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Saturday, May 23, 2015

In the pink

Here is my glass hoarding collection area.   All this glass was bought at garage sales or given to me by friends!

Garden Art supplies

Far Guy gave me an area in his greenhouse/woodshop where I can spread “stuff” out and decide what goes where. 

I wanted to make a few glass towers. 

Pink art

I made this one and gave it to Jen…that is one of her creations on the left.

It is a fun way to use chipped glassware.  It gives me something to search for at garage sales.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

From 3 to 16 just like that

I wonder when it happened.  It seems like just yesterday he was a baby.  Then he grew and grew.  He was a quiet child I didn’t think he would ever talk.   He would sit for hours and open and shut the screen door in the retail part of the greenhouse… it was something he could do all by himself…no assistance needed…we kept saying “Noah watch out for your fingers.”  Then when he was about two he noticed his Grandfather and his Daddy on the roof..and guess what?  There was a ladder…his Mom ran pretty fast that day.

One weekend his parents left him with us and went someplace…not sure where.  His Mom missed him so much she began to cry and they showed up in the middle of the night.

It seemed like all he would eat was mac and cheese and hotdogs…and Mandarin Oranges.Noah 2002 he was three

Here he is riding the motorcycle kid ride at the fair.  This was 2002 he was three.

He grew and grew..at their last house we kept track and I would make growth marks on the pantry door.  Now I would need a ladder to make a mark.

I have to remind his parents to measure him now. Six feet what?

The whole cake slid forward

A moment before I took this photo his Mother told him to tilt the cake a little and it nearly slid off the tray!


He has plans for the summer.  He had a goal and he has achieved it.  He has an interest in Medicine possibly to become a Doctor.  So what would a 15 year old do in preparation for his 16th birthday?  Can you guess?

The cake

We sang Happy Birthday!

The candles are out!

I hope all his wishes come true!

Well what did you guess?

If you guessed that he would take the Certified Nursing Assistant Class, pass the exam and gain employment for the summer in a Nursing Facility you would be correct.  He is excited to begin this new adventure!

We are very proud of him! 

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Big Fight

One day we went to a garage sale back in the boonies.  A gentleman was in charge, they weren’t real organized.  Nothing was marked I suppose if you drove a fancy car they charged more or perhaps they were lazy garage salers.  There was a sign that said most things 25 to 50 cents.  Well ok. 

I kept asking him the price of “stuff.”   There were two hat boxes, he said they are 50 cents each.   I told him fine I will take them.   I kept piling stuff on his table…THEN…his wife came out… UFFDA.

She wanted more for her “stuff” she was angry that he quoted the wrong prices…loudly she said “I told you I wanted more for those hat boxes.”  He shook his head and said “I already told her a price.”  She got very angry… God forbid that someone stroke out over hat boxes.   I said “Forget the boxes.”  She grabbed them off the table and marched them back to the shelf. 

You could tell the gentleman was embarrassed…but I just wanted to avoid a knock-down drag-out fight or WW3.   I am certain she gave him the “what for” after we left.  I felt kinda sorry for him.  Far Guy said “She is a piece of work.” Bird houses

I found this little Homes For Sale sign there…a perfect replacement for the Easter Bunny that has been on this wreath since before Easter.  It was 25 cents.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: Auntie Kathy

I have known my cousin Arthur since I was born.  I met Kathy when he started to date her.  Far Guy knew Kathy because she was a “town kid.”  Her parents owned the best little restaurant on main street in Park Rapids called Wimpy's.  Art and Kathy were married in 1969 three months before Far Guy and I. 

Kathy wanted her ears pierced…being frugal…she decided that I should do it for her.  After a few beers she put ice on both sides of her ear lobes.  I threaded a needle with dental floss and pushed it through her ear…on the other side I pulled out the needle with a pliers and drew the dental floss through.  She soaked the dental floss in alcohol several times a day and kept pulling it through her ear lobe…after about a week we put in earrings.  This was during the winter of 1970. 

Debra was born in 1971….we became Auntie Connie and Uncle Gene.  A second daughter DJ died sometime in utero in 1974 or thereabouts.

When our girls were born they had an honorary Uncle Arthur and Auntie Kathy.

They moved, we moved.  We saw them at family reunions weddings and funerals.  Later they would buy a weekend lake place in preparation for retirement.  They retired and then we retired and lived just a few miles away.

My beautiful picture

Auntie Kathy and Uncle Arthur…he wanted to kiss everyone…this was the day Debra was married.

Debra and her Mom

Debra and her Mom  October 1993.

Years and years would pass Auntie Kathy and Uncle Art never thought they would be grandparents…but finally they were!  Three times over!  They were so excited!! They loved our grands and having grands of their own was really special!

Thirty Two Days… April 16 Uncle Art called and asked us to stop by.  We did.   Art said “Kathy has cancer.”  She was in terrible pain. I gave her a hug and encouragement that Doctors can do so much with cancer nowadays.  I also told her “What is the worst thing that can happen?  You will die and go to heaven and be out of pain.” She said “Yes no pain would be a good thing.”  The doctors didn’t know where the cancer originated, they did many tests.  Lung, Liver and Bone Cancer.  She endured radiation treatments. Then the first round of chemo on May 7.  She entered the hospital on May 11.  We visited her several times, she was in unbelievable pain. Mostly she was unconscious…I irritated her one day and asked her if she was going to wake up…she told me to “shut up.” Far Guy told her to sit up and slap me….but she didn’t.  She died May 18. It snowed off and on the day she died. I am certain she is having a big old party up there in heaven complete with the most beautiful flowers you can imagine.My beautiful picture

Goodbye Auntie Kathy.  I am sad for you husband, daughter, son in law and your beautiful grands.  But I am glad you are no longer in pain.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gene’s gene

WELL.  Three weeks ago whilst were were sitting in the Pulmonary Specialist’s examination room waiting we read a pamphlet…you know the kind bright purple in a box…fine reading material…about some deficiency you have never heard of.  The Doctor entered the room and noticed we had the pamphlet out….she asked “Do you want to be tested?  I have never had anyone test positive.” We replied “Sure why not?”

The results came last Friday, the print was too small to read in the online test records. The Doctor called yesterday morning.  Yes she said, you have it…a Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.

Simply as if “gene”  “stuff” is ever simple. It is hereditary.  Your liver produces and sends out a substance that protects your lungs and liver from infections.  If your “gene” is messed up then you have no protection…enzymes produced normally in the liver can run wild through your bloodstream attacking your lungs and liver.

Anyways… Far Guy will be getting weekly IV Infusions for the rest of his life.  The deficiency can be treated, he won’t get better…but the progression of his lung disease should be slowed down. 

The other things recommended are to keep exercising, eat healthy, stay away from germy people and out of smoke, dust, fumes and smells ( perfumes, aftershave, essential oils) that may irritate your lungs.

We are a bit bummed out that someone didn’t think this might be a possibility before now.   The a$$ whole Doctors that used to say “We don’t just give out antibiotics for anything.” or “You will get better after a few more weeks, these colds have to run their course”    I have to remind myself that they are still just practicing medicine.

1% to 3 % of people have a Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (A1AT).  Coupled with his Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) 1 person out of 15,000…Far Guy  is really special.  I told him to buy a lottery ticket.

Bottom line is this, if you or someone you love is diagnosed with Emphysema they should be tested for the deficiency…as with anything else IF they catch it early it can be treated before huge irreparable damage has occurred. 

We have heard through the grapevine that Infusions are $8,000 to 20,000 a month.  I guess we will find out how good our insurance and Medicare are.

 Old Desoto 1953

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