Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: Late 1950’s

This is a Polaroid, Far Guys Dad loved the Polaroid..sometimes I think it was because he was not a patient man and wanted to see his photos “right now.”  He would have loved the digital age.  I think perhaps Far Guys sister took this photo, or maybe Far Guys Mom. 

Christmas unknown year

Far Guy, Far Guys Dad and Muggy.

This photo shows a slice of life in the late 1950’s..1957, 1958 or 1959. Far Guy in his pajamas, his Dad in the ever present flannel shirt.  It was kinda a short tree that year.  I would imagine that a fair amount of cussing went on when the dreaded light stringer was brought out. Every year when we put  stringers of lights on the tree one of us will remark “Remember how Dad used to cuss at the lights?”

I smiled at the plastic coverings that Far Guys Mom covered the couch and the chair with and wondered what records Far Guys sister Jan was playing on her record player or phonograph as it was called back then.  I can’t quite tell if this is the same two tone green phonograph that had it’s own gold stand in her room or not. You know one of those old stands where you could put records underneath..

And those drapes..they were all the rage.

Muggy was a Chihuahua. He lived a very long life..he is the same Muggy who pooped on my foot during my first formal meal in this house. (When I had to be told not to eat the entire shrimps and that I could leave the tails on my girl..who had never eaten shrimp before.) The same Muggy who lost one of his toenails on the basement stairs and almost delayed our wedding in 1969. See that chair..Far Guy would “sic” Muggy after me and I would stand up in that chair and giggle at this ferocious little dog with the big attitude was turquoise..the couch was a non descript beigey brown.

Lots of old memories in this photo:)


  1. I remember getting a polaroid camera for Christmas, about 1967 I think it was. They were a lot of fun, but the film was kind of expensive.
    I have to laugh at the plastic on the furniture:) I remember a friend of mine commenting on the plastic my mum left on a lampshade, and that would have been in the late 70's. It came off shortly after that:)
    Thanks for invoking some memories!

  2. Thanks for the window peek into Far Guy's early years.

    Ah plastic furniture covers. My mom never went there, claimed she was above that, but she could stare at you in silence and you would automatically know that you were doing something wrong with the funiture, sitting to far forward, about to sit on the arm, having sugar in your tea, oh wait, actually drinking the coffee or tea that she served. She gave you the same stare if you attempted to lean on one of the walls while chatting as you were leaving or just dropping by. She didn't have to stare at her own children, we knew not to breathe, and to sit on the floor, the recipients were guests and extended family. Dirt remembers the stare quite well.

    I came along post floral curtains in the main living area, and that makes me sorta sad. It would have been a sight to behold for sure. I can well imagine the hours I could have wasted staring at them and making things up in the patterns.

  3. I love old photos that show a lot of the room/furniture/toys etc. John and I both remember drapes like these and yes Lanny, I used to stare at them and find "animals" in the shapes! I remember the record players too. Bobby Sherman was BIG in my time! Connie, I love your story about Muggy.

  4. What's with the floral drape comments??? I had those until just a few years ago and finally got some others...can't remember what year...I lose track of time, but it was after 2000...I did like those drapes...they came with the house when we purchased it in 1974...I miss those drapes...well, maybe not too much...

  5. Oh those were the days my friend. That could be my house growin' up! Gotta love those drapes...heeehehehe!

    I won the first Polaroid cameras at a drugstore in Albuquerque when I was just a kid. I gave it to my dad for Father's Day. I still had the old camera in my closet.

    Ya'll have a truly blessed day!!! :o)

  6. I remember those drapes! Are you sure they were in YOUR house? My memory of them looks exactly like those. And the picture is sure filled with nostalgia, that's for sure!

  7. Gone are the days of our youth, 1959 was not so long ago.I don't have many of those polaroid picture I wonder why we had one.

  8. That dog sounds like a real character! Ah - good memories...

  9. That photo has a bunch og memories "leaking" out of it!

    I'm glad you scanned it in - both to share with us and to "preserve" it. I've a bunch of color Polaroids because my dad was like Farside's Dad - he loved to see his pictures soon - and back then it took weeks to get 'em developed - can you imagine that? :)

  10. I had to smile when looking at those couch covers too..what were they thinking back then??? haha

  11. That is a great picture. I don't think I have seen a dad and child like that before. How relaxed they must have been around each other. I remember how people used to have plastic covers on their furniture. I never saw that in any of the places I lived but I saw it at homes of friends. It is fun to hear you reminiscing about so much you see in the old pics.

  12. I love the pose of Far Guy's dad. That is one I have not seen before and shows his playfulness and love for his boy. Oh what memories of that time you have recalled for many of us!

  13. Oh my goodness....this photo made me a little teary. It could have been from my childhood. I bet most of us Boomers could say that, right?


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