Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Downstairs Tree

We took down the downstairs tree, of course I need to go through all those Christmas totes before they are stacked away properly in their corner.

Chance was greatly relieved that the living room is back to his “normal.”  The tree really bothered him.   He hates change.

To Chance from Miney and Little Elvis

Chance got a special ornament from Miney and Little Elvis.  It is a beautiful addition to our tree.   It says Merry Christmas Chance!  Love Miney and Little Elvis.  ( It made me cry.)

ornament from Sue

Our good friend Sue from Indiana sent another beautiful ornament to me this year! I have a big popcorn tin full of Sue and Joe ornaments!  I treasure them.

The blue lights have made it another year.   It is always a little sad when the last ornament is put back in its proper place. 

Tree in the corner

Now the tree is just a memory.  As Far Guy said “In 340 days we will get it out again.”

The upstairs Shiny Brite tree will remain up for awhile…Chance doesn’t go upstairs anymore so he is not bothered by it.

Brutally cold up here, it will warm up this week but the wind will blow making it seem colder than it is.  Oh well spring is only 5 months away.

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  1. I can see why that special ornament from Miney and Elvis touched you so much. And I love the pretty red cardinal ornament! :-)

  2. I love how you love Christmas and the decorated trees. I put it all away yesterday and now our living rooms seems a little cold and empty. Your blue tree is beautiful!

  3. Truth be told, I'm "bothered" by the change the tree requires, so Chance is not alone in that aspect. My tree will probably come down this weekend, and the empty spot will undoubtedly unsettle me for awhile.

  4. I'm freezing at 23º, can't imagine living where it's as cold as you guys are.

    1. 23 F seems so warm...that is 34 degrees warmer than us:)

  5. Awww! Yes, that's a special ornament from Miney and Little Elvis. After all that work I'd probably have the shiny brite tree up till spring--LOL!

    I don't blame Chance. I don't like change, either. ;)

  6. My wife is under the weather but wants to take photos of the trees one more time before taking them down. I guess I will wait for a couple of days before I even start. I have stopped lighting the things outside as of last night. The cold seems less cold this morning but I was bundled up.

  7. I love lights! I finally decided to have Christmas lights up year round as part of my decorations...albeit discreetly. I think it will be a fun holiday by month project!

  8. We warmed up today...plus 5 C so you should warm up in a couple of days.

  9. Much as I love Christmas, I am like Chance- I always like it when things get back to normal. I do leave my nativity set up until after the Feast of the Epiphany.

  10. I love the ornament from Chance's buddies. The cardinal one is pretty too, and it's always fun to have a new ornament. When we were young we bought one new one each year but now our tree is smaller and I say it's filled up. I love the memories, though.

  11. Yeah I have removed most of my decorations and the tree is packed away for another year

  12. I am in the process of packing up Christmas too. Yesterday it was the dining room and kitchen. today I packed up all of the Santa collection. tomorrow it will be the two trees. Then on Thursday we will clean house and put everything back where it usually is eleven months of the year. It makes me a little sad, too, and yet I am ready to move on.

  13. When our Black Lab Echo was nearing the end of her days, and my sister gave me a Black Lab calendar for Christmas, well that unleashed the tears, so I can relate to your tears over the ornament. We put our Christmas decorations quite late compared to most people, so often hang on to them a bit longer after Christmas. Probably by the end of this week we will start the take down. So much bitter cold weather out there, stay safe and warm!

  14. Yup mine came down on Sunday and while it is sad, after 6 weeks I always look forward to having that space back and the house in order somewhat. I do miss the happiness of the lights and tree though honestly. May have to do something fun for the early holidays.

  15. It bothers me that I might be losing my midwest toughness when it comes to the cold. It's been colder than normal here and I keep turning up the thermostat....not a good sign as it is not nearly as cold as up North! I hope I'm not becoming a wimp?!? Stay warm and what a beautiful ornament from Miney and Elvis....I would have cried too! Your trees are beautiful and you go through a lot of work putting them up and taking them down. Thank you for sharing them with us!


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