Saturday, November 22, 2014

Small Town

I frequent the Ben Franklin Store in Park Rapids… otherwise known as “the dime store” or “the five and dime”  although nothing is a dime anymore.  They have paper and paints, yarn and who knows what all.  I was looking for some small Christmas containers for cookies for the cookie exchange.  I got some there last year.  I hate going to Wally World…maybe I will stop by the new Dollar Store where everything is supposed to be a dollar.  There are buildings sitting empty around town..yet they build new. Go figure.

Ben Franklin

It has been a Ben Franklin for a good long time.  Back when Norman and Gladys Fulton had the store it was a Ben Franklin.  A classmate and next door neighbor of Far Guys probably would have inherited the store.  Norm and Gladys had no children, they took Danny under their wing as much as they could…sadly he was killed in a car accident in 1970.

Fulton Building

You can barely see the name on the Fulton Bldg…but it is still there.

Norman was an only child born in 1914 , his mother was Belle J.Sobles Fulton Schmider and his father was the famous Fred Fulton Heavyweight Boxer.  Lena Fulton helped raise Norman…she was his stepmother…she married Fred in 1939 but they must have lived together for some time.  Lena was 18 years older than Fred and 67 years old when they married. There must be more to that story…and it must have caused many tongues to wag about town.

There are lots of stories about Fred Fulton…some not so pretty…did he throw some fights or “take a dive” as some report?  He must have.  He had quite a temper and hit his brother once…there was a law suit.   He bought White City Resort in Park Rapids and ran it successfully for many years.  There was a supper club and a dance pavilion out over the water in the late 1920’s and 1930’s.  You had to pass by the drinking place known as “The Bloody Bucket”  on your way out there.

Far Guy remembers seeing Fred Fulton around town and having to look up up up!  Fred was 6 feet 6 1/2 inches tall.

Back when I was the Director at the museum, I ran onto an old packet full of papers and old photos of Fred Fulton.  With the help of volunteer Tess we organized everything in Acid Free sleeves and put them all in a three ring binder.  History which someone may want to look at someday.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter is here

Winter is here early…a whole six weeks early.  I wonder if we get extra credit for that come spring?

Snow stick Nov 20

The snow stick remains at 1 1/2 inches…maybe some blew away.  The wind has been wicked. Not much compared to the lake effect snow in New York State recently.

The Mill Pond on Straight Lake has 6 to 8 inches of ice.

Ice with a crack in it

The ice is clear and you can see the bottom of the lake.  Yes, that is a crack the ice cracks as it freezes.

Out fishing

There are a few fishermen out there.

Bobber in the tree

That is ice…the snow just blew off of that portion of ice.  Yes someone lost their bobber in the tree!

We went for a ride since the sun was out.  We didn’t see much…a Crow…or maybe a Raven and possibly a Magpie.  No turkeys…no deer.

I sorted beads…it drove my husband and other baby brother nuts watching me whilst they had coffee…they had all kinds of suggestions for me. ( A straw, then a straw with a bit of nylon stretched over it so I wouldn’t choke to death on the beads.) I ordered a mixed bag of 11,000 beads and I am sorting them. ( My other baby brother asked me if I was counting them…ha…not this time.)  I sort them first to size and then to color.  Just the kind of organizational thing I enjoy.  I cannot help that it drives the menfolk nuts.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Some area news

The orange trees are still in the same state of orange as they were two months ago.

The orange Trees update

Every time I drive past them I expect that they will have lost their needles….maybe they are just discolored needles and not dead needles.  I can hope!

Fishook River is froze4n

In Park Rapids Fish Hook River was frozen but the lake was still open.

Fishook Lake was still open

Fish Hook Lake

Yesterday the wind howled and blew up a mini blizzard for awhile.  We stayed home.  I busied myself with beads and cooking.  Cook once and eat three times..that is my new motto as I packaged up the leftovers and put them in the freezer.  Last week we made French Dip (Pork Roast baked with a can each of French Onion Soup, Beef Broth and Beef Consume)…and that was good for three nights with another night packaged for the freezer.

On Tuesday I had lunch with my cousins.  Afterwards I hit the bookstore.  A book was released last summer.  I donated a old photo of my father in laws for the book and I helped research some of the  the history. I was thanked in the acknowledgements.  I thought that was nice.   So I bought the book.  The Best of Itasca.  I had hoped to get to one of the several book signings in the area…but that just didn’t happen.

Oh yes I finished with the Cousin’s Cookbook!! Yippee!  The cookbook program and a copy of all the recipes is in my cousin Kathy’s capable hands.  I proofed it one last time…I am certain it will have some mistakes…but so be it…it is what it is. I will be glad to see it in print.  It is a project that I have been working on for three years..maybe four. 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Slumber Party

My best high school friend Cathie had the best slumber parties!  She and her sister had the whole upstairs to themselves and they had their own bathroom…pure heaven for me where we had one bathroom and had to share it with five other family members.

What did we do…oh we did each others hair, played with makeup and nail polish, read those movie magazines, listened to music and giggled.

I remember one time when we were packed in the room like sardines…

Nancy and Connie

This must have been about 1965…give or take a year.

That is me with the curlers and the blue thingy holding the curlers in place…I can still feel the pain of sleeping on curlers. That is Nancy giving me advice…probably because she had perfect hair and could wash and air dry hers…me not so much…I have enough natural wave that mine looks all funny air dried.   She and I went horse back riding together…she had a horse and with her I learned to fish for Trout along the Straight River because that river ran through their property. We used to know where all the cool deep pools were in the river. I have not seen Nancy in years …last I heard she was in White Fish Montana.

I am not certain who collected the horses on that shelf..maybe Cindy (Cathie’s sister) or maybe they both did.

Those were fun times. 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Minnesota Cold and Miserable

Uffda the weather could be better.  The wind chill yesterday was WAY below zero. I will guess it was –20 with the wind chill. The wind was blowing 30 miles per hour and snow and dirt (Snirt) was in the air.  What snow we had is now a unpleasant beige/brown color from all the North Dakota dirt it picked up and brought to Minnesota.

On the trip to town I figured out in no time at all that I need to get out my parka…in November…that really sucks.

We took my car in for service the Check Engine Light came on once during our trip and then it went off.  We were almost home when it came on again.  We made an appointment.  Yesterday we drove both vehicles to town, Chance and I waited for Far Guy whilst he dropped off the car.  He came out with a big grin on his face…”They said that the vehicle is registered to you and only you could request service.”  long pause…  I told them “She is waiting in the freaking car outside, I can have her come in and deal with you…they declined.” The car is still under warranty… a Pollution Control Valve on the Valve Cover was leaking so they replaced the whole valve cover.

The Craft Sale was last Saturday, I sold some “stuff.”  It was a fun day, I got to visit with a number of people that I had not seen in awhile.

Noah went deer hunting on Saturday, he told me he didn’t enjoy sitting so still watching for a deer.  I told him that it was okay…not everyone is a deer hunter.  My Dad finally got his buck on Sunday afternoon.  Josh my nephew got a beautiful trophy buck…and I heard that one was on it’s way to the taxidermist!

I haven’t taken any photos lately…so far the snow and cloudy skies are uninspiring for me.

My baby brother sent me this photo with permission to use it on the blog.

Mount Hood with Mt jefferson in the background

Mount Hood with Mount Jefferson in the background.

He took it out the plane window last Friday afternoon as he was heading to Oregon…probably for a Beavers game and to take his wife out for her birthday!  She reaches one of those milestone birthdays this week.

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