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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Busy Days and Appointments

Projects galore the past few days.  We got six dozen ears of corn to chop off the cob, cook and freeze. (Note to self: Self you are getting older do three dozen ears at once…not six) I have been working in my garage when the heat allows and there are many in the house projects when the heat becomes too much.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

We took a drive over to Shell Lake one evening…this guy was hanging around fishing.  I have the wood blocks all ready to carve one of these guys.  One of those UP’s…unfinished projects.

Sunset Shell Lake Sept 01

The sunset was beautiful and it was even better sharing it with my two best guys!

Besides projects we have had appointments.  I hate appointments.  Chance was to the Vet on Tuesday…nothing serious he just needed a vaccine updated.  Far Guy went to the Doctor on Wednesday…Medicare was not happy with the way the Nurse did his oxygen evaluations…go figure.  Far Guy’s vehicle goes in for back brakes…the fronts were barely done when the back ones began to squeal.  I have a Doctors appointment on Friday because I need a refill on my blood pressure medication and my Doctor wouldn’t refill it until she sees me…picky picky…I saw her 16 months ago….this time she wants blood.  I guess that is what happens when you get old…you have appointments.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wistful Wednesday: August Birthday

Far Guy’s Dad was born in August.  August 13 to be exact.  He also died in August just 15 days after his birthday.  He was eighty years old when he died.   The funeral was the last day of August in 1994.  He would have been 101 years old this year.  The summer of 1994 was not an easy summer…two weddings and a funeral that summer.  One of those summers that you never want to do over again. 

Lets go back to August 13 1991 when Far Guy’s Dad was 77 years old.

August 13 1991 Marvin was 77

Far Guy with his parents August 13, 1991.   I took the photograph.  The occasion was a birthday dinner out at The Y. That was his Dads thing to do.  Go out for supper to celebrate…no one had to cook or clean up and if he could order fried potatoes he would!

We have a place called “The Y” on the edge of Park Rapids, they serve great steaks.  The Y is still in business…Tim died last June, I never knew his real name was Archie…he was kinda retired and now his wife and son are in charge.  Tim’s Dad served up steaks before Tim…so it has been a multi generational business.  They will close up for the winter sometime in October…I am certain it has not been an easy year for their family.  We haven’t been there since May for a steak…usually we both order Timothy’s Special… a sirloin…Far Guy gets mushrooms and I don’t.  We probably ordered the same thing back in 1991.   I am certain I did because once I find something I like…I am a repeat customer.

Far Guys parents look real good in this photo and Far Guy has some a little hair.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Native Grass Prairies

I am getting old.  I remember what fields were what and how long they have been native prairies. 

This field hasn’t  been worked up in 65 years….for sure maybe more.  I passed this field everyday on the bus ride to school.

There used to be a school house on this piece of land…the lilac bushes are all that remain.  (I think it was a country schoolhouse that was abandoned when the Linnell School was built(1890)…as the crow flies it is about a mile to the Linnell School…by road a mile and a half.)

Brewer Place Carol Klarer lived her

The old Maude Brewer place or Harry Klarer place…my friend Carol lived here.  She died tragically a few years ago when she fell off a mule in California, she graduated from High School with me.

When we go out on our nightly adventure we go this way often.  Today someone started cutting the field.  Last night is was normal…no activity.

Smoky Hill Tower in the distance

You can barely see the Smoky Hills Tower in this photo.  The Smoky Hills are real smoky today from the fires out West and in Canada.

I grew up on the farmstead in the distance.

My old farm place where I grew up

I have travelled these roads often.  I notice the changes. 

I hope this piece of land has not been sold to the Corporate Farmer.  I read in the paper that they are going to limit the number of irrigation wells in the Straight Lake Watershed.

The small farmer took care of the land…the large corporate farmer not so much.  Soon the overloaded potato trucks will be going up and down the road…is it any wonder that our highways are always in need of repair.

Off the soapbox now.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Harvest and Sunset

The air is still filled with a haze from the forest fires.  The particles in the air turn the sun orange.

Sunset August 30

I could complain about my itchy allergy eyes but I won’t because eye drops make them feel better…and those people closer to the fires must be struggling far worse than my itchy matter filled eyes. Just so you know Chance has eye boogers too. 

The harvest continues in our area.

Grain Harvest

We are forecast to have some 90 F + temperatures this week.   I mowed the lawn yesterday and we planned meals with salads fruit and sandwiches this week. With the forecast heat I suspect that the lawn will go dormant…Far Guy says I get to have new mulching blades for the Fall leaf work…yippee…nothing better than new mulching blades!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bunker Hill Flags

The flags were changed yesterday at Bunker Hill.  The tradition continues, Howard said yesterday “I will go on until I cannot, I know it sure helped me so my hope it that it helps other Veterans too.”

Bunker Hill August 29 2015

The view from Bunker Hill looking over the prairie.  There was smoke from the wildfires in the air enough so that it blotted out the sun.

Soldier on Bunker Hill

The flags were collected and fresh ones put up one by one.  Some of the Veterans are getting older and it was windy.

Archie saluting

Uncle Archie saluting the POW MIA Flag.


My cousin Scott’s daughter Bailey read one of her original poems about a Veteran.  Bailey is involved with the BentProp Project which tries to return the remains of Missing In Action Veterans to family.

Flags on bunker hill August 29

The new flags will fly on Bunker Hill until next August.

The old flags were burned properly as indicated by flag disposal rules.

There were many old people in attendance.  There was a people mover and several golf carts that moved people up and down the hill.  We took a ride up but walked back down again.  Trudy serves a picnic after the “doings” but we didn’t stay.

Although Howard is a Marine and a Vietnam Veteran, Bunker Hill honors all branches of The Armed Forces and all the Wars/Conflicts.

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