Saturday, October 4, 2014

161 Days without snow

Yes.  I am not loony.  It snowed.  April 25 2014 to October 3 2014…is just 161 days without snow…not nearly enough.  Five months and 8 days.  Bummer.

Snowy air Oct 3

That white crap in the air is snow.  I tried to ignore it all day long…the wind was wicked, it blew more leaves out of the trees.  The snow shows up real good against Far Guys garage.

Snowflake Catcher

It snowed off and on, melting as it hit the ground.   Chance caught a few flakes for me.

I made baked beans.  I make a large batch and then package them into individual servings and freeze them.  It made the kitchen all warm and cozy.  I could have cooked all day…well not quite all day but you get the picture.


There is snow in the air in this photo too.

I made such good progress with the leaves on Thursday.  Now there are more to rake or blow or mulch.  Gosh I love my mulching blades!  I drive that lawn tractor all over the yard…smiling.  Far Guy says now that he knows what really makes me happy more blades are on my Christmas list.  After the wind…I think 90 % of our leaves are down and out of the trees.

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  1. That's not nearly long enough between snow, Connie. But then there's the lawn tractor to bring a smile to your face. Now you can have Indian Summer, right?

  2. I am so glad you have mulching blades. When I was mowing a big suburban lawn several years ago, I had a mower that mulched and just loved it. The minced up leaves are such good fertilizer too. Good for the environment not using those big plastic yard bags! Hope there is enough time left before snow to get all your leaves done.
    Here in MPLS there was possible rain/snow in last night's forecast but I think we must have gotten a little rain. See some little puddles in the huge parking lot below our unit.

    Shirley H.

  3. That's crazy but we were in the same boat, yikes.Blessings Francine.

  4. OH! That is a nasty four-letter word...sigh!


  5. You know winter is really here when the trees are all naked again. Glad you are in the colder weather...I'm staying south.

  6. That certainly doesn't sound long enough from one winter to the next. But then in Alberta, they had snow at the beginning of May and then at the beginning of September. Although Alberta it can be below freezing one day and then up to summer temps. the next, due to Chinooks (warm weather systems) blowing in over the mountains. Still, it would be frustrating to have your summer flowers frozen off, and then summer weather return. Wouldn't do for me.
    Hope your snow is just a 'teaser' and you continue on with some nice Fall weather. Most of the leaves are still green on the trees here. We need to cut the lawn today.

  7. Sure glad I got out of Minnesota a little earlier this year. Have the Asian beetles hit yet?

  8. Yes they say the polar cap has frozen back to normal size now and it may be coming your way with the ice and snow. I really don't want to return to the ice age. I am still hoping for some warm days for you up north and for us down here.

  9. Snow, oh no!!! I love fall; it is probably my favorite season, but I am not in any way ready for snow or winter. I hope it was just a light dusting and is gone. Your beans sound good. Have a fantastic weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I just can't believe how "winter" looking it is there. Snow! Won't be long before I am stressing over all the leaves!

  11. Now, Now! You're going to have a hard time to convince me you had snow. However, it is getting closer and closer when we will get the permanent white stuff.

  12. I keep trying to tell my hubby that we need mulching blades, but he won't listen.
    One of these days I'll win.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  13. Yep, the white stuff fell here, too a week ago. Thankfully, it melted.

    I agree that mulching blades are THE best! Sure wish 90% of my leaves were down. . .sigh!

  14. And so It begins. I hope nature is just teasing you and real snow holds off a while longer.

  15. Luckily nothing stuck. Can see the flakes on Chance's dark fur, too. I think you'll have time for more blade mulching, though. That was just a test--LOL! ;)

  16. I'll trade places with you? You and Far Guy can winter down here while I go up there and enjoy the snow!


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