Saturday, March 11, 2017

Patience and Patients

We had a mid morning appointment far away. It was –12 F Friday morning.  So we were up early.  I am so NOT a morning person.

No snow in Moorhead

There is no snow over there…oh maybe a few piles here and there but not much snow for this time of year.

Construction is already going to start over there.  Good thing we had our appointment before they started.

Road construction

We have seen this before…it is called job security.  Put in a street with a median then in a couple of years remove it. 

Doctor appointment

Well anyways we were there a half an hour early.  The Doctor was running an hour late which turned into an hour and a half.  So we were there over two and a half hours.  We decided not to have lab work done there because that usually takes well over an hour, so the Doc ordered lab work to be done at our local clinic.  Ten minutes and you are in and out locally.

Far Guy’s appointment with his Neurologist went well, I need to keep a better eye on him and his medication.  He has been having too many Trigeminal Neuralgia flares.   The Doc and I would like to see him in less pain.  

On the way home I got hangry…that is hungry and angry and was too bossy to the driver so I got to drive.  We walked Chance and gave him some water.  He was a very patient boy…unlike me.

We stopped by Hometown Crafts which used to be Ben Franklin in Detroit Lakes…I just needed two ink pads…how hard can that be?  One brown and one black.  I got the Chocolate Brown one but they were all sold out of the black and don’t stock refill ink except in fuschia, iris, sandlewood and some more gosh awful colors.  They also had some of those dry as a bone ink pads just like our local Ben Franklin.  I could come back at 5PM and talk to the gal that does the ordering…REALLY???  That is so not happening. I would have died from starvation by then…

We finally made it to our favorite “After a Doctor’s visit place to eat that serves breakfast all day.”  I had blueberry pancakes…Far Guy had a Southern Biscuit Chicken something.   I think I was just too hungry as it did not sit well with me and it is just sitting in my stomach many many hours later….was it the pancakes or the coffee I had in the waiting room whilst waiting?

We stopped by “the home” and visited with a friend who now has a new knee. He is in rehab for another week maybe longer since he lives alone and has to take care of himself when he gets home.  He was happy to see us.  Didya know that that big incision for a knee surgery no longer has stitches or staples…it is glued together and then a clear tape is put over the whole thing?  They no longer use that machine that bends your knee back and forth for hours either.

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  1. Sorry to hear that FG has had some flare ups of the TN. In Feb. I drove an hour to an appt. and had to wait 2 hours on the dr. I wanted to scream! lol We always look forward to eating out when we have a dr.'s appt. I hope you guys will enjoy the weekend.

  2. Nice to reward yourselves with eating out after those doctor appointments! So sorry to hear that FG has been having too much TN pain. That is horrible stuff. You both take care of yourselves now.

    Shirley H.

  3. Cool stuff about the superglue! They did that with my mom's open heart surgery years ago. I did not now that about the knee machine - - - probably a huge blessing for those replacement people.
    Hmmmm - - I have a feeling Ben Franklin may be getting an email from you. They should.

  4. Yes, I know all about hangry, which comes often from long drives and doctor visits and early mornings for people who NOT morning people. Fortunately for me, I am one, but I can't stay up late. So sorry to hear that FG is still having those flare ups. When you do't mention them, I always think he's okay. :-)

  5. Hope more vigilance about medication helps and FG has not so much pain. I have to get The
    Writer's pills out and put them on the counter. It's just easier that way and then there are no oh-no-I-forgot-to-take-my-pills moments half way to somewhere. Have a good weekend!

  6. I've been a bus rider a few times in my life so I know a lot about hurry up and wait. I'd bring a book, a letter I'm working on, and (before I got the IBS issues from the fibro) snacks. A few years back it took three buses to get to some of my appointments so it would be an all day affair for a 15-20 minute appointment and a lot of waiting outside in below zero weather. I can use the senior bus now and go door to door--even if there are other stops and a lot of waiting involved for that, too. But am thrilled when Leah volunteers to drive me!!

    I hope FarGuy has less problems and pain. That sucks. Too bad you couldn't have stopped at K&Krafts in the MOorhead Center Mall while you were here. Best craft place in town and lots of ink pad brands to choose from and she usually tries to stock refills for all of them. She's got the best single sheet papers to choose from, too. Used to be a 50s cafe on one end of the mall, too, but I don't get out much, as you know. I know K&Krafts is still there, though. I get their emails and Leah and I try to make a trip together at least once a year. Something to keep in mind, anyways. :)

  7. Helping someone monitor daily meds intake is a hard task! I hate doing it, since I don't like to be responsible for what happens if meds are missed. But you are a great helpmate, in spite of saying you are impatient! Glad the doctor's visit went well!

  8. I hop FarGuy has less problems now and no more pain!!
    Gosh. Not good.

  9. Sending good thoughts for Far Guy. Thanks for teaching me the perfect word. Mr. Dreamy can get "hangry" on occasion!

  10. My DH and also our youngest son have had knee surgery and their knees have these long "tracks" that don't look all that great. The glue would do a much better job.

  11. It sounds like a long day. It was good you got to eat. I hate the doctor visits when they are late and you just sit in the little room. When they get there they start at one end of the hall and you can hear the guy slowly get to our room. I can't believe it is getting that cold again.

  12. That is a whole day appointment, but at least you managed to fit some side trips in. Hope FarGuy got some good advice. The weather looks nice, but I'm sure it was probably pretty cold. Always nice to see pictures of blue sky when the rain is pouring down here. It is one ugly Saturday here.

  13. Didn't sound like a fun day for anyone! I hope you feel better...both of you!

  14. When you travel some distance and then have to wait it's very frustrating.

  15. I am going to remember "hangry". It describes my daughter rather too often. She needs to eat on schedule.


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