Friday, January 5, 2018

Puzzle and sunset

The last twenty pieces were pure torture.  We figured we would be short a piece or two but they were all there.  We are glad it is over.


Now I can do something else.  Not sure what yet.

Sun setting Jan 4 

Sun setting Jan 4 2018  we still have six inches of snow at the snowstick and it remains bone chilling cold here.   Too cold to snow.

Wednesday evening as I was fixing supper I noticed movement out at the bird feeders…two bunny rabbits were cleaning up bird seed.  I knew we had one from the trail cam, so I was glad to see there were two…they will probably be fox food before long…or coyote ...or wolf.

What was for supper…I made baked salmon…Far Guy made green beans with bacon …and we had pineapple and raspberries too.  Something bright and tasty in the dead of winter.  I need to explore some new recipes.   The salmon was perfect…just baked with some sea salt and ground black pepper…coved in aluminum foil. Hard to improve on perfect.

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  1. Salmon is such a treat. I prefer it baked (steamed) with little seasonings, too.

    About the same amount of snow here - just enough compared to last year's onslaught.

  2. I need to try new recipes also, I make the same things over & over. The salmon sounds very good!

  3. The jackrabbits here are content to nibble on bird seed in this cold weather. I do see a cottontail sometimes late at night. Good weather to be inside with the oven on for any reason--LOL! ;)

  4. We have squirrels that eat the bird seed. And my mom used to say that it was too cold to snow. I always thought that was funny cause it was pretty cold whenever it snowed.

  5. We have four squirrels eating our birdseed. If they would just eat the stuff on the ground I would leave them alone, but seeing them hanging on the feeder turns on my 'crazy woman' switch and I charge out onto the deck, yelling and screaming. Sometimes I send the dogs out, but then haven't got it figured out yet and are usually looking the wrong way. There is one out there right now trying to figure out how to get past the canner lid I put over the suet block. So far I have won, put probably not for long!

  6. Now when we did jig sw puzzles at home, my brother always wanted to put in the last piece so he would hide a piece. the trouble is I was playing the same game. and then the fight was on!!!

  7. Before winter set in, we noticed a cottontail under the hanging feeder cleaning up the sunflower seeds they dropped. Not a problem. Squirrels though are another story altogether, and for those squirrel out there, I am confess we have shot a lot of them because we can't afford to feed them and the birds too. I have thought about investing in a squirrel-proof feeder but have doubts it would keep them out

    1. We have two "squirrel proof feeders" they just hang upside down on then so as not to press the bar that closes off the feeder. They are smart. So far they are not leaping from the tree anymore since we put up stove pipe on the tree:)

  8. Ok, now I need to know. What do you do with a finished puzzle? Do you leave it for a while to admire your work? Do you pull it apart and put it back in the box and give it to someone you know, or put it in a donation bag? Something else? Just wondering.

  9. I think we have outsmarted the squirrels with our feeder which is basically surrounded by wire with squares large enough for finches, juncos and such to get through but the squirrels have actually given up trying to get into it. The roof over the entire thing keeps the seeds dry too!

  10. That is a pretty puzzle, but I'm glad it's over, too. The sun is shining in that last picture, but even so it looks really cold to me. Brrr! :-)

  11. I wish I liked salmon but not so much....I'm more a fish stick kind of gal! LOL!

  12. I'm glad you finished it and all the pieces were there.

    YAY for snow and bunnies!


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