Friday, January 30, 2009

Women's Groups

The Tuesday Morning Coffee group used to meet at the local pub for coffee. Then the Pub closed, I have no idea if they are meeting someplace else or not. The only requirement for their group is that you are female and drink coffee. I suppose I could go and drink some tea. I think they just get together to gossip. I have no deep need to join this group.

The Garden Club, they meet only during the spring and the summer. They are an interesting group of women, I used to give Garden Talks to them. When they started calling me to find out what was wrong with the plants that they purchased at Pamida ( Probably frozen) or Wal mart ( Lord only knows) I got just a little snippy with the group. It didn't help the situation that their phone calls always came when I was busy with my own customers, or at eight o'clock at night when I was trying to cook some supper. The straw that broke the camels back with this group, that was already on my last good nerve came when they brought me two huge mossy baskets. They came from a competitor and if taken back there would have cost them about 150.00 each to fill. They explained that they had limited funds, and were seeking my help. They wanted it to look beautiful, but they did not want to water it everyday. If you have ever worked with these beautiful mossy baskets you know that once a day watering is just enough to keep them alive, twice a day and they may look great, a drip tube supplying an endless supply of water keeps them looking wonderful. There is no way I can tolerate this group on a monthly basis..they would drive me nuts.

I don't go to Ladies Aid, those women always wear aprons and know how to cook. I would be hard pressed to find an apron in this house, I am sure I must have one someplace? I have no idea where to look nor can I remember the last time I wore an apron.

There are quilting groups, they all get their material from the quilt shop, they have workshops and are very creative. They put together some beautiful quilts. I guess I could join this group, but I do not like to sew. I like to look at their creations, I have some quilts that I did years ago and they are still just quilt tops, not true quilts.

So exactly what groups should I be involved in.. one that doesn't gossip, complain, cook or sew. What kinds of women's group would that be? Do you belong to any groups?


  1. I used to belong to the "Holiday Haters Club". We were all single then, didn't really hate holdiays, but did like to go out for a few cocktails. And there are really a lot of holdiays!! And when there wasn't one, we made one up. I guess that wasn't the kind of group you were asking about though, was it.

  2. Choir? I'd love to be able to sing barbershop harmony, it looks like so much fun. Maybe belly dancing with alchohol added? You'd laugh so much there wouldn't be time for any of the other stuff. I tried it once w/o the booze and laughed myself silly. Of course, the teacher took it so very seriously and talked about performing for others. Ick!

  3. Mary, I can't carry a tune to save my life.
    FlyDragon, I suppose I could look into a "Holiday Haters Group"..but a non alcoholic one as I can't hold any liquor either. Unless of course they met at a hotel with a bar so I could get a room and sleep my one drink off:)

  4. After reading your blog I know why I do not belong to ANY womans group !!!!!!! I could not stand it.......

  5. You belong to the perfect group -- us, your bloggy friends! We don't ask for donations, we don't bug you to fix our horticultural issues, and we don't demand that you be all crafy (although we'd admire your output if you so chose). We just read your posts and leave you little notes. Who could want more?

  6. no. I tried once.

    I do belong to Audubon - but it's not just women.
    Although one of the weekly walks is usually just women.

    There must be something wrong with me. Never played bunco, never did book club... tsk

  7. My only woman's group that I belong to and adore is that of me, Sophie and Elora!!! :)

  8. I don't belong to any groups either. Although I would love to join a book reading circle in order to exchange book tips and thoughts.... I have to agree with Jeanne though - we bloggers are a pretty good community really - without too many demands. Heck - you don't ever have to meet us!

    Maybe you could do some agility with that clever dog of yours?

  9. I agree we are the perfect group. You don't have to talk on the phone to us. You don't have to pick us up from the airport. You don't have to buy us presents. And you don't have to put up with our spouses. What better group could you find?

  10. This post caught my eye as that's a question I ask myself all the time. My neighbor belongs to a book club but I like to read what I want to read not what I'm told to read. I really haven't found any women's group that I like either. I'm thinking I need something broader like volunteering for a cause I believe in like Habitat for Humanity or something like that. Good luck!


  11. I belonged to several "groups" over the years.
    Finally started one that protests wearing a red hat. We wear a straw hats ...invite friends to go to lunch once a structure. If you show up..fine..if you don't ..OK. There are about 15 in the group and we average 10 a month to go to lunch...a different place each time. Many of us met at a Hospice Grief Recovery Group...and continue to be friends and are there for one another when we need it.

  12. I used to belong to groups but can't really handle the stress of "performing" for others. Sister Candy is dragging me to this monthly get-together, but I think it will be casual and I won't have to be a "leader."


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