Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friday Night Concert

We were tired after the trip to Fargo on Friday but we drug our tired bodies and a couple of chairs to the edges of Spirit Lake in Menahga Minnesota for the Sounds of Spirit Lake Concert.Sounds of Spirit Lake

I heard the entertainer was really good.  My other baby brother called and said “If you can go you will love Mylo’s show.”

We got to the lake early and set up our lawn chairs in the front row.  The breeze was coming off the lake, so it was the safest spot for us to sit.  No one sat in front of us with heavy perfume or aftershave or bug spray!

Mylo S.Hatzenbuler is a Rock n Roll Farmboy.  He sang; To all the cows I’ve milked before, Return to Slender, Hens with low faces, Send in the cows…just to name a few of his biggest hits.

Mylos shoes

He rocked these red shoes!


He is a NorDakota farm boy, he was 15 when he heard that Elvis died and he told one of his teachers “The world needs me.”

Nobodys perfect

Ya  Nobody’s Perfect Ya

Costume change

There was even a costume change just like the big rock n roll stars. (Hat and glasses were tucked into his Wall Drug bag)


I really enjoyed the rock and roll farm songs.   It was great fun and everyone was laughing.

He even picked on Far Guy…he asked him where he was from when he replied”Osage” Mylo sang Osage can you see.  He asked how long we have been married Far Guy said 47 years, Mylo said “Better hang onto her, she could do better.”

After the intermission Clyde came out and sang.  He is a very talented Tenor.  He sang one Folk Song and a bunch of Hymns.   It was okay just not as good as rock n roll.

Mylo is Clyde

Yes, this is Clyde he is also Mylo.

The Sounds of Spirit Lake will have a few more concerts throughout the summer.  We like going there.  The event is sponsored by local Menhaga businesses and they pass the orange buckets for donations.  The church serves ice cream cones and popcorn.

Park Rapids also has free concerts they are on Thurday nights on 2nd and Main Street but they promote a Beer Garden along with their concerts. (We have no need to go someplace where there is lots of drinking going on and then driving.) Bagley has free concerts on Sunday afternoons.  There is also music at several area resorts.

Mylo is famous throughout NorDakota, SouDakota, Neebraska and even into Mountana. He gets around.  Ya!

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  1. What a hoot! Sounds like a lot of fun! I miss summer concerts. If there are any here I don't know about them. There's 'mountain music' which isn't really my type of music. What a perfect evening on the shores of the lake.

  2. Fantastic! I love shows like this. I'm glad your other baby brother recommended Mylo's concert and that you were able to attend.

  3. Sounds like fun and something I would have enjoyed too. :-)

  4. Thank you for the laughs this Sunday morning. I was having a little trouble getting going.
    I am a city girl now, but I grew up a farm girl, and those songs are hilarious to me too. It sounds like a dee-light-ful evening of fun moo-sic.

  5. That really does sound like a blast! You two got good seats away from the wafting scents and bugs, too--assuming there was a breeze off the water. What fun! :)

  6. A smaller venue and crowd is better than the giant outdoor concerts

  7. Sounds like fun- and Mylo looks like quite the charactor.

  8. Love Mylo :-D. Tim was making up new farm words to One Bourbon, One Scotch... last night while we were working sheep and locking some "outdoors, you know"... I love clever people.

  9. It sounds like fun. We use to watch the fireworks on the lake on the 4th and it was nice to be out there. I remember going to Showboat concert shows at the Grand Rapids site. I don't know if they still do that or not.


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