Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wistful Wednesday : Easter 1977

Trica was 5 years old and Jennifer was 1 1/2. These photos were taken in Park Rapids at Far Guy’s parents after church.  I cannot remember if we had Easter Dinner there or out at my parents resort.

Back then I don’t think there was a sunrise service but 8 AM was early enough to go to church with two kids.

Grandparents Y Julie and Jody 1977

My Dad (age 50), my Mom (age 47) holding Jennifer, Jody my other baby brother(age 17), Trica and Julie Ann my sister ( age 11).

Obviously Jennifer did not want to have her photo taken, Julie Ann’s hair was messed up and the sun was blinding Trica. Grandparents Y Julie and Jody 1977 two

In 1977 Easter Sunday was April 10th.  My baby brother was away at school in Tulsa OK so that is why he isn’t in the photo.

Grandparents Henerson and Trica 1977

Far Guy’s Mom and Dad ( both age 65) with Trica and her Easter basket. 

Those big beautiful pines are long gone, ripped out when the new five lane highway came through town.  Trica’s Easter Basket was probably hidden underneath the trees that Easter Sunday 38 years ago.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chance: My View

Hiya!  It’s me Chance the blogging Border Collie!  Finally my turn.  I have been out and about.  Come on along!

Chance in a tree

I climbed a tree at the park.

Gene and Chance

I went for a walk with my bestest friend across the rusty bridge.

Chance at the Red Bridge

We stopped for a rest at the old red bridge.  Here is a raspberry!

Chance at Straight Lake 

One day we went to the lake.  Some of the ice is gone.  I almost got my feet wet.  The ice was singing, the shards of ice were rubbing together making the most beautiful music.  Far Side kept saying “Stay away from the Poison Ivy Berries.”  I tried.  Finally she said “Chance get in the freaking car.”

Chance in the driveway

Everyday I go for a walk down the driveway.  I am a good old boy, at least that is what they say.

They are slowing switching my food to a “light” diet.  They mixed my new food and my old food half and half…but I still had some tummy troubles.  Far Side says she hopes that is in the past because it was no present. ( I threw up outside three times.)

I still have some “ouchy” joints some days…but I still run after the ball.  I am 10 years and 5 months old now.

Far Side says clean teeth are the key to a long life in dogs. She cleans my teeth, she has a friend who is a retired Dentist and he gave her some proper teeth cleaning tools for people but they work on dogs just fine.  I don’t like it very much but Far Side says I need to “Get over it!”  So I do!

Chance at the lake

Monday, March 30, 2015

It takes all kind

A wonderful old friend used to say “You never can tell about people, it takes all kind to make the world go round.”

Far Guy parked in front of this piece of art one day last week.

Indoor outdoor carpet

This must be the newest use for indoor outdoor carpeting.  It not only covered the hood it covered the sides of the truck. I wonder if tiny seeds from trees will sprout there this spring? 

I wanted to get a photo of the entire truck…but just then the owner appeared.  I hot footed it back inside my vehicle!  He hopped in and took the keys down from the visor…who would want to steal this truck anyway?  He looked kind of familiar to me, but I just couldn’t place the face…perhaps it was one of my old classmates.

I wonder what kind of glue he used?


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Foot/Rusty Bridge Park

Here is the rest of The Foot Bridge Park…newly renovated. (Technically is is called The Red Bridge Park)

Rusty Bridge

This is the new bridge…we call it the rusty bridge.  It was paid for by the Minnesota Department of Natural Recourses.  How much did they pay for it?  Who knows?  I know the paving and parking lot was $220,000.00  Part of that was supposed to have been paid for with a Grant from the State of Minnesota…our tax dollars at work.

The bridge that was painted red 

This is the bridge that used to cover the span to connect one side of the river to the other.  Now they have planted shrubbery around it and built steps. At least they didn’t hack it up.

March 18, 2011 The new red bridge

The old footbridge in winter.


This is the old beach house.  It is a historical building so it might be safe from destruction.   Far Guy says there used to be a ping pong table in half of it and boys and girls changing rooms in the other half.   This used to be “the place” to go in the summertime. Some of the town kids practically lived there all summer.  There were diving platforms and rafts and life guards on duty. ( usually teachers)  I can only remember swimming here a few times.  Far Guy was always gone all summer although he was able to get there a few times over the 4th of July when his parents made in back in town for a few days.  I am not certain why this City Beach was abandoned…liability perhaps.

There are street lights now and green benches and a number of trash receptacles and red picnic tables and a drinking water fountain.   


And a sculpture.  I heard there are supposed to be more…it is becoming more of an artsy fartsy town all the time.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tree Massacre

Yesterday we ran errands.   I keep “things” pinned to my bulletin board until I can’t stand it anymore.  The weather was half ways decent so we went to what the newbies call The Red Bridge Park ( The old farts call it The Foot Bridge Park) in town…newly renovated or massacred….I suppose it just depends on who you are.

The park has old willows flanking the river.  One such willow was known as the picture tree…because of its sweeping branch.

IMG_6514 (2) 

Noah and Adam in September of 2011

Adam Sept 24 2011

It was a branch that a youngster could stretch out on.  Both of my grandsons are much taller now…but I wanted to show you the magnificent branch.

The picture limb is gone

  It has been butchered.

What were they thinking?  I realize that Willows grow fast but not fast enough to replace that branch in my lifetime.  I am not sure if there is a City Forester or not, but if there is he needs his head examined.  

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