Monday, September 1, 2014

Two Big Projects

Yesterday we tackled two large projects.

The mail box was moved.  We have a new 911 number and address.  We just moved our mailbox around the corner…but it involved getting a new fire number ($35.00) and a new address.  The driveway that we usually take to get the mail will be closed, snow removal will not be happening down that drive.  Our niece, Katie who used to live down that driveway moved to Minot North Dakota along with her husband Hunter, the twins Gavin and Jordan and Aubrey…we miss them.  No use plowing a whole stretch of driveway that no one uses. 

Far Guy has begun the change of address mess.  I am certain that I will never remember it so I have it written down in my wallet.

I started to remove the cheap ass insulation on the roof of my garage that was home to a dead mouse and a bat that was very much alive, and a chippy’s storage areas of acorns.  Good thing I am not afraid of bats.  What a job, I was covered in filth. Reinforcements came when my husband returned with next door neighbor great nephew Mason.  I had Mason don a mask and safety glasses…he was great at climbing up the ladder and ripping down the insulation.  When we had it all down, he and Far Guy built a stabber ( a nail on a stick) to aid in the picking up of all the pieces.  Seven huge garbage bags later we took turns using the leaf sucker upper to get all the small bits and pieces…mission accomplished.  Just let the chippys and mice try to make my garage a home now.

I was exhausted and I sweat so much that the sweat dripped from the ends of my hair…so I washed my hair and took a bath and put my jammies on.  Far Guy warmed up vegetable soup from the freezer for supper.

If we get company…so be it…they will have to look at me in my jammies.

Phlox at Trudys

Tall Garden Phlox in Trudy’s garden.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lavender and Yellow

The Asters are blooming amongst the Goldenrod.

Field of Asters and Goldenrod

This CRP Conservation Reserve program) field.  It is not a Native Tall Grass Prairie…why?  Because I can recall crops in this field…Oats I think or Wheat.

Lavender and Yellow the colors of Fall flowers.   Fall is in the air, the nights are crisp and leaves are turning.  Leaves are finding their way onto the lawn…we have a few acorns but not many.

Cup Plant Silphium perfoliatum

The Cup Plant or Silphium perfoliatum is in bloom everywhere. One last sunny hurrah before summer is over.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


My parents had a garage sale on Thursday and Friday…I got rid of some “stuff.”  The rest of the stuff is packed away in totes in my garage.  I have some “stuff” that will be sold on EBay.  Being gone two days really puts me behind on our projects.

This week Far Guy and I fixed some antler handles on the built in cabinet upstairs.  When we built them we didn’t realized that some of the pointy ends could catch people me in the leg.  He took them off and I cut them on the scroll saw and sanded the cuts smooth.  It was a struggle to get the drawers fronts back on properly but we finally managed.  A  few words of “encouragement” were uttered.

It rained enough that I mowed the lawn one afternoon.  I weeded our tiny flower bed under the bird feeders.

I am working on cleaning the pavers on the patio.  What a yucky, filthy job.  I bought a pressure washer at a garage sale one day…it works great at flinging the moss and dirt up against the house and onto me.  Eventually I will have to put a little more fine sand onto the pavers and work it in. I have at least another day maybe two on that project.

I damaged a window pane (rock from lawn mower) and another window got “cloudy” so they have been measured and are supposed to be replaced.  The fellow was supposed to be here yesterday…but he was a no show.

We have to make a new list of projects.  The garage trim is still awaiting paint…it has been too damp to paint.  I had some primer tinted in town..I guess I got a little wild when I scraped the trim….I can see way more wood than paint.

I finally got some stuff from the kitchen cupboards and deep freeze donated to the area food shelf.  “Stuff” we didn’t like that perhaps someone else will.  Have you tried the Steamers?  I bought a whole bunch of those on sale…oh my we didn’t like them at all.

I am NOT doing anymore sweet corn, the freezer is almost full.

My desk is a mess, it has been the dropping off point all week long.

I am going to work on that list now and add some fun stuff too!

IMG_1593 My Mom’s Rose Wave Petunias

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Chance: Height of Land Lake

Hiya it’s me the blogging Border Collie!  It is my turn!  Border Collies rule!!

One fine day Far Side and I deserted Far Guy (he had company) and we met a gal that bought a bunch of special order carvings.   We met up at Height of Land…at the public access … Far Side can never remember the names of buildings but she knew you had to turn between the yellow house and the old deserted beer joint on the north side of the road.

Height of Land lake

Minnesota has many of these Public Access areas on lakes, you can launch a boat here and there is plenty of room adjacent to park a boat trailer whilst you are off on the lake.

Far Side had to check it out…and declare it safe.

The water was fine

I love the water…but only up to my belly!

This year some lakes have a yucky snotty looking blue green algae bloom.  If a dog laps up that water…they can die.  There was a news story not very long ago about a Golden Retriever that died right after playing ball in the water and drinking the water.  The algae carries a toxin that can affect dogs, livestock and other animals.

So dog owners beware!  Carry water in a dish for your four legged friends and if the water looks questionable…do not allow your pet in the water.

Land of Sky Blue waters

We do live in the Land of Sky Blue Waters…but you have to use common sense.

White Water Lily

Height of Land Lake has White Water Lilies ( Nymphaea tuberosa)

I thought Far Side might swim out to get a better photo…but she used her zoom lens instead.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Barred Owl

The phone rang on Tuesday night just before dark.  My other baby brother said “Grab your camera and come see the Owl.”  He told me where to park and where to walk.

There were two Owls.  They had a eerie screechy call.  One was in the tree for a short time and then went hunting in the tall grass in the woods.  The other was perched in a tree.

Owl in a tree at Jodys

We didn’t know for sure what kind of an Owl it was.  I looked at my bird book and on the Minnesota DNR website and found that it is a Barred Owl.

Owl Closeup at Jodys

The Barred Owl is the only Owl in Minnesota that has brown/black eyes…all the other Owls have yellow eyes.

It was getting dark…but I was very happy to get these photos.

Later they moved from my other baby brothers to our yard.  Probably hunting for rabbits.  Chance was not the least bit impressed with them and was not real pleased to share his yard…yesterday he wanted to stay inside most of the day…a chipmunk finally enticed him outside.

I hoped that the Owls would return again last night but no such luck they must have been just passing through…and at least one bunny rabbit escaped!

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