Monday, January 8, 2018

Don’t touch anything

The TV in the living room croaked.  It had sound but no picture. We measured and made a trip to town and bought a new one.  The old one went to the garage, it might be just one small part that can be replaced when it is warmer and then we will have a spare TV.  Repairmen charge one arm and two legs to repair anything nowadays.   The service call for repair would have been almost as much as a new TV.

My other baby brother and I have been trying to go to Bingo one night a week with our Dad.  Dad enjoys Bingo very much and it is good for him to get out.  For years my Dad had a friend named Darrell who was blind and had special Bingo cards…Dad would pick him up every week to go to bingo.   Dad would see that he got back into his home safely after bingo. Now we are trying to do the same for our Dad.

I came home from bingo last week and it is my custom to walk Chance since I have my parka on.   The walk went fine, Chance did his duty and then when I went to open the screen/storm door the door handle broke…it was only –19F that night….it had endured colder weather.   I jiggled and pulled, jiggled and pushed…it was really broken.  Luckily Far Guy heard the jiggling and came to our rescue…but once we shut the storm door again we were now locked inside.  Far Guy got out a screwdriver and took off the latch so at least we could exit the house if need be.  We need a new door handle or a whole new screen/storm door…whatever.

Far Guy said “What ever you do don’t touch me.”   It is our experience that things break in threes and we wonder what/who is next?

Chuckies flowers

Flowers last summer at my cousin Chuckies home.

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  1. Hope you find out soon and it's nothing important that breaks next! TVs have become so cheap that you made the right choice and just bought a new one. :-)

  2. Whatever you do don't touch me....made me chuckle.
    We are having a good go at static electricity right now , which also brings that phrase to mind.

  3. Absolutely! Mama always said, "anything that happens twice will happen three times". :) Once again, I've just caught up with your posts, all the back to the puzzle. I love that puzzle, and the sleigh bell ornaments are beautiful.

  4. Good on you for getting your dad out to bingo. Our computer is 'broke', related to the last power outage most likely. Kind of sad that it is cheaper to replace than fix, isn't it? Your screen door story reminded me of the time that Larry got locked in the chicken coop. You can buy screen door parts at the hardware store, hopefully the handle is an easy fix.

  5. Things do seem to happen in threes around here, too. I love Far Guy's comment: it helps to add humor to frustrating situations.

    Taking your Dad to bingo is a blessing for him, your brother, and you.

  6. Our tv broke also...we went and got a flat screen but shied away from a smart tv...they say they update just like an smart phone and ipad.

    1. No smart TV here either, just a flat screen:)

  7. A dish was broken here a few days ago. I can't remember any broken dishes in the last ten years, since we moved here. This was a mishap in the sink when a pan slipped onto a soup coupe and broke the thing in two. (I learned the term "soup coupe" when I worked at S. H. Kress in the crockery department, 1947.)

  8. Good that you live close enough to your Dad so that you can take him our.

  9. LOL! Yup--in threes.
    That's so nice you take your dad to bingo every week. So many people love it.
    You reminded me that years ago we once had two console TVs stacked on top of each other. One had picture and one had sound. Looked really strange, but it worked like that for a couple of years...till the other picture tube blew. ;)

  10. Breaking in threes is an interesting theory. I always find that things break as soon as family has left after an overnight stay. Faucets, toilet handles, loose chairs etc.

  11. That's wonderful that you and your brother go with your Dad to bingo each week! I'm sure you are all three making many happy memories!

    You are probably right about the TV. As much as they cost they are still not worth repairing considering the charges for that kind of work now. It always bugs me that things are simply not made to last these days. Our last refrigerator lasted over 25 years but when we replaced it we were told to not expect more than 10 years out of the new one, if that! And it was an expensive quality brand too.

    You are right about things going in threes. I've always heard that and found it to be true!

  12. Repair guys sure don't work for cheap, that's for sure. Maybe I should call them repair persons. Got to be politically correct.
    I'm glad Far Guy was there to let you in. Could have been pretty cold if you'd had to wait for help.

  13. I hope we don't have to shop for a tv any time soon - no smart tv here either, the one we have is already smarter than me :)

  14. I only have the one t.v. and it's really too small for the distance it is away from me but it works! It's a Vizio and it has really been a great long lasting one. I had a Sony that didn't last but a year. I need another one as I enjoy watching in the kitchen while cooking and crafting. They're lots cheaper than when I bought the Vizio so we'll see. I love my storm door but some strong arm guy tried to open it and broke the latch which is bad because it is a full glass door and the girls and the cats like to look out when the weather isn't too extreme but with no latch the cats can push the door open. I need a new latch too! Good luck!

  15. I hope whatever the third thing ends up being isn't something that will cost too much to repair/replace.


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