’s back seat cover.  I am certain I got rid of enough hair to make another dog.   I also washed all the cloth bags that we get groceries in.   Whilst I was working on that project, Far Guy washed and waxed my vehicle!  Someday soon perhaps we can switch vehicles!

I worked in my garage getting the corners vacuumed out one last time.  Had to make room for the lawn furniture that will soon be stored inside.

When I needed a rest, I brushed Chance.  Far Guy resurrected an old potting bench, covered it with a bit of carpeting and now it is a dog grooming table.  Chance can jump on and off of it…it is about 36 inches off the ground.  I think it is a great improvement for the brusher…and the brushee tolerates most anything you do to him.

For fun I started an indoor project, I am teaching myself how to do a Peyote Stitch with really tiny itsy bitsy beads.  Uffda…after awhile my eyes begin to cross…I think I need larger beads!

We are still waiting on the fellow to replace a couple of windows…waiting patiently!

It will be awhile before all the leaves are on the ground, but I will start mulching leaves soon so that there are not so many to do all at once.  I have new mulching blades now…and I am anxious to try them!  Just like a kid with a new toy!

It is cool here, and it froze two nights in a row.  Fall is in the air.

Canada Geese in the stubble

Canada Geese in the stubble of a wheat field at sunset September 13, 2014

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